2 Weeks Into Paleo – What Happened?

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It has been around 2 weeks that I went to experiment with Paleo Diet. Results has been pretty decent.

When I first took my weight for this experiment, I was weighing around 82.5kg. However, shortly I went off to a trip in Korea in I gained 1.5kg in the process during the trip.

Seafood craze in Korea!

Seafood craze in Korea!

Standing at 84kg, I came back to Singapore and started my Paleo Diet Experiment with a vengeance. Things have been looking good. Since started for the experiment for 2 weeks, my weight right now dropped to 80.8kg. I check my measurement daily in the morning to ensure that it is accurate.

Going from 84kg to 80.8kg is a great feat in just 2 weeks! I have not been doing rigorous exercises or doing much cardio (currently it is hazy in Singapore). Read More »

Why Are You Gaining Weight And Paleo Diet For Experiment

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To win a battle, you need to have an understanding of the battle ground and also the knowledge on your opponents. It is the same for weight loss too. Most people do not know too much about how we gain weight in the first place and hence that is why we will find it hard to lose back the weight that we gained.

I’m not certified to teach others about weight loss but what I can do is to share the information that I found, experimented and work in my personal experimentation to see how it can help you in your weight loss journey. Read More »

How To Lose Weight Even If You Are Working 12 Hours A Day Part 2

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If you have not read the first part of the series, please click here and refer to part 1.

It is the time to get down to the numbers and start planning how to execute the strategy to achieve the goal of slimming back down to my desire weight.

First of all let me list down the details. Read More »