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10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

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Importance of Sleep

Adequate sleep is important because lacking in sleep will affect our health and well being. Research had shown that lack of sleep can cause weight gain, moodiness, cardiovascular disease and even make our body more vulnerable to disease. Most people knew that sleep is important but somehow people nowadays are getting lesser and lesser sleep due to reasons such as overflowing work, bad sleeping habits or etc.

My Sleeping Habit

Recently I had a bad habit ingrained in me. I am frequently sleeping late. This is either due to me working on my blog, late night mahjong games or staying over with my friends and enjoying playing with the Xbox 360 over night.

Gradually I started to have the habit of sleeping at 2am, then 3am and sometimes even 4am in the morning. This lead me to wake up late in the afternoon and basically half of my day was wasted by that time. I found that by sleeping late and getting up late, my body would feel lethargic and most of the day I will be in a zombie state. What worst is I am actually feeling guilty because my productivity was affected whenever I woke up late.

This is one bad habit that can be disastrous to my health and also to my productivity and I decided to change everything in order to make my body function in it’s most optimal condition so that I can achieve more. During my research, I had found tips on sleeping better and I will share it with you guys to help you grab a better sleep too.

10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

1. Exercise

Exercising will help us to fall asleep easier at night, so try to incorporate exercising into your daily ritual and you will find that you will sleep better in the night.

2. Schedule your time for sleeping

By scheduling your time for sleeping and sleeping at the same time for multiple days, you will set the bio clock in you to sleep at the same time every night.

3. Know your habits

Once you know what time you are going to sleep every night, be sure to do your preparations so that you wouldn’t miss the timing. For example, I planned to sleep by 12am everyday and I have a habit of reading before sleeping, so I will prepare myself to sleep by reading at 11.30pm and fall asleep by 12am.

4. Do not eat heavy meals before sleeping

Do make sure that you had not eaten too much before sleeping. A light dinner will be great. A full stomach may make it harder for you to sleep and if you are hungry, snack on fruits instead of junk food.

5. Turn off your computer

This is a killer for me. Whenever it is nearing my bed time, if my labtop was still turned on, I will spend a huge amount of time finding things that are interesting or checking out on the latest news. This will cause my brain to be in an “alert mode” and I will find it harder to fall asleep later. Be sure to turn it off an hour before you sleep so that you will not return to check your mails and such.

6. Don’t chat on the phone before sleeping

Whenever I am chatting with my friends and cracking jokes, my mind is turned back into an alert mode. I find it much harder for me to sleep whenever this happen, so whenever you are about to sleep, try not to answer any call. If it is possible, switch off the phone 30 minutes before sleeping.

7. Ensure that your room is dark

When there is light in our room when we are sleeping, it will affect our sleep quality. Turn any lights off or you can use a dim orange light which is more soothing. Draw your curtains to prevent outdoor lights from shining in and if it is possible, cover things that produces a bright light such as a LED clock.

8. Mattress

Is your mattress too old for use already? If it is sagging in the middle and out of shape, it is recommended that you change one that will help to support your body and make you more comfortable during your sleep. I recently changed my mattress and it really does help me to sleep better.

9. Sleeping environment

If you are frequently waking up in the night to turn off the air con or fan, it may be seriously affecting your sleep quality. Try to set them on timer or cover yourself with blanket before sleeping so that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night to turn them off.

10. Sleep disorders

Sleep apnea can cause you to wake up hundreds of times in the night to gasp for air without you noticing. This can cause you to feel tired the following day even if you slept for 10 hours last night. I used to snore but I do not know whether it is sleep apnea because I did not consult a doctor at that time.

One thing I definitely know is that I always felt tired the next day no matter how many hours I slept. Sleeping on your side during the night or losing weight will help to alleviate this problem. If you had tried the methods and it does not help, it is recommended that you visit an ENT specialist to get their opinions.

Parting Words

Getting enough quality sleep will definitely help us tremendously in terms of our health. Whenever we get enough quality sleep, it will also help us to look more alert and brighter. So start today and use the above tips to help you get a better quality sleep.

Sleepy Blogger

**P.S**Do you have any other tips in regards to help us sleep better? Share with us in the comment section and I will see you there. 🙂

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30 Responses to “10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better”

  1. Russ Marez says:

    I have been reading a few posts on here and have picked up some useful info. One thing I have found which works well for a good nights sleep, feeling more relaxed and focused is binaural beats. As strange as they may sound (excuse the pun) they are a very powerful method of relaxation.

