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How To Unleash The Creative Genius Within You | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Unleash The Creative Genius Within You

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Are You Creative?

How creative are you? On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate yourself?

Creativity is an important skill that help us to create boundless opportunities and make something out of nothing but most of the people think that they are dull, unoriginal and not the very least creative.

Creativity does not only confine to the musician, artist or writer. People in their normal day jobs such as chef, secretary or the staff at help desk need a dose of creativity too.

Between a dull chef and one that is so creative in using his ingredients and can whipped out dishes that are so much more appetizing and delicious, which chef do you prefer to go to? How about the secretary? Do you prefer one that is creative who can always help you to find a neat way to go around a problem and always offer you ideas when you are out of one or one that always do your bidding and need your instruction all the time  to go around a problem?

The answer is obvious isn’t it?

6 Tips To Unleash The Creative Genius Within You

Here are 6 tips that can help you unleash the creative genius within you.

1. Fear of uncertainty

Creativity means innovating,creating or doing stuff in a new or refined way. This mean that you are going to step into a new area where you have not step in before and this may cause you to feel uncertain about it.

Don’t ever let this be the reason to deter you from generating new ideas. If Steve Job is uncertain whether Apple’s next product will be as popular as iPod and does not innovate and create new products, I believe Apple won’t be as prosperous as now.

2.I am not creative

This is the common problem that people face when they complained about the lack of creativity in them. Maybe it is a past experience or your strict working environment that caused you to have the limiting mindset and it is true that some people are more creative than others but everyone is able to think and generate ideas.

Try not to compare yourself against the creative writers, musicians or the creative geniuses. Just start from where you are now and believe that you have the creative genius within you.

3. Society Pressure

People around you are so used to being conventional and acting different from them is certainly going to evoke some reaction from them, such as thinking that it is impossible for you to do this or that and the worst thing to do is actually believe them.

When you have a new and unique idea, regardless of whether your idea is to write a new book or start a business, just get started and forget about the society pressure that are exerted on your because you are in it for yourself, not for others.

4. Be like a child

As we grow older, creativity tend to wane and it is not because of our ability. It is because we are trying to act like an expert! Being an “expert”, we tend to demonstrate our knowledge to others and rebuke other ideas and one example that we will do when we are in an “expert” mode would be “That wouldn’t work because they tried in in the 70s.” This is a sure way of boosting our own ego and killing off the ideas.

Act like a child instead, be fascinated and keep asking the “why” questions instead of telling others “because”. I picked up an idea from a book and thought that I should share it with you.

From 0 – 4 years old is the “why not” stage.

From 5 – 11 years old is the “why” stage”

From 12 years old onwards is the “because” stage.

How true!

5. Embrace all ideas

When ideas are presented, do not reject it just because you are uncomfortable with it. Be open to ideas and if it is possible, make the idea work. The result may be amazing.


Surveys had shown that 72 percent of the French population finds it difficult to understand wine labels and it is a common problem in other countries too. Thierry Boudinaud named the wine Fat Bastard which describe a full and rich wine, and it is now selling over 400,000 cases per year in United States alone, shortly after it’s introduction. Fat Bastard is also regarded as a marketing phenomenon by BusinessWeek. **Figures obtained from wikipedia

This is what creativity brings. I believe Thierry Boudinaud would not have achieve this result if he named his wine with some similar names that can be found in his industry.

6. Apply lateral thinking

Whenever you are facing a problem, using lateral thinking will help you to address the problem in another aspect. Lateral thinking works by reframing a current problem into another question that will lead to an answer.

There is a company whose headquarter is located at a tall building. The staff always complained about how slow is the elevator and the amount of time wasted waiting for it. The building manager thought about the problem and installed mirrors outside the elevators. Surprisingly, the problem just went away.

Why? The staff begin to admire themselves in front of the mirrors and tidy up their appearance instead of waiting frustratingly for the elevator. How many do not like to admire themselves? Problem solved.

Creativity is needed in solving problems and those who have this quality are definitely highly sought after because of the value they can provide and also they are great problem solvers. Luckily, creativity is an attribute that you can improve on if you put a little effort into it. Now that you know how being creative is going to benefit you, are you going to start finding ways to improve your creativity?

