How To Use Momentum To Help You Achieve Success

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The Power Of Momentum

Most people do not truly understand the power of the momentum and they do not use it to its fullest potential. If we know how to use momentum to our advantage we will be able to use it to achieve much more in life. Momentum is so powerful that when we have gathered enough momentum, we will be able to easily overcome obstacles that we had not conquered in the past.

The Man Who Knows How To Use The Power Of Momentum

I was browsing the forums and I chanced by an article which I find it inspiring.

Here is an excerpt of it:

For me it’s about momentum. You’ve got to keep moving toward your goals. There are so many things that can get in the way, but they can be rolled over. I refuse to let work be the only reason to get up early or stay up late. When I wake up in the morning, I think of finishing that workout. To do that, I’ve got to get out of bed, get my shorts on, and get on the bike. You set those small goals to achieve the bigger goal. I’m not trying to impress anyone; I’m doing it for myself, so there are no external pressures. That helps. And I’m not special; I think everybody has the energy to do it. Momentum is energy. Once you get going, it’s like a rock rolling down a mountain: It’s not stopping. You don’t want to be in its way.

You can read the full article here.

When I read this article, I was thinking to myself, “Hey. This guy (Steve) knows how to tap into the power of momentum to help him achieve his goals.”

Steve knew that by consistently taking action and moving towards his goals, the momentum will gather and when he has the momentum by his side, he can get things done much more easily. The same applies to us. If we know how to tap into the power of the momentum, we can use it to help us achieve more results in life.

How Create Your Momentum

1. Be Unsatisfied With Something

Are you unsatisfied with something in your life? Momentum will start rolling when we are unsatisfied with something in our life. For example, you are overweight and the prom night is coming in a month time yet you couldn’t squeeze into your gown and you decided that you need to do something about it immediately. Being unsatisfied with something and wanting to do something about it immediately will help you create the momentum.

2. Set A Goal To Help You Overcome Your Problem

The problem was identified and you will need to set a goal to help you overcome your problem. Setting a goal will help you to have a finishing line where you can work hard towards it.

Using the previous example, now you are unsatisfied with you weight, you decided to set a goal of losing 10 lbs in a month time. Creating a 30 days challenge to shed off 10 lbs will be good idea.

3. Set up action plan

Once you have a goal to work towards to, you need to create an action plan that you must follow. By creating an action plan, you are also breaking up your goal into smaller pieces which is much more easier to achieve and it also helps to you to gather momentum. Most people made the mistake of setting a goal without an action plan. That is why most of them fail to reach their goals.

An action plan is a detailed plan of what you will need to do everyday in order to reach your goal. For example, in order to lose the 10 lbs in a month time, you will need to plan your 30 days by determining how many days you will exercise (which day in the week and how long you will need to exercise) and what type of food you will eat. The action plan should be as detailed as possible.

4. Follow Your Plan

An action plan is useless if you are not following it. It will be hard to follow your plan in the first place but as long as you stick to your plan and complete the tasks that you have to do for the day, your momentum will gather and completing your tasks will be getting easier and easier.

Remember to tick off your tasks in your action plan. It may serve as a motivation and a reminder to you that you are getting things done.

5. Your Finishing Line

The first few days will be the hardest for you to complete your tasks but if you are able to stick to your action plan and keep moving forward everyday, you will find that momentum will slowly gather and gradually it will be hard for you to stop doing your tasks because your momentum gathering fast. When your momentum is powerful, you may even find it hard to stop until you have reach your finishing line.

Parting Words

Steve knew the power of momentum and used it to achieve results in his life. You too understand the power of momentum now and you can use it to achieve the success you want in your life.

To your success,
Personal Development Blogger

**P.S** Are you using momentum to help you get more things done? I am looking forward to your comment in the comment section. 🙂

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13 Responses to “How To Use Momentum To Help You Achieve Success”

  1. Kristen says:

    Momentum is an amazing power…we think it takes a lot to gain positive momentum, but just one positive step a day will put into effect a snowball of momentum that can literally change your life!

