Don’t Think, Just Test

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test your ideas

I’m confused. I do not know what is the right direction to take and what are the ventures that I should go into. Should I continue with my job or should I start my own business? If I start my own business, what business should I start? Should I do ecommerce or should I sell digital products?

I have doubts myself. I do. I wrote down some of the doubts above. Everyone have their fair share of doubts. Self doubts are normal. I do not believe that personal development gurus do not have doubts and those who said that you can eliminate self doubt would be full of bullshit. Read More »

Your Irrationality Is Causing Your Suffering

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Have you ever tried to boast to your fellow colleagues and friends on the hours you work, the amount of nights you burn to complete your work or the amount you spent on your branded goods.

It is interesting to observe that if it’s possible to work shorter hours, you will be happier. If you are able to avoid burning the mid night oil, you would choose not to burn the mid night oil. If you are able to spend lesser on your purchase, you will be a happier person and your retirement fund will thank you for that. Read More »

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10 Common Obstacles You Will Face While Trying To Lose Weight

6 Comments December 3, 2015 / Posted in Health And Fitness

1. No time to exercise

One way to ensure that you can always exercise is to start small. Start by doing 5 sets of push up and do 5 reps each time. Slowly build up. Do it the first thing in the morning and you are done for the day.

2. Eating out with friends
There are so many temptations when you are eating out with friends. I choose to reduce meet up to ensure that my diet sticks. But you don’t have to become anti social due to your diet. Just choose the healthiest dish out of the meal you will be having. Eat to your fill and don’t guilty about it. Instead of eating the fries, grab that salad!

3. Lack of time for meal preparation
Creating simple meals recipe and eating the almost the same thing day in day out can help you to make your healthy eating habit stick. Most of the days I will be having fruits or I would be eating fish soup or chicken chop with salad. The meals I have are kinda repetitive. But it works! Morning breakfast don’t need to be complicated. Just boil up some half boiled eggs and go with some fruits. It take less then 10 minutes to prepare everything. Read More »