  2. Protection says:

    Hi,Thanks for sharing this nice topic related good tips of Sleep Better……

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Rhonda,

    A routine definitely helps your body to get into a habit. That is a great tip and thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂


  4. Rhonda Olsen says:

    Thanks for the excellent tips! I find that I need a bedtime routine to prepare myself for sleep….just doing something consistently every night before bed conditions your body and mind for receiving some good quality ZZZs.

  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Kava,

    Thanks for the tips. Taking herbs and supplements may aid us in sleeping better but I try my best to adhere to natural ways instead.

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. kava says:

    You may want to try some herbs such as Valerian or supplements such as melatonin (a natural sleep hormone your body produces) that may help you in aiding sleep.

  7. Vincent says:

    @Hi Melanie,

    I had visited your blog and saw the article. You got some great tips over there too.

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. Top tips, Vincent!

    I find my body shuts down between 11-12 anyway, forcing me to go to bed.

    My husband on the other hand, could stay awake all night. It’s not good for you though, as you’ve clearly stated.

    I’ve also written about this recently, in my 31 days to better health challenge, How To Get A Good Nights Sleep.

  9. Vincent says:

    Hey Joe,

    That is a new idea to me. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and it is definitely great to see different ideas contributed from fellow bloggers and readers. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  10. Joe says:

    All great info! The heavy meal area is what I have had to consciously alter. Going to sleep full never allows me to sleep comfortably.

    What I have found to be not only soothing, but useful is listening to a hypnotic CD and rehearsing all of the wonderful things I am grateful for that happened that day and what I am looking forward to the nest day while breathing slowly and deeply.

    I have found by doing this I have more pleasant dreams, and wake up feeling more excited.

    Have a great day!

  11. Vincent says:

    @Hi Arswino,

    Having the computer turned on is a huge problem for me too, but we can definitely overcome it 🙂

    @Hi Rahul,

    Caffeine stays in our body even long after we had taken our coffee. If it is possible, it is recommended to quit caffeine altogether to have a better night sleep.

    @Hi web site promotion,

    Having caffeine and high sugar content food definitely doesn’t help us with getting quality sleep. Thanks for sharing.

    @Hi Evelyn,

    The 1 -2 hours of break definitely help in increasing our productivity. The break will help us to recharge our mind and body to prepare ourselves for the day tomorrow.

    @Hi Tom,

    That is an interesting idea and maybe I should give it a go and see how is the result. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    @Hi Alik Levin,

    It seem like point number 5 is really a huge obstacle for most of us. I wonder how can we tackle this problem with the least resistance?

    @Hi Mike,

    Putting our gadgets outside our room is a great idea. I believe that once we did that, it will help to prevent us from thinking about incoming mails, calls or SMS which will help us to fall asleep easier. Thanks for sharing!

    @Hi Trey,

    Multi tasking definitely takes away the simplicity in life and it can be rather stressful when one is losing sleep while the workloads are piling up. I hope you can find your solution soon. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  12. Trey Baird says:

    Good post Vincent. This is a topic that I don’t read about much on blogs, and it really should be discussed more.

    Sleep kinda lost its importance to society in the 90s when everybody was multitasking, and trying to be as productive as humanly possible.

    With the new century, people are learning to simplify their lives, and I think that life is at its simplest when you are sleeping. If you can’t make time in your day to get quality sleep, then you’re life obviously isn’t very simple, is it?

    Unfortunately, my job keeps me from having good sleep habits, which really bothers me. No matter how Suze Orman would spin the situation though, I simply can’t afford to not have this job. So that sucks.

    I seriously envy the people who have the opportunity to develop good sleeping habits. I can tell how much havoc my sleeping habits have inflicted on my life, so I can testify to Vincent’s advice.

  13. Mike Bite says:

    I had, and sometimes still have, trouble getting to bed and when in bed, trouble to sleep. Your 10 Tips are good and very true, since it’s exactly what helped me.

    Here a few more tips I tried and did work:

    Put all of your electronic gadgets out of the bedroom.

