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Tony Robbins UPW In Singapore

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I have been out of action since last week till today due to the seminar and a fever. After the seminar by Tony Robbins ended on this Monday, I was down with fever since Tuesday and I am feeling much better now. Anyway let me share with you some of the things that I had learned over past few days at the seminar.

1st day

The seminar was a 4 days event and Tony Robbins held the 1st and 2nd day of it. The 3rd day was held by the other trainer, Joseph McClendon. This is the first time I have ever attended a seminar of this scale (5000 people!) and I totally enjoyed it.

The youngest participant is 6 years old and the oldest is 112 years old. Can you imagine that? Someone who already lived a 100 years came down to learn. You should be embarrassed of yourself if you say that you are too old to learn.

Tony discussed about what actually stop us from moving forward and the answer is fear. Think about it, how many times have you stop yourself from doing something because you are fearful. You may have stop yourself from changing your diet for the fear of failure or you do not change because you fear that you are not enough. Knowing your fear and learning what is the cause can allow you to eliminate it and take action.

Another point I particularly love is the part on when Tony mentions “Motions = Emotions”. He says that when a person is displaying a physiology (posture, facial expression, breathing and etc) of being depressed, he can easily get into a depressed state. Which means that changing your physiology into one that is of a happy person can change you into being a happier person in a heartbeat. Try staying depressed when you are celebrating and dancing. It is hard or totally impossible to do so.

The first day is also the day when Tony Robbins taught us how to do the fire walk. My first ever fire walk, got a few blisters, received a strong belief and I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

2nd Day

Joseph took over from Tony Robbins for the 2nd day as the doctors advised him to reduce his presentation to preserve his voice. No complains though, because Joseph is humorous, entertaining and he has lots of inspiring stories to share.

He talked about the ultimate success formula which is how you can achieve everything that you want. Successful people use this exact formula to get what they want and it can help change your life if you apply it.

Here are the steps of the ultimate success formula.

1. Know your outcome.
2. Know your reasons why.
3. Take massive action.
4. Know what you are getting. (results)
5. Change your approach.

Joseph gave an example to help us understand the formula better. He said that an airplane goes off course 70% off the time yet they always reach their destination. Why is that so?

1. It is because they always know where they are going (know your outcome).
2. They know their reason is to transport the passengers safely from point A to point B (know your reasons why)
3. The staff puts in lots of effort to get an air plane flying (massive action)
4. The radar and the control tower always tells them whether are they on the course to destination. ( know what you are getting.)
5. The air plane goes off course 70% of the time due to weather conditions and etc and they will steer it back once it goes off course. (change your approach)

This is how the air plane can reach its destination even though it is goes off course for 70% of the time.

There was one thing that caught my attention when they are showing us a video of Tony Robbins. In the video, Tony mentioned, “If you can’t, you must!”. Even though it is just a short phrase, it captured my attention and seems to enlighten me.

Everyday when we are going through our normal routine, we will reject tasks that seem to make us feel uncomfortable. But those tasks that make us felt uncomfortable are tasks that should be done to make us grow.

For example I know that I need to guest post more often, network with other bloggers or do some interview with other great bloggers to grow my blog but I don’t do that because I felt uncomfortable and I feel I can’t. So I decided that I should leave those out and as a result my growth is going into a plateau.

But what if I always challenge myself and constantly do things that I think I could not do? My circle of competence will keep on expanding and I will keep on growing and receive more outstanding results!


3rd Day

Tony Robbins was back in the 3rd day. He taught us about how the society is changing and being good is not enough and only being outstanding is able to get you the best results.

He also showed us the pyramid of life where we need to take care of or excel in all these 7 areas in order to achieve an extraordinary life. Here are the 7 points arranged from the most important to the least important.

1. Physical body.
2. Emotions & meanings.
3. Relationships.
4. Time.
5. Work/Career/Mission
6. Finances
7. Celebrate & contribute: Spiritual sense

Tony Robbins also had talked about how can we accelerate our growth. Most of us are not satisfied of where we are right now and we are always trying to change for the better. However most of the time we backfire and we end up where we are right now. It is just like you had decided to lose weight but after a week or 2 of exercising and dieting, you gave up and returned back to your normal habits and hence inhibiting growth. Most of us face this problem and Tony says that in order to accelerate growth, you will need to feel pain.

