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Is Your Current Lifestyle What You Want | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Is Your Current Lifestyle What You Want

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My dear readers,

I am thinking about a question lately and it is a question regarding our desired lifestyle. Each of us have our own desired lifestyle but most of us do not live in one.

It is contradicting when you are craving for freedom while you are staying in your 8 – 5 job. I am wondering what is it that stop people from achieving their desired lifestyle and what are some ways that can help you to step out of your comfort zone and strive to achieve your desired lifestyle.

I believe my readers will definitely have more insight on this matter. I will be looking forward to your comments.

Personal Development Blogger

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15 Responses to “Is Your Current Lifestyle What You Want”

  1. Vincent says:

    @Hi Penny,

    Procrastination is the killer of action and we need action to achieve lifestyle changes. I am currently working on a book on productivity and one of the chapters are teaching us how to overcome our procrastination. Maybe you would like to check it out after the launch? 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. PennySue says:

    Making lifestyle changes in your life can be a real challenge.If you succeed depends on your perseverance and determination to reach success. Changing your life make it a goal and reach success one step at a time > Giving into procrastination is my weakness in life.

  3. Vincent says:

    @Hi Evan,

    I agree that when we are doing what we love, energy is not a problem at all. So I believe in order to achieve our desired lifestyle, pursuing what we love to do is a key factor.

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. Evan says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Maybe these people are exhausted. More likely unresolved conflicts. For most of us when doing what we love the energy is no problem.

  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Mark,

    Laziness is a huge factor and it is sad to know that people refuse to be successful because they can’t take in the hard work.

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. I think some people are just too lazy to even find out what they can do to live their desired lifestyle, let alone work towards it.

    Most people talk about wanting to succeed, but they’re too lazy to succeed because they can’t take the hard work.



  7. Vincent says:

    @Hi Christine,

    “Right approach”
    This can be overcome easily by researching for more information through the internet or email people who had actually done it before and ask for their advice.

    Fear of failure will cause us to cease taking action. I do have fear when I am doing something new but I will raise my courage by telling myself FEAR = False evidence appearing real. Then I will analyze the situation and find out what is the worst case scenario and most of the time, it isn’t so bad and it is not a matter of life and death. After all these thinking, I will be thinking much more about the positive possibilities rather than feeling fearful.

    “Right support”
    Due to the internet, we can meet lots of like minded people on the internet. You may try social media sites like Twitter or Facebook to find people who have the same dream as you and try to work something out. Creating a group of like minded people will help you get results that you have never expected. 🙂

    Hope all these help.

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. christine says:

    Good question Vincent. I am currently working as a case manager for community age care program. My dream has always been to open and run an NGO in Africa to help improve the quality of life of people over there and reduce the inequalitie in accessing healthcare as well. My biggest fear is (1)Right approach (2) Failure (3)Right support. We all want more in life but our biggest problem is how to conquer our fear of failure and take the first step.

  9. Vincent says:

    @Hi Dimitar,

    The “good enough” mentality definitely cause us to be stuck on a level. You had mentioned a great point! 🙂

    @Hi Evan,

    By having supportive relationship will allow us to have partners that can help us to be accountable and also spur us on. These 2 factors are likely to help us to take more action and be persistent in chasing our goals.

    @Hi Michael,

    You have given me some great points and life is really a journey and our desired lifestyle doesn’t come with a click of a finger. It takes lots of courage to overcome fear and effort to change our lifestyle into one that we want. The journey will be long but definitely interesting. 🙂

    @Hi Jeremy,

    I think that discontentment over our lifestyle may be good as it help to push us to get our desired lifestyle but too much of constant discontentment may backfire on us.

    @Hi Chris,

    I agree that if someone want something bad enough, they will definitely find ways to get it. If we are really broke and want to have food on the table, we will get the food on the table no matter what because we want to have the food badly. I love the point you stated. Thanks!

    Personal Development Blogger

    **P.S**Great views from everyone and I hope everyone had benefited from the different views from all the comments.

  10. Chris Palko says:

    I’m pretty straightforward with things, so here it goes.

    What stops people? They don’t WANT it enough.

    Really, they just don’t want it enough. If you really, truly, honestly, positively want something, you will do whatever you can to get it. Those who just say they want something, but don’t do anything about it, obviously don’t want it enough.

    Let’s not make excuses. How about this, if someone really wants to steal your car…they will find a way and they will steal your car. Enough said.

    If someone really wants to achieve their goals and their desired lifestyle, they will find a way.

    For those that work the 9-5 routine and just complain that they don’t have the life they want are the ones that do just that: work the 9-5 routine and just complain that they don’t have the life they want.

    I don’t know, I’m going to stop there. The only thing stopping anyone from doing anything is themselves.

    Nice site, by the way. I visit it often.

    Chris Palko

  11. Jeremy Day says:

    Hi Vincent,

    This question intrigues me too. I think the simple answer is that people will always want more. It is built into us. So therefore, we are never fully living the lifestyle we want unless we find contentment in what we have.

    I for one am living the lifestyle I want with few exceptions. But alas, the exceptions do exist.


  12. What stops us? Fear, Discomfort, and the Unknown.

    FEAR: Some are afraid to fail. We sabotage our attempts at lifestyle design with, “But what if?” We need reassurance that “what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” We need Inspiration.

    DISCOMFORT: As Dimitar, mentioned change is uncomfortable and hard. We need reminders on how to embrace change. We need Guidance.

    UNKNOWN: What lifestyle do I want and how do I get it? Everyone wants three things; Wealth, Health, and Happiness, that’s a given. But many don’t know what that looks like for them or how to get there. We need to evaluate our priorities and values. We need Passion.

    I’ve known my whole life that I wanted more. But it has taken 27 years of overcoming fear and embracing change before I am finally “starting” to find my passion. For me though life is an adventure, it has ups, it has downs. Whatever we do, keep pursuing the dream and for pity’s sake…enjoy the ride.

    Vincent, I hope this helps with your question and I look forward to your future articles.

    Regards, Michael

  13. Evan says:

    Supportive relationships. Saying, “Just quit the job you don’t like” when you have a mortgage and family is just useless moralising.

    So people being willing to help others and support them in genuine experiments – knowing that most will fail. When I’m a millionaire I’ll provide support in people finding and doing what they want to do.

  14. Why don’t some people take action?

    Because they’re scared of change. Because change is for the better only when it’s well planed and when you have a backup plan. And many don’t want to make those efforts, because they feel their current life is good enough.

    But until we start to always strive for the best, we’ll be in a personal recession. Good enough is never good enough. It’s just an excuse to feel completely secure.