    Reserve the bed for bed things, that’s for sleep and sex (later you can have on other places too :-))

    Drink a little milk before you go to bed or eat a yogurt. Lavender tee should also help. (It’s what I heart but never tried, only drink tee when I’m sick ;-))

    Meditate. Focus on relaxing. Take deep, long breaths and tense each muscle one at a time from head to toe. Focus on your body and forget about your daily life. Let your mind go off to lala land.

    Keep the good post coming. Nice Weekend.

  14. Good distillation!
    I strongly believe in 4 dimensions of personal power – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual.
    One of the pillars for physical dimension is good sleep, so the post resonates a lot w/me.
    But wait!
    How can I implement #5? I am such a cyberspace geek! LOL

  15. tom says:

    One thing I have realized not just because about information i read about sleeping but from personal experience is this:

    You should wake up naturally when the sun rises, which is around 6 or 7 depending on the time of year.
    Now work backgrounds and take out 7 or 8 hours, this leaves you with going to bed around 10 pm, 11 pm.

    When was the last time you got up at 9 or 10 and felt like crap during the day? It’s not normal.

  16. Evelyn Lim says:

    I try to tell myself I need to switch off my laptop by 11pm latest. The 1-2 hours after that allows me time for meditation, reading, winding down and doing some healing work.

    You are right. It’s so difficult to log off from the web, when there can be interesting links to check out on. I no longer cut back on the 1-2 hours that I take for myself, because it allows me to be more productive overall.

  17. I would add…Do not drink or eat foods with sugar and caffeine before bed.

  18. Rahul says:

    Hey Vincent,

    These are some great tips you’ve listed here. Turning the computer off is probably one of the things I struggle with the most.

    I’ve found that exercise is the best thing you can do to enhance the quality of your sleep at night. Lifting weights is better than cardio I find.

    Also, if you’re a regular caffeine or alcohol drinker, cutting those out of your daily diet will enhance the quality of your sleep a TON. I used to drink a lot of coke, and ever since giving it up I’ve noticed my sleep quality has improved tremendously.

    Thanks for the great article!

  19. Arswino says:

    Hi Vincent, it looks I have the same problem with you about turning off the computer. I’ll try to take one hour before I go to sleep as you suggested.
    Thanks for the great tips, Vincent.

  20. Vincent says:

    @Hi Eric,

    I can’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night thinking about my blog. That would definitely make me stay awake all night.

    Personal Development Blogger

  21. Eric Hamm says:

    Hey Vincent, I definitely agree with turning your computer off. This is not something I practice very much 🙂 but certainly understand the benefits of it. Turning off your computer helps turn off your mind. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about your blog. Eric

  22. Vincent says:

    @Hi Broderick Allen,

    Exercise affects many areas of our life and I find it amazing. It is important to have a regular routine of exercising in order to keep ourselves in optimal condition and yes, it help us to sleep better too. 🙂

    @Hi Clinton,

    Look like we got some similar bad sleeping habits. It is definitely worth the effort to create a good sleeping habit as it will affect how we feel during the day and also many areas of our life. Lets work hard! 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  23. This is important. I’ve been getting bad sleep for the past year or so because of working on my computer till 1 or 2 or even 3 and working a full day of school the next morning.

    The second paragraph you wrote is something I can relate to. I feel toxic and rung out after waking up and it effects my productivity the next day. I sound like a stoner half the time and I feel like shit most of the time. However after a few cups of coffee I feel a bit better.

    The thing is though, it’s not healthy and it effects me horribly. Getting a better sleep improves many aspects of the day(and even the week). It’s easier to think logically, write, communicate and enjoy the day once you’ve had a proper sleep. I also notice that it helps with motivation(duh).

    For some people it’s hard to sleep. Your 10 tips bring up some good points. Staring at a monitor just before bed isn’t good because your eyes are still racing for hours after. I’ve found it hard to go to sleep also. But it could be the lights in my room or a few other things. I also think that taking a bath every morning can make you tired, which I do all the time.

    Looks like I need to adjust my sleeping habits!

    Anyways great post! Enjoyed to read.

    Clinton Skakun

  24. Broderick Allen says:

    Quality sleep is crucial. When I get a good nights sleep, the rest of the day just flows so much smoother. Great tips! and I would totally agree with exercise. It’s crazy how exercise, or the lack thereof, affects every area of our life.