Refer back to the above example again. What if this time round, you are sick and if you don’t lose weight 50 lbs in a month you will die? How committed will you be to your exercise routine and diet? How much more motivated you will feel? What is the tendency that you will give up and revert back to your old unhealthy habits? Most likely you will stick to your exercise routine, diet and feel more motivated to lose that 50 lbs in a month. Why is it so? It is because it is so much painful (your death) that you decided it is all or nothing.

So people who are procrastinating on things that are important is because that they do not have enough pain to help them step up, take action and achieve growth.

Tony took us through some exercises to help accelerate the pain that we are feeling if we are not doing _________ (fill in the blank. Lose weight, start a business, score As in exams and etc.) and it is kind of scary as you can hear people crying in the room(me included haha). Kids below the age of 11 are not allowed to take part and are ordered to go to the back to prevent us from frightening them.

The exercises do work because whenever I thought about slacking off, my fear from that night kicks in and I immediately go right back into action. In case you ask, the exercises are 100% safe. 🙂

Day 4

Joseph took over from Tony Robbins on day 4 again and this time round the topic for the day is all about health. As I had mentioned earlier, your physical body is the key to an outstanding life. Without health, we are not able to achieve anything. Imagine that you are frequently down with allergies, cold, fever or any illness, how confident or capable are you to achieve great results in your life? Most probably you will not be motivated to work because you are lacking energy and drive. Imagine what you could achieve when you wake up everyday energized and stay that way for the rest of the day. How much difference can it make in your life?

There are some few core things that we need to know. First of all, the body consist of 70% water and it is important that we keep ourselves well hydrated. Staying well hydrated means that our body is able to remove toxins from our body efficiently. It is recommended that you drink at least half of your body weight in ounces.

Another important point to take note is our breathing. All of us know that breathing is important because if we suffer from a lack of oxygen, we can die in a matter of minutes! But why is it that there are people who don’t know the most efficient way to breathe? Take a deep breathe now. Observe your body and see which area rises.

If your shoulder and chest rises, you are not fully utilizing the power of your lung. Which means you are not taking in the most amount of oxygen you are capable of breathing. The right way to breathe is through your diaphragm. Place your hand on your stomach and notice how it rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. If your stomach is rising when you inhale and falling when you exhale, you are breathing in an efficient way. The surest way to do this is to lie down and breathe. Most people breathe the right way when lying down.

Last but not least, diet plays an important part too. Most of us are taking in too much processed food such as canned meats, fast food, refined carbohydrates and etc. Most of these food are not rich in nutrients and water content. Eating too much of those food will cause your body to work extra harder to remove them from your body. Eventually when the amount of “poison” food exceed the level of how much toxins that our liver and kidney can remove, symptoms will appear. Rashes, allergies, frequent colds and fever to name a few.

What Tony and Joseph recommend is to take in more food that are high in water content and make them your main staple. So make 75% of your meal filled with the “cleansing” food and make them the stars of your meal.

Some people may question how much truth is there in this diet. I can totally understand that because there are lots of fluff out there on the market. Atkin diets, low fat diet, high protein diet and such. It may be confusing but the only way to make the right choice is to follow the person who have the results. If there is an doctor telling you to eat a certain type of diet but his appearance doesn’t prove the results he promised, most likely you will want to give that diet a miss.

So why I believe in what Tony and Joseph had said? It is because Tony’s energy is unbelievable and he actually presented for 9-10 hours straight without a single break. Joseph looks like 30 when he is in his 50s. A fat doctor or someone who looks younger than he seems to be and filled with energy? An obvious choice for me.

There may be people who think that all these are simple things that all of us know and it is too simple and a total waste of time to read these. But knowing + not doing = You don’t get it.

Parting Words

I had barely scratched the surface even though this article contain over 2000 words. It is impossible for me to share everything that I had learned over the past 4 days in a single article. What I have to say is that I had picked up valuable ideas from the 4 days events, make a couple of new friends and learned really valuable tools that I can use to drive myself to be outstanding.

If Tony Robbins do drop by your area, I highly recommend that you attend his seminar and go out there be a kid and learn! Go make some new highly motivated friends, dance and enjoy. It isn’t a typical seminar where you sit still and learn. You will be dancing everyday, receiving massages, giving out hugs and yes, fire walking!

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16 Responses to “Tony Robbins UPW In Singapore”

  1. Heya Vincent! I was there during the UPW event too! Still amazed at his stamina and ability to speak non-stop for hours straight!

