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Discover How Susan Boyle Turn Out To Be An Overnight Success | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Discover How Susan Boyle Turn Out To Be An Overnight Success

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Image from Kansascity

Susan Boyle

The video of Susan Boyle in Britain’s Got Talent had been watched over 40 million times. She turned into a celebrity overnight after her sensational performance in Britain’s Got Talent.

Before her performance, the judges and audience do not have high expectations from her due to her looks. But when she started to sing, she surprised everyone. No one thought that someone with an appearance so ordinary like Susan Boyle can come out with such an amazing vocal performance.

You can watch the video here.

How Susan Boyle Achieve Her Success

1. Hard work

Sometimes people thought talent do not need to be polished. But talent only shines when there is hard work and effort. Susan practices her singing since she was 12 and her overnight is due to her 35 years of training.

2. Courage

It takes great courage to stand up the on the stage to perform. There are many talented people in the world but how many have the courage to stand up on the stage and perform for thousands of people. Majority of the people are held back by fear. Fear is stopping them from achieving what they truly want but Susan did not allow that to happen. She have the courage to stand on the stage to strive for her dream, to become a singer.

3. Ignoring The Cynics

How many people do you think encourage Susan to take part in the competition? I doubt there are many. Most people judge the book by its cover. Take a the look at the first reaction of the audience and judges when they saw Susan. They were all skeptical towards her.

I believe that there are many people who tried to discourage Susan from taking part in Britain’s Got Talent because they think that Susan does not have the appearance to become a star. However she is able ignore them and took part in the show to become a success.

There are people around us who do not like others to be doing things that are off the beaten path. They also discourage others from doing things that they cannot achieve. Cynics are always there to discourage you, it is your job to tune out to them and listen to what you want and strive for it.

4. Faith In Ability

It is important to have faith in your own ability. Your beliefs are your limiters. The more negative beliefs you have, the more your potential is limited and vice versa. Susan have faith in her ability and that is why she have the courage to step onto the stage. If you do not believe in yourself, you have already lost half the battle.

5. Have A Dream

Nothing would have happen if Susan does not dream of becoming a singer. If you want to achieve, you need to have dreams and goals. They serve as a target board for you to aim for. When you have an aim, than you can start to work towards it.

Parting Words

Susan is an overnight sensation but she achieve this by working hard and preparing  for 35 years and it is definitely not overnight transformation. Susan had finally achieved her dream and she is a role model for everyone who have dreams and is someone that we can learn from and look up to.

Personal Development Blogger

**P.S** You can read more about Susan over at Wikipedia.

**P.P.S** What do you think of Susan’s success? Can you think of any additional factors that contribute to her success? See you in the comment section and I will talk to you there.

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16 Responses to “Discover How Susan Boyle Turn Out To Be An Overnight Success”

  1. Taps Polowy says:

    Susan Boyle is an incredibly talented lady who’s been subjected to considerable pressure in the media. IMHO she deserves all of the success that she is currently enjoying.

  2. carol says:

    Susan has had her minute of fame, all thanks to social media but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to handle it well. Indeed, she had been an inspiration for singles who dream big but up to a certain point only. I’ve always believed in her power, if only she knew how to use them. thanks for the great post!

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Randy,

    We do need faith to help us achieve. If we don’t have the faith in ourselves, how can we even try to achieve something? Thanks for the point Randy.


  4. gas card says:

    Yes you are right, Susan Boyle has become and inspiration to many out there. I first heard of her when my mom started raving about her and showed me a video. She is simple and humble, yet she has an amazing voice. WOW Susan practiced for a long time indeed. She is a really hard worker, and it really shows. She makes a point out that there should be no buts in life, none of the ” I would but I am not pretty enough, I am not tall enough, I am not strong enough etc… Its important to have faith!


  5. Vincent says:


    People missed out on the part where she had went through 35 years of preparation. Instead they focus on her instant success. Maybe people are always looking for easy ways to succeed and that makes them miss out on the hard part.


  6. Keith says:

    Hi Vincent.

    I am very happy that Susan has been so successful and I love the way she shattered all of the superficial expectations of so many people.

    What is amazing to me is how many think she just walked up on stage, sang a song and got “instantly” famous and successful. It seems people like to believe in “overnight” successes. One reason for this, I believe, is that some people want to believe that such a thing is possible because it’s “EASY”. No effort required, no preparation, dedication or constancy of purpose. If “Overnight” successes are true then the ones who wish not to put forth the effort can have the hope of succeeding too. It’s like those diets that promise you can lose weight and look great all with no change in what you eat and you don’t even have to exercise!

    Another very good article Vincent.

  7. Vincent says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Overnight success comes from hard work. Most people gave up way too fast before they can taste success. Susan waited patiently for 35 years and this shows that hard work with patience will help us to get the results we want.

    To your success,
    Personal Development Blogger

  8. Vincent says:

    @Hi Jens,

    Talent will overtake looks anytime and Susan is the best example. By the way, she did a makeover. Have you saw that?

    @Hi Dimitar,

    I got to agree with you. I think her success will not have such impact as now if she was good looking and talented.

    @Hi Albert,

    People always look at the present result and think that she got the talent for singing. Yet most have forgotten about the 35 years of effort that she had put in. I wonder why are they so forgetful? 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  9. Hey Vincent, enjoyed the article. It’s definitely true that everyone calls her “an overnight sensation” and forget that she has been working really really hard for it all this time!

  10. Michelle Kwong says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Its a gd article.
    Reminds us of no overnight success. It takes alot of time, effort and patience to realise your dreams!
    May we all see our dreams come true with determination!


  11. Thanks for that thoughtful article, Vince!

    What Jens said in the previous comment is true. This is a classic case of talent over looks. I think what made Susan Boyle an overnight success was the combination of amazing talent and deceiving looks. I even think that if she didn’t have them, she would simply be another good looking woman with a great voice.

  12. Jens Upton says:


    Good article!
    This story emphasises the adage: You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    An additional factor to her success may have been that differences dictate and people notice. What makes them respond positively is her ‘surprising’ and obvious talent that transcends her appearance.
    People seem to prefer the pleasure found in talent rather than appearance. ‘Looks’ are more easily manipulated than talent. In a profession of fashion and glamour where conformity is the norm an outrageous difference can be noticed and create it’s own vehicle for success.