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50 Ways To Make Yourself Miserable | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

50 Ways To Make Yourself Miserable

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how to make yourself miserable
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What Not To Do/be

Most of the articles in HealthMoneySuccess.com are how to articles that teaches you how to set things right but today I will be writing on things that you should avoid instead of doing.

So here goes the 50 ways to make yourself miserable.

50 Ways To Make Yourself Miserable

  1. Compare yourself frequently with others.
  2. Belittle yourself.
  3. Don’t believe in dreams.  You believe dreams will only happen when you are sleeping.
  4. Say yes to everybody and everything.
  5. Work in a job you hate.
  6. Complain about everything.
  7. Complain about everything to your friends.
  8. Suspicious of everything.
  9. Counting your troubles.
  10. Harbor negative thoughts.
  11. Trying to please everyone and let everyone walk all over you.
  12. Constantly thinking about the past.
  13. Constantly thinking about the future.
  14. Focusing on what you lack.
  15. Focusing on what you don’t want.
  16. Need others to validate you constantly.
  17. Think of everything that can possibly go wrong in your life.
  18. Get jealous easily.
  19. Envious of others and is never grateful of what you have instead.
  20. Imitating others due to lack of self confidence.
  21. Lacking self esteem and cause others to dislike you.
  22. Think the world revolves around you.
  23. Judging others.
  24. Absorbing all the bad news in the papers daily.
  25. Eating junk food.
  26. Exercising is your worst nightmare.
  27. Believe that things can only go your way.
  28. Do not accept others opinion.
  29. Lack of sleep.
  30. Lack of goals.
  31. Worry consistently about the sky is falling.
  32. Plan but never take action.
  33. Fail to plan.
  34. Feel that people around you are all jerks.
  35. Thinking there is no purpose in living.
  36. Being the “If Man”. If my father is  the president, then I will be successful. If ____ then I will be _____. (fill in the blanks)
  37. Lottery is the only way to success.
  38. Trying to control everything that you can’t control.
  39. Expect to be appreciated.
  40. Expect others to be grateful to you.
  41. Never forget about criticism.
  42. Hate people around you to be successful.
  43. Shirk responsibilities.
  44. Receive and never give.
  45. Do things that are easy.
  46. Overworking.
  47. Never forgive.
  48. Never give your best effort in things you do.
  49. Perfectionism.
  50. Choosing to be miserable.

Parting Words

These are 50 ways that can definitely make ourselves miserable and are you committing any mistakes in the list above?

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42 Responses to “50 Ways To Make Yourself Miserable”

  1. Jordan says:

    I hit about half these things…
    whats wrong with being unhappy?

  2. yes, i agree, you can make your life miserable if you are working on the job that you hate. great list 🙂

  3. Generic says:

    I also believe that he may actually manage some days to do all fifty of those at once.

  4. roy says:

    guys you can change some of the bad habits by making a list of all the positive
    things you do in your life even for others piece

  5. roy says:

    alot of people these days are miserable and want to make you miserable with them
    but you change that bye having positive hobbies

  6. vandealer says:

    31. Worry consistently about the sky is falling.

    Slightly unrealistic maybe? lol

  7. Good one…. Thanks for creating this list…

  8. possible anere says:

    i went through this and is very true yea we have to cutail our self on how we behave and about speaking every thing and how we feel about life the day i saw this i was tired of every thing i do needed a change in my life

  9. angel says:

    hi I have the same things happen to me every day I get up and nagg about everything. and this keep going on and on. I also eat alot of juck food. that keep me fat and ugly.lol

  10. Dietician says:

    I think he may actually manage some days to do all fifty of those at once.

  11. Vincent says:

    Hi Johnny Rook,

    Constantly blaming bad luck for our troubles often means that we did not learn what caused our troubles and what we can do to prevent it from happening again. It is a great point to the list. Thanks!


  12. JohnnyRook says:

    Thank you for posting this list man. I remember myself doing most of those things in the past. i would add

    Blaim bad luck for your troubles

  13. Vincent says:

    Hi Maxwell,

    Go take a look at the other list, “How To Make Yourself Happy.” Maybe that will help. 🙂


  14. wow… how did you come out with such a list. Is everybody’s life miserable here? How do we change our attitude so we won’t apply these freaking list in our daily life?

  15. Vincent says:

    Hi Allyson,

    Just do the opposite of the list and you would be fine. Maybe I should come out with a more positive list too. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  16. allyson says:

    i’d rather have a list of all the reasons why i shouldn’t be miserable.. i think that’d be more helpful

  17. Great list. Removing number 24 alone can make a big difference.

  18. Cameron Stone says:

    Almost all of these things i think about on a daily basis.