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**P.S**Share with us what other ways we can use to improve our creativity. It will be great if you have some stories that show the benefits of being creative.

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19 Responses to “How To Unleash The Creative Genius Within You”

  1. Mustak says:

    I read article & i can’t help writing comments becouse it is very helpful to me to thing creatively
    thanks Mr. Vincent

  2. vandealer says:

    I can definitely identify with this; I’m one of those people who thinks ‘I’m just not creative!’ But thanks for the advice, I’m sure it’ll help me to unlock my inner creative genius 🙂

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Christine,

    I’m glad to see that you had picked up something from this article. How about applying them and unleash the creative genius in you. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. christine says:

    Hi Vince,
    I can just stop thanking you for your excellent tips on creativity. I once applied for a job and was not shortlisted because I wasn’t able to give a satisfactory explanation on where I have exhibited creativity and innovation in my previous position. I totally agree with you in ” finding a key to unlock the potential to be creative”

  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Melanie,

    All we need is to replace the “I can’t do” that pop out in our mind with “how I can do it”. This will help to unleash our potential regardless of what we do. Thanks for the stumble.

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. Excellent points here.

    We are very quick to say, “I can’t do…” I read that this is partly because from little children at school we are constantly told “don’t do it that was…do it this way!”

    This squashes our creativity, so we don’t go with our instincts as much as we should. Thanks for the reminder!

    Stumbled 🙂

  7. Vincent says:

    @Hi Fabrice,

    Great to hear that you had started a blog. By believing in our abilities, we are then capable of unleashing the deep potential lying inside of us.

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. Fabrice says:

    Great post Vincent, I loved the last part about re-framing and the example you gave.
    I totally support point #2, negative thinking always leads to an undesired outcome. If I say to myself ” I am creative”, I am encouraging my mind to look for think creatively.
    Excellent tips, I just started out a blog a week ago, I am looking forward to using what I learned here.

  9. Vincent says:

    @Hi Evelyn,

    Our creative genius is lying deep inside us and all we need to do is to find the key to unlock it’s potential. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  10. Evelyn Lim says:

    Great article on unleashing creativity. It’s true that we all have that creative spark within us. We also don’t have to be geniuses to be creative!!

  11. Vincent says:

    @Hi Trey,

    Being like a child has many benefits and it definitely help to make the world a more beautiful place where innocence can be found everywhere.

    Personal Development Blogger

  12. Trey Baird says:

    Vincent, you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. I love your take on stuff. I love your advice to be like a child. It’s been said that if children ran the world, there would be fewer problems in the world, and I believe it. I think that our generation understands this better than any prior generation. There’s no question in existance that doesn’t deserve a another look from time to time.

  13. Vincent says:

    Hi Relax,

    Thanks for the ideas. I had read that meditation does help to increase our creativity though I had not tried it yet.

    Personal Development Blogger

  14. Relax says:

    From my experience,
    Qigong and deep trance meditation helps.
    I think training helps to unleash the creative juice 🙂

    your friend Relax ~

  15. Vincent says:

    @Hi Mark,

    Great quote. I love the quote that you wrote. As long as we are learning, we will always be growing.

    Personal Development Blogger

  16. Mark says:

    I agree we have to be like a child and keep asking ‘why’. As Ray Kroc said, “As long as you’re green you’re growing, as soon as you’re ripe you start to rot.”



  17. Vincent says:

    @Hi Juliet,

    Thanks for the compliment and I hope this article can help people to kick start their journey in pursuing creativity.

    @Hi Arswino,

    I believe the society pressure is the obstacle that blocks us from thinking creatively. Most people have the “herd” mentality that cause them to follow others and fear of doing things that are different and creative.

    Personal Development Blogger

  18. Arswino says:

    Very cool tips, Vincent.
    I believe that everybody has a capability to think creatively, however oftentimes they don’t dare to implement their thought.

  19. Hi Vincent

    I think that you are addressing a very important topic here. I have often heard people expressing that they want creativity in their lives. Often times the “don’t know where to start”.

    Creativity can be so stiffled in our society that people often struggle to find those areas that once caused them to light up.
    Sometimes it can take quite a while before they dredge up that dream of dancing or crafting etc.
    And then there is the fear block, lack of belief etc. that needs to be crossed.

    Nice points you have.