  2. Roman says:

    I installed a Google alerts on “Tony Robbins” words:

    “Alerte Google Web : tony robbins
    Tony Robbins UPW In Singapore | HealthMoneySuccesscom
    What I had learned over the past 4 days at Tony Robbins UPW in Singapore.”

    and now, I discovered your post 😉

    Thank you for sharing this! are you planning to do another post on this, if you go back to your notes?

  3. Hey Vincent, Thanks for the vid.. I will call myself unlucky that I cannot attend anyone of his seminars in the past… but I will surely try to catch him in Italy as I have a business trip from my company. So lets hope I can make it there at the right time.

  4. used tires says:

    Looks like it was a blast to attend the Tony Robbin’s seminar =D I’ve been to a seminar in the past…. but never to a Tony Robbin seminar… maybe some day =D

    Till then,


  5. Thank you for that great summary of the seminar. I have been a fan of Tony Robbins for a long time so it was great to hear about the details of his seminars.

    One of these days I will have to make it out to one. Do you mind if I ask how much it costed?

    Was 5000 people too many, or could you still get a lot out of the seminar?

  6. Wow, that sounds like an awesome event. Tony was in my area last year and I considered going but I didn’t want to use up my “vacation days” from work. What a mistake! Sounds like all his events are truly extraordinary.

    I really like the point you make about never being too old to learn. That’s something I hear regularly from some people around me, which is especially funny since they’re all younger than me. It’s really too bad when people have the mindset that learning stops when you leave school.

  7. Vincent says:

    Hi Megan,

    Procrastination is a killer if we are a freelancer or an entrepreneurs. It affects our bottom line directly and we need to minimize procrastination. I was blown away too when I saw someone who is 112 years old attended the seminar.

    Hi Javier,

    The acceleration pain technique is really a kick ass technique. Something useful to help us get back into motion.

    Hi Bob,

    Tackling our fear head on and if we keep on repeating this process, we will find ourselves growing at rapid pace!

    Hi Diggy,

    I love that quote too! I was blown away when Tony Robbins said that. I decided to make it a motto in my life. “If I can’t, I must!” Imagine how much growth we can experience when keep on doing things that we think that we can’t do or fear to do?

    Hi Oscar,

    You got to attend one of his seminar when you got the chance. It will be mind blowing. 🙂

    Hi c(a)sh,

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your kind words. 🙂


  8. c(a)sh says:

    Great article! lots of information in this article that i could relate to. Keep up this good work & Take Care of ur health too.

  9. Hi Vincent,
    thanks for writing this article. Tony Robbins will be in Italy this month but unfortunately I can’t attend. I hope to soon in the future thought.

  10. Heya Vincent!
    Wow cool article, I’m going to read it again later to get all the info. Must have been a cool seminar! I’ve never been to one actually.

    “If you can’t, you must!” <<< I really love that, and it is so true, that which we fear or cannot do, we must do in order to grow. I can see a post just about that topic 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experience!!!

  11. Bob Bessette says:

    I loved this post. I have always been a huge fan of Tony Robbins and also attended a seminar that he ran in Boston, MA. I particularly enjoyed the airplane metaphor. It can be off course 70% of the time and still get to the destination. It just shows that if you know where you are going you can get off course and still get there.
    I also agree with the points about fear. It is the fearful things that we avoid that are probably the things that we shouldn’t avoid. The fearful things are the ones we must tackle. I am re-joining a Toastmasters group (speaking group) because I find myself fearful of presentations and have to tackle this fear head-on. That is what I am doing and I will grow as a result.
    Thanks so much for the very detailed review of the Robbins seminar and I am jealous and would’ve loved to attend.


  12. Javier Chua says:

    Yeah. If Tony Robbins is conducting seminar near your area, really must go and attend as its a meaningful event for everyone. What if you don’t do this and what will happen 5 years from now.. I attended and learned this special move to kick my own butt to get things going.

  13. Wow – so much valuable information in there! I was blown away by the age range and loved the point you made about someone who’d already lived more than 100 years still wanting to learn. That’s incredible to me!
    Procrastination is a big thing with me, so I know I can learn how to gracefully let THAT go from my life. Sometimes it serves me, sometimes not. In my old job, sometimes I would procrastinate just long enough to learn that whatever management had wanted me to do was no longer relevant and I would have been wasting my time if I’d done it sooner. These days, though, as a writer and freelancer, procrastination just wastes my time and I’d rather maximize it.
    Thank you for taking the time to share this wisdom with us!