  2. Srinivas Rao says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Thanks to you I found the blog mastermind program and created the Today I wanted to start out my morning by paying it forward by sending other bloggers traffic, and I hope that they will comment on any three blogs, not even mine, preferably someone else’s. That’s what my post on the The Skool of Life was about this morning. And I figured, since I found the mastermind program because of you I’d comment on your blog first 🙂

  3. mark says:

    Those gears in the picture are stuck. That really jumped out at me. Just odd, good article.

  4. Vincent says:

    @Hi Daryl,

    I think it helps. Thinking about past success will instill great confidence in us and we can use that to help gather momentum too. Great point!

    @Hi Tom,

    I got to agree with you Tom! Momentum has helped me in my fitness too. I did my 30 days challenge and completing my exercises day in and out helped to gather my momentum to achieve results.

    Personal Development Blogger

  5. Tom Maurer says:

    I agree with J Chu, momentum has really helped me with my blog. The other thing I have had a snowball effect with is my fitness. I used to be quite on and off with fitness so I never really achieved anything. Now though I am much more consistent and I am seeing much better results.

    Thanks for the post Vincent.

  6. Hi Vincent,

    A helpful post. Sometimes the hardest part is moving from being unsatisfied to doing something about it. But once you get moving, then the momentum definitely helps keep you going.

    What do you think about transferring your momentum from past successes to new endeavors?

  7. Vincent says:

    @Hi J Chu,

    Congrats! You got your blog running and all you need to do is to keep moving forward. Deadline is a great way to help motivate you and instill a sense of urgency. Work on your blog everyday and you will reach a point where your momentum will help you to achieve the results that you want.

    @Hi Jake,

    I am similar to you. The start of my day is critical to my productivity in the whole day. I try to get things done right in the morning to help set my momentum going.

    If getting started is difficult for you,do try working on something that you find it difficult to start for 15 minutes. I find that this technique help me to get started on my tasks.

    @Hi Clinton,

    The Law Of Nature do apply to the area of success. I find that what works in the nature will work in the area of success. Such as the Law of the Seed which state that you reap what you sow and the more seeds you sow, the more you will receive when harvest time comes.

    Thanks for commenting and great to see that you enjoyed my post. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. This is quite true. When you’re on a role you don’t feel like stopping or slowing down. I think to laws and principles in you’d find in physics apply to lots of areas of success and achievement. It’s kind of interesting how it all works.

    Great concept:) I always enjoy reading what you post:)


  9. Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for the post. Yes, momentum is critically important for me. I find that if I get off to a good start each day, my productivity builds throughout the day and lasts well into the evening. Alternatively, if I get off to a slow start, I struggle with procrastination and am not so productive.

    For me, getting started is the hardest part, so setting small goals that allow me to build momentum is important. From there, I can take bigger bites out of my to-do list and make signficant strides in my progress.

  10. Hello Vincent,

    This is my first time commenting on your blog, although I have reading your blog and subscribed to RSS and newsletter.

    This momentum really help me to achieve my goals.
    One of them is having a blog and learn how to blog, Which I have achieved this April (done less than 1 month). And you know, create a blog and working with html are so new to me as I am really a LOW-TECH.

    My process is too long to tell here, but the points related to ‘momentum’ are :

    1. I know exactly “What I Want and When I Want”

    2. This push me to moving forward and hit the obstacle(low-tech)

    3. Making the structure plan to moving forward

    4. Learn and read dozens of blogs and books related to my aim

    5. then, tra la… I have a blog

    Although not really have a traffic yet, but I have done the first step and keep moving forward.

    The powerful momentum tool is DEADLINE.
    I write down what I want and the deadline.
    Stick it on the wall, desktop, announce it to my couple and family.

    Like your 30 days challenge reducing weight.
    I have accomplished my goal faster than the deadline.

    Good job you have here and keep going friend 🙂