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Why People Think That The Gurus Are Scammers

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Advertisements by gurus (experts) usually include testimonials from people who had benefited from their programs, of which many claim that they had achieved remarkable financial success. Seeing such testimonials on the advertisements, you may have the tendency to join the guru’s programs.

After going through the guru’s $2997 program, you are supposed to achieve financial success. However, six months down the road, instead of becoming richer, you are $2997 poorer.

So whose fault it is? Is it the guru’s fault? Is it a scam?

Whose Fault

Some people are questioning why the gurus are sharing their blueprints for success. Doesn’t that create more competitors for them? The answer to that question is because majority of the people will fail to take action even though they have the blueprint for success. It means out of 1000 people, maybe only 10 to 20 people will take action. This does not create serious competition for the gurus. And yes, the gurus knew this all along.


Success is the result of taking action yet most people consume information with little or no action. This will cause them to fail at what they are doing and they may come to the conclusion that they had fell into a scam set up by the gurus.

I do not think that all the guru’s products are perfect (nothing is perfect anyway) but most of them do provide you with valuable information. If you are able to soak up all those information and take daily action consistently, you will definitely achieve some results.

My Story With A Guru

I started HealthMoneySuccess.com around September 08 as I wanted to use this as a platform to share with people what I had learned and to inspire people to seek out the life that they truly want. I do not take blogging as a leisure activity as I believe this is what I want to do and I want to turn it into a business which can help people and at the same time also generate a full time income.

After blogging for about 2 months time, I felt that I need to take my blog into a different level so I searched online for people whom I feel can become my mentor. If my memory does not fail me, I found the blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak through a link in one of the articles on www.ProBlogger.net.

Yaro Starak writes about entrepreneurship and internet marketing in Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and he created the Blog Mastermind Program to teach people how to blog. I was curious about how this guy actually earns a five figure income through blogging and I went to download his free report, Blog Profit Blueprint, and finish reading it in a single go.

When I finished the report, I found the information very relevant to what I want to learn and felt that this is the guy who I could learn from. I decided to sign up for his Blog Mastermind Program.

After enrolling in the program, I took action immediately and applied what I had learnt from his weekly lessons. I have a daily to-do list and I took daily action to build up my blog. By taking action daily, I have seen positive results in the amount of traffic and subscribers on my blog.

But what if I was just reading the information that Yaro had provided without taking any action? I believe my blog will still be struggling to take off. I would just lose faith and think that the idea of blogging as a business is a scam. Ultimately, I may even give up blogging totally.

You Hold The Key To Your Success

Success is in our hands and gurus are there to help us to move faster towards our goals. They do make money by teaching us skills but if we decide to learn everything by ourselves, we need to spend a lot more time making trials and errors. A guru acting as your mentor will help to shorten your learning curve and that is why I am willing to pay money to learn from them.

How To Get The Best Out Of The Guru’s Programs

1. Commitment

You need to be committed to learn from the program and take action. If you are going to treat the program as something that you will only do whenever you have the free time, you will most probably not take much action or see any results.

2. Focus

Most people can’t focus on a single program. They tend to purchase another program when they have not even completed their previous program. When you need to deal with 2 or more programs, you tend to do a little of everything and it is also highly possible that you will not take any action to get the most out of the program.

Do not purchase another program when you have not completed your previous one. Be sure to focus on one program as this will ensure that you can get the most out of it.

3. Learn and apply at the same time.

Some people prefer to learn everything before applying them but I prefer to apply what I had learnt immediately. If you are to apply what you had learnt immediately, chances are the topic is still fresh in your mind and you will recall the information much more easily. Immediate application of what you had learnt will also help you to keep procrastination at bay.

4. Take daily action.

If you apply your new knowledge and take daily action everyday, you are already ahead of the pack. Create a plan and make it your habit to take action everyday. If you are doing something right everyday, the effect of compounding will take place and sooner or later you will definitely see your results.

5. Have faith

You bought the program from the guru because you have faith in it. If you had done your homework when purchasing the product, have faith in it and keep working hard. So many people are blinded by the thought of instant success such as winning the lottery or receiving a huge amount of inheritance. These rarely happen.

Do not lose faith in the program you had bought, be it making money online or teaching you how to make money in the stock market, just keep learning, take action daily, don’t give up too easily and you will definitely reach the day where you can reap your harvest.

To your success,
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11 Responses to “Why People Think That The Gurus Are Scammers”

  1. Vincent says:


    Most of us won’t receive results instantly and once we had put in the effort on the right tasks, we need to believe that the results will certainly come.


  2. Rhy says:

    Hi Vicent. I’m so happy! I never read something like this! This is the begining to success: believe in yourself, believe in the guru, believe in that book or programme, believe you are doing the right actions and you are in right place with the righ tools.

    Keep innovating!

  3. Vincent says:

    Hi Srinivas,

    You are going to learn a lot from his program. Stick to your project plan and you will definitely see the results. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. Srinivas Rao says:

    Hey Vincent,

    Thanks for sharing this. I actually just signed up for Yaro’s mastermind program. I already built a project plan for my blog project in Microsoft project and have started making my daily task lists. So I’ll be sure to refer back to this post as I work on my blog.

  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Albert,

    Thanks for dropping by! You also have some amazing articles over at Urban Monk.

    @Hi Nathalie,

    I believe there the amount of people taking action after purchasing the guru’s program is lesser than 20%. (80/20 principle)

    @Hi Tom,

    As the saying goes, knowledge is not power, knowledge with action is power. 🙂

    @Hi Mark,

    Nobody is going to give us a silver plate filled with riches. The guru’s program is just like a compass to the location of hidden treasures. Nothing is going to happen unless we start walking to where the compass is pointing.

    I wonder if that is a good analogy. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. Hi Vincent,

    I absolutely share your sentiments! These people just never learn to take 100% responsibility in creating their own lives. They expect the gurus to hand them all the riches on a silver plate without them having to ever lift a finger. What a joke…



  7. tom says:

    You are absolutely right, i recall reading a bunch of business books before, and i literally rushed through them to get to the next one.

    I felt good about doing that because I had so many books read but it never occurred to me that I was missing the big piece. I mean I could talk in terms of what needs to be done but the actual experience was missing, so I had like no reality check towards what i was really saying.

  8. I think your second point described me perfectly 😀 First time visiting and I love it, will definitely be back!

  9. Nathalie Lussier says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s not the guru’s fault, but rather the person who decides whether or not to implement the system or take action.

    Did you know that only 20% of people actually implement the stuff they buy? No wonder we think they’re scammers. 😉