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The Power Of Writing And Why I Write At Least 750 Words Every Morning | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

The Power Of Writing And Why I Write At Least 750 Words Every Morning

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morning pages

In one of my previous post, I wrote about the power of writing a journal and how it can help you to achieve clarity in your life and track your personal growth. I believe that if your life is worth living, you should record it down in a journal.

Not only does a journal helps to keep track of your life’s progress, sometimes it also helps to solve problems that you can’t solve when you are looking at it in the 1st person view. When you write down a problem in the journal, you can look at the problem in 3rd person view and sometimes this perspective can help you to solve a problem that you can’t solve previously.

Somehow, I feel great when I dump everything from my brain into my journal.

Morning Pages: What The Heck Is This?

Even though I kept a journal, I don’t have the habit to write it every day. I may update my journal a few days apart or sometimes even weeks apart. In short, I’m not consistent.

Recently, I was introduced to an idea called Morning Pages. It came from Julia Cameron from The Artist’s Way. Julia writes at least 3 pages (750 words) every morning and there are several benefits for doing so:

  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom
  • Rediscover your creativity
  • Clear your head and gain clarity
  • Better problem solving ability
  • Identify positive and negative patterns in your life
  • And much more benefits

I was a little hesitant at first because writing every morning for 750 words seems daunting to me. What if I can’t wake up in the morning? What if I can’t find something to write? What if what if what if…. heck. I’m in. If you don’t try, you will never know whether it is for you.

I wrote Morning Pages for 4 consecutive days and I am happy with what I am seeing. Even though it is just 4 days, I found much more clarity in my mind and less anxiety. I also use the Morning Pages to remind myself the goals that I had set in the year of 2011. (How is your progress on your New Year Resolution or Goals?)

I also dump in problems that I am currently facing and the obstacles that seem to always appear before me into my Morning Pages. Even though I had wrote Morning Pages for only 4 days, I started to identify small patterns in my life (obstacles that are blocking me from achieving my goals etc) and this allows me to find ways to replace negative patterns with positive ones.

I will continue writing for 21 days to see how well this habit works for me. With the progress I am seeing now, I believe I am definitely going to continue doing so even after 21 days.

What You Can Do Now: Taking Action Moment

  1. Go to www.750words.com (Create an account or log in through Facebook or Google. It is free.)
  2. Write 750 words every morning in the beautiful 750 Words site. I love the design of the website and how it works. There are badges for writing for consecutive days and many other features that rewards people who are consistent. You can go find out more in the their website.
  3. Tip for writing at least 750 words – Write anything that is in your mind. Write about your goals, your obstacles, what you think is holding you back, what you are grateful for, good or bad things that happened to you and anything that comes to your mind. Go on until you hit 750 words.
  4. Continue for 21 days.
  5. If you want more support or others for motivation, go to our HMS Facebook Page and I will be there if you have any question for me.
  6. You can also use HabitForge to help keep track and motivate yourself to complete your 21 days challenge.

Writing Morning Pages means that you got yourself a beautiful online journal and you will gain all the benefits that I had mentioned earlier. Try it out and tell me whether it works for you. At the end of 21 days, I think you will become a better writer too. 🙂

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9 Responses to “The Power Of Writing And Why I Write At Least 750 Words Every Morning”

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Vincent, I had the Artist way book for a couple of years now , but recently I started doing the morning pages when I can. I am still not in the routine that I have enough time to do it. But it is great to empty you rmind of your thoughts. It helps me also to get the frustrations out of my system early in the morning and also to plan my day. Sometimes I really do not know what I should write, but other times I keep writing about the same frustrations every day, so I know what I am dealing with until one day I realize I am writing about something else.
    It is a great way to get in touch with my feelings and emotions and actually to get to know myself.
    If I remembe well she suggests to handwrite although I would prefer to type them.
    I may try the 750words site.

    Thank you for the information.
    Andrea´s last blog post ..Inspiring Thoughts – Great Inspirational Quotes

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Andrea,

      I haven’t read the book yet but I think writing morning pages does have the effect like what you had mentioned (clear your thoughts, dealing with problems etc).

      I am 14 days into writing it and I am loving every moment of it. The way morning pages help me clear my mind and let me see what I am dealing at the moment helps me tremendously in many areas of my life.

      Thanks for dropping by too. 🙂


  2. I always have my notebook close at hand. I find that the best ideas come at the most unexpected times. If you do not have anywhere to write it down you will either forget your ideas or you wil have to force yourself out of the flow of getting new ideas to remember the ones you have already had.

    If you have a notepad you can stay in the creative state and come up with idea and idea.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last blog post ..How do You Set Goals If You Don’t Know What You Want

    • Vincent says:

      Hey Daniel, you’re spot on about that. I used to keep a notebook but currently I use the Evernote app in my iPhone to take down my ideas. Evernote is handy tool to have.


  3. That’s a great way to start the day and practice your writing. Thanks for the tip.