Journey Into Minimalism

4 Comments May 17, 2015 / Posted in Personal Development

Over consumerism creates anxiety and bring stress to your life. Majority of us are subconsciously buying things that we don’t need and we get things to impress people who don’t care about us.

I’ve decided to try a little experiment of throwing at least an item a day. The aim of this experiment is to bring awareness into my life about the things that I own and also to clear out the clutters.

It has already been 12 days straight. I have not break my streak of throwing at least a single item a day. In fact, the likelihood of throwing more then a single item is very common and it occurs almost everyday.

I am still in the midst of doing this experiment and I’m already starting to feel good about my space as it is much neater then before. It also makes me more aware of the choices I made for my purchases. Read More »

Be A Salesperson

2 Comments May 11, 2015 / Posted in Personal Development

Jim Rohn once said about if someone starting out would like to get a higher income faster than average, get a sales job. However, people have misconceptions about a sales role.

What Jim Rohn hand mentioned is definitely something that I agree with. In a sales role there are bound to be commissions. Commissions are the reason why you are able to leap frog your peers to getting the extra income.

In a normal job, the only way to get a higher income is to ensure that you get your promotion and get a fat bonus at the end of the year. However, there are many uncertainties in this equation. The big problem lies in how much control you have over your bonuses and promotions.

A sales role with individual commissions will allow you to decide how hard you want to work to get the extra income. Even though a salesperson is still an employee, the variable factor is there for him or her to decide how much to earn.

Other benefits of being a sales person include Read More »

What Have I Been Doing All These Time?

Leave the first response May 7, 2015 / Posted in Personal Development

The best thing about HealthMoneySuccess is that it is the platform that I had garnered my best ideas. The ideas over here work as I applied my philosophy into my career.

After taking a sabbatical from HealthMoneySuccess, I went into a sales job. I always know that it is only in a sales job that I can get to increase my income exponentially. It is also a challenging platform that I am able to try out the philosophies that I had garnered throughout the years.

My goal is to earn a 6 figure income. But coming into the role I do not know what to expect. So far, I’ve manage to hit my goal of earning a 6 figure income for 2 years straight.

Coming back to HMS, I would like to reflect back on the strategies that I had used to help me get the results. At the same time there are more goals and challenges that I would like to set for myself. I will be using HMS as a platform to share my results along the way.

Stay tune to HMS and I will be posting up other posts soon.