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Personal Development Carnival (16th March 2009) | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Personal Development Carnival (16th March 2009)

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Personal Development Carnival

It is the time for HealthMoneySuccess.com to hold the Personal Development Carnival and I got to thanks Jeremy from Insight Writer for allowing me to have the chance.

I had gone through all the submissions to filter out articles that I think is not suitable for this carnival and here are the one that survived the screening. Enjoy! 🙂

Personal Development

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Start an Online Business: Open an eBay Store, Build a Website or Blog posted at The Digerati Life.

Warren Davies presents How to be Happier – 10 Scientifically Supported Ideas posted at GenerallyThinking.com.

Jacob Duchaine presents 10 Steps to Getting a Girlfriend posted at The Blog of Jacob Duchaine.

Stephen Martile presents How to Stay Focused When Setting and Achieving Goals posted at FreedomEducation.ca by Stephen Martile.

Jeremy Ulmer presents How To Stay Positive posted at Sales Coaching | Business Coaching | Life Coaching.

Sarah Scrafford presents 50 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Brain’s Performance posted at Online Best Colleges.com.

Kevin Ngo presents How to Change Your Focus posted at Motivational Blog.

Stephen Mills presents Don’t Fake Yourself Into Failure and Unhappiness posted at The Rat Race Trap.

Vincent presents 15 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From World Champions posted at Health Money Success.

Relax presents How to apply German work ethics in your life posted at The Wise Curve.

Kara-Leah Grant presents Enough of the doom & gloom! We are in a time of great transformation, can we grab the opportunity it represents? posted at Prana Flow NZ.

Personal Finance

Beth Dargis presents Save Hundreds of Dollars this Month posted at My Simpler Life – Simple Living.

Jason Sharp presents Living a Jobless Life (Financial Freedom) posted at International Insider.

~Dawn presents Free Coin Counting Alternatives posted at Frugal For Life.

Celestine presents Passion or Money? posted at EmbraceLiving.Net.

CreditCardAssist.com presents Protecting Seniors Against Credit Card Fraud posted at CreditCardAssist.com.

vh presents A Close Brush with Financial Disaster posted at Funny about Money.

Destroy Debt presents Debt Snowball, Highest Interest Debt First, or Avalanche posted at Destroy Debt.

jim presents How I Busted My Email Addiction posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Debbie Ducker presents Your Children and Grandchildren Must Learn to Save Money posted at Ducker Promotion Ezine.

Mr. Banker presents Banking Online Safety Tips posted at Best Interest Rate Banks.

Nate presents 12 Ways to Waste Money in College posted at Debt-free Scholar.

Steve Patterson presents Don?t Take Your Losses! posted at 2009 Taxes.

David Harris presents Losing Weight (On a Budget) posted at David on Finance.

Tristan presents Frugal Living Tips To Beat The Recession posted at Find Financial Freedom.

The Shark Investor presents I’ve Never Used a Consumer Credit In My Life posted at The Shark Investor.

Mr. CC presents It Can?t Hurt To Ask posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog.

DR presents 2009 Economic Stimulus Package FAQs posted at The Dough Roller.

The Smarter Wallet presents Investing In The Stock Market? Rules To Help You Sleep At Night posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Personal Health

Cyndi Krupp presents A boat called freedom part 1 | Evolution Ezine posted at Evolution Ezine.

Bill Urell presents Teen Drug Abuse: 7 Warning Signs Your Teen Might Be Using Drugs posted at Addiction Treatment Challenges.

Aparna presents Why scratching an itch provides relief and home remedies to relieve itching posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming.

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8 Responses to “Personal Development Carnival (16th March 2009)”

  1. This is an interesting compilation of some really well written articles. Thanks for sharing this information. 🙂

  2. Vincent says:

    @Hi Celes,

    You had written some really great articles and do check out the links. They got some interesting articles to share too. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  3. Hey Vincent! Thanks for hosting this carnival and listing my submission 😀 This is a great list of links too – I’m going to check out the other sites now 😀

  4. Vincent says:

    Hi The Digerati Life,

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  5. Awesome! Thanks for including us in this highly informative carnival. I am enjoying this list.