The Theory Proven And It Works

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If you’re still reading this, thank you very much for patronizing HealthMoneySuccess and your readership matters alot to me.

It has been 2 years since the last post and it is heartwarming to see that the content that I had wrote are still read by readers all over the world. HMS is started out as a portal to hold my knowledge on personal development and I always wanted it to be a portal that can help others to improve their lives. I’m glad that it is still serving this purpose and I hope it can continue that way.¬† Read More »

Stop Doing Things That You Don’t Care About

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One very big reason why you quit is ¬†because you don’t care about it anymore.

I found out that I lost my direction while writing for HMS for 3 years straight. I started to lose my focus and I got engross in things like Facebook marketing to create more Likes, to gain subscriber count and also trying to increase the Twitter count.

The big picture should be the content and not to find nice pictures and to optimize it for the blog. I started to lose the focus and got engross in things that I don’t care about. This is also one of the reason for my hiatus from HMS.

I don’t want to spend time on tasks that I don’t have a passion in. This is why I find it so hard to create affiliate sites and to write articles for it. Even though I succeeded in creating affiliate sites that still makes me money today, I have to tell you that the process was tedious and heart wrenching.

To start something and create results out of it, do something that you care about. Something that will stir the fire in you. Don’t do it for the money or for recognition of others. Do something that will make you proud. Do something that you care and I bet that you will create results out of it.

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The Hiatus

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It has been awhile since I last blogged.

Things have changed since my last post at the start of the year. It has already been 6 months since my last post and I wanted to prove that my methods and teachings at HealthMoneySuccess works. Instead of just blogging about success and how to become successful, I wanted to take things to another level to create the results that I want in life.

I set a goal for 2013 and that is to qualify for the top 10 Rookies in my new sales job. As of today’s date, I have achieved it.

I set a goal for myself, came up with strategies on how to achieve my goals and finally took the action to achieve it. It is something that I am proud of myself.

The last thing that I want to become is to become a blogger who blogs and talk about success but haven’t been able to create the success that I want. Hence, I took a hiatus and went on to apply the things that I know to create the results that I have today.

My new goal achieved has rewarded me with recognition and also in the financial aspect. One of my goals is completed and I’m looking for the next thing that I can achieve in life. Keep a lookout at this space and I hope to share more good news with you.


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