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7 Failures That End Up Successful | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

7 Failures That End Up Successful

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Failure Is The First Step Towards Success

The above video had shown us some of the famous people who others had thought as failures turn out to be successful and there is one important thing that we can pick up from them.

Seeing Failure as a Result

Most of us hate to fail and we try our best to avoid it. One of the ways to avoid failure is to not take action because people think that without taking any action, there will hardly be any failure. People are fearful of failure because it gives off a very unpleasant feeling and makes us feel like we are at the bottom of the world. However the only way to achieve success in life is by going through multiple failures, learn from them, tweak your plan and take action again. Failure is part of the success equation.

Instead of thinking that failure is something negative, think of it as a result. A result that you can collect feedback that can help you to make some changes to your plan in order for you to achieve your desired results. Once we have the mindset that failure is just a result where we can collect feedback, we can obtain more information about why things do not work using the previous ways and what we can change in order to make it work.

success formula

The above diagram shows how failure (results) is included in the formula for achieving your desired results.

Parting Words

Instead of dreading failure and avoiding it, think of it as something that will bring you closer towards success. Keep on taking action and if there is some failure along the way, just learn from it and keep moving forward. As long as you know how to handle the failures in life, success will be just around the corner.

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15 Responses to “7 Failures That End Up Successful”

  1. Ricky says:

    Vincent, It is nice post.

    It is true that sometimes people will get stuck when they have one failure. Seeing it as a result is a nice idea. The important thing is how we can overcome the sadness and depressed when failure is happened


  2. Vincent says:

    @Hi Keith,

    People sometimes see failure as something so negative that they forgotten that failure is just a result. However those that knew that failure is a result where they can receive feedbacks are going to turn that failure into a success.

    @Hi Ian,

    It is the lessons in the failure that is so important and when people fail to see the lessons in the failure, they tend to repeat it again. But you won’t do it now since you already knew how to handle the failures in life. 🙂

    Talk to you soon,
    Personal Development Blogger

  3. Keith says:

    Excellent article Vincent. When you are working your plan and don’t achieve what you set out to achieve that isn’t a failure, just a result! I like the diagram you put with this post. Helps to “see” the process.

  4. Ian | Quantum Learning says:

    “Instead of thinking that failure is something negative, think of it as a result. ”

    That is so great, Vincent! Whenever we set out to do something we always get a result. The result might be something we like or we don’t like, but it’s still a result. I put the value judgement ‘success’ or ‘failure’ on it myself and that can stop me seeing the lessons in the result.

    Great post!

  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Jake,

    Welcome to HealthMoneySuccess.com. Great to see that you enjoy this article. I find that many gave up once they experience failure, but if they can find out what is wrong and move on from there, their potential is limitless.

    @Hi Dimitar,

    As they say, “Failure is the first step to success.” How true is that! 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. What some people don’t realize is that failure actually helps us learn.

    About an year ago, I started listening to my friends’ tips after I fail to do something – and that’s feedback. The criticism they gave me always helped me perform better the next time. If I hadn’t failed, I wouln’t have received so many tips.

    Instead of being frustrated by failure, learn from it and from what others tell you.

    Thanks for the great video, Vince! It was really interesting.

  7. Hi Vincent,

    I’ve just come across your blog for the first time – ended up here via a random Stumble…This is a really insightful post because we rarely think of failure as being OK. It usually causes us to quit trying, but what you are suggesting is that it is just a result of taking action that can likely bring us closer to success. Very interesting way to look at it.

    Thanks again.