    How do i change that? i am trying, but it is so hard!

  19. mary_cherry says:

    Good Lord, I just realized I meet almost half of the things on that list :(. No wonder I’m unhappy on the inside.

  20. atnilavan says:

    I seem to have all these traits!

  21. DUDE says:

    51) Get Married

    baaaa hahahah!

  22. Vincent says:

    @Hi Laura,

    Volunteering is definitely a good way to serve the community and at the same time let us take our focus towards others instead of ourselves.

    @Hi Norm,

    It seems like you had made this article into a survey form to determine the “miserable level”. 🙂

    @Hi Julie,

    Awareness of our weakness is the first step towards change and growth. Now that you knew your weakness, you can start finding ways to overcome them. Good luck!

    @Hi The Arabic Student,

    I believe that will be your way of motivating yourself. If it works for you, don’t change it. 🙂

    @Hi Reid,

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Personal Development Blogger

  23. The unconscious does not get the word ‘not’ so be careful focusing on ‘not’ doing certain things!

  24. Rasmus says:

    51. Read “50 Ways To Make Yourself Miserable”

  25. Comparing yourself to others might make you a bit dissatisfied, but it will also encourage you to improve yourself. When I see someone who is better than me at something, it makes me want to try harder. If I were just satisfied and didn’t care that someone else was better than me, I wouldn’t be forced to improve.

  26. Julie says:

    I do a lot of these things…so this list makes my life a little worse…but I’m glad I found it. You make very good points.

  27. Norm says:

    Try testing yourself – see how many of these agree with your character… I got 25 (50%)… I gotta change something I guess

  28. laura coleman says:

    Great list! I would just like to add “Not giving back to your community!” Volunteering makes the difference in my life.

  29. maggie blair says:

    …make lists about things that make you miserable.


  30. Vincent says:

    @Hi Dimitar,

    Yes! You are right. 🙂

    @Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the stumble. I was putting myself into a miserable state when I was trying to write up this post. I guess it works. 🙂

    @Hi Daheve,

    You may want to cut down the the amount of things you are doing in the list. 🙂

    @Hi Alysia,

    On regards to point number 39 and 40; Everyone expect others to be grateful to us or being appreciated but when we are not shown the appreciation and gratefulness, we tend to be so disturbed by it. We must be able to deal with the disappointment or it will mean that for everything that others are not grateful to us, we will feel miserable.

    @Hi Stephanie,

    Welcome to HealthMoneySuccess.com. Great to see you make your way here. How about try turning your passion into your work by doing it part time first? Quit the job you hate when your passion(part time) creates enough income for you sustain your current lifestyle. You will be much more happier at that time. 🙂

    @Hi Brian Gomez,

    Before you complete doing everything for 50 days. Put a stop to it. 🙂

    Do remember to subscribe to my RSS feed. You may want to book mark this page and remind yourself not to do any of it anymore.

    @Hi funny,

    Most of our emotions stem from our thoughts. We really need to be careful of our thoughts and ensure that more positive thoughts are in our mind instead of the negative ones. Great idea!

    Talk to you soon,

  31. funny says:

    I say to myself, be careful about your thoughts, and if you catch some thought negative, think about why? Then find the thing that you don’t know and change your thought from negative to positive.. That’s what I’ve been working on it. 🙂 Thx for lovely principles..

  32. Brian Gomez says:

    I should bookmark this site. When I read the list I felt like I’ve been doing one of the following each day. Thanks for sharing this interesting list. (lol)

  33. This is a brilliant post! Saw this article on twitter and made my way to your site for the first time. Really appreciate how pithy and insightful this is. To be honest, I struggle with many of these on a regular basis. This is a great reminder not to let my mind, my attitude and my perceptions get in the way of my happiness. And I definitely need to get to work on #5. Big happiness killer!

  34. Alysia says:

    I have to agree with most of the things on this list, they will lead to a pretty terrible and desctructive life. However, I cannot fully agree with number 39 and 40. I think you must respect yourself and the things you do in life enough to expect to be appreciated and others to be grateful, nevertheless you cannot be dissappointed when they don’t.

  35. daheve says:

    wow i go through at least 30 of these feelings or actions everyday

  36. Ale Díaz INfante says:

    hahahahahahaha!!! THAT´S ALL TRUE!!!

  37. Adam says:

    This list made me miserable. 🙁

    Actually it did, but just for a split second somewhere around #10. 🙂 Great list anyhow, I’ll stumble my thumbs up.

  38. Thanks for the interesting list, Vincent!

    If we sum up, a path to misery is being uncommunicative, having negative thoughts, not caring about your time and actions and eating unhealthily.

    So if we try to turn those things around, being happier means being positive, sociable, organized and healthy 🙂