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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) work as the same way as a book mark but instead of bookmarking into your browser, you can bookmark it into the web. You can use it to subscribe (bookmark) to website contentss, blogs, videos or almost any digital media and read everything as a page.

RSS allows you to gather all the content that you want to read under a single webpage that means if there are 10 blogs you would like to read, it would be better to read it all at a single page rather then visiting all the 10 sites together.

If you still don’t understand, fret not. I have an example here.

If you want to have Chinese cuisines, French cuisines, Japanese Cuisines and etc… What do you do? You can choose to go to each and every restaurant to taste every cuisine that you want but it is not a very good choice as it will be troublesome. You can instead visit the International Buffet Restaurant, where they serve cuisines from all over the world, to make your life easier and have more convenience.

Why use RSS?


You can read all of the content that you want at one page and you would not need to remember the website address of all the sites you are interested in reading. We know how hard it is for us to remember all the weird website addresses out there.

2. It is free!

Free tools to aid us and provide us with more convenience.

3. RSS is everywhere.

It is a picking up trend and more people are using it.

What do you need to kick start your RSS journey?

1.You need to have a RSS reader.

There are tons of RSS reader out there. Some of the popular ones are Google Reader or Blogline.

2.Content that you want to read.

Go up to any content and search for the orange icon that looks like the above picture. Nowadays RSS icons come in different colors but no worries, they should look about the same.

3. Click. Just click the RSS icon and you would be directed to a page like this. Choose which reader you use and there you go. You are subscribed to the content using RSS!

Here is an example of where you will be directed. The arrow is pointing to the reader you can choose. Just choose which reader you are using. If you are using Google, there will be an option saying add to Google homepage or add to Google reader. Just choose the Google reader at that time.

That is all for RSS.
Remember to subscribe in as my reader using RSS if you like my articles.

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