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How To Get Things Done Even When You Do Not Feel Like Doing Anything

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Not Getting Things Done

There are times when we will wake up feeling energetic and feel that we can complete any amount of tasks on that day but there are also times when we will wake up feeling jaded and do feel like doing anything at all.

It will be great if I can wake up every morning and feel energetic and productive but I know that it is not really possible. There will definitely be times when I feel tired and don’t feel like doing anything.

When we are caught in an unproductive state, we tend to waste most of our time doing tasks such as watching the TV, surfing the net, sleeping or playing video games.  The problems arises when we did not limit the amount of time we are spending on time wasters and this cause us to indulge in those time wasters and waste our whole day away.

Common problems

When we are feeling unproductive, there are several reasons for it and some of them are…

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Passion
  • Just don’t feel like doing anything
  • Distractions

How Get More Things Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

1. Fatigue

If fatigue is the reason that is causing you to feel unproductive, I recommend that you do not fight against what your body is telling you and try to bulldoze through your work. It is better to rest your body by taking a short nap before resuming your work.

In order to prevent fatigue to hamper your productivity regularly, try to adopt a good sleeping habit and diet. Taking regular breaks will also help you to recharge your body so that you can prevent burn outs. Taking proper care of your body will enable it to function in it’s most optimal condition which will also help you to be more productive.

2. Lack of Passion

Whenever we are not passionate about our work, our productivity will definitely be affected. I got to admit that this had happened to me before. I had started a new blog that sell products on dealing with skin disorder but I am not passionate about the topic and hence I always try to put off writing articles for that blog.

When this happen to you in your respective field, you need to dig deep into yourself and try to reignite your passion again by asking yourself what is the reason that cause you to work in your field and why are you so passionate about it in the first place. More often than not, by revisiting the past memories on why you had started, you are able to gain back the passion.

However if you are not able to gain back the passion for what you are doing, this may be a time to find alternative work that you are truly interested in.

3.Do Not Feel Like Doing Anything

I believe most of us suffer from the “don’t-feel-like-doing-anything” syndrome every now and then. This syndrome cause us to indulge in time waster activities which does not require us to do anything (watching the TV). By doing nothing, we will be trapped in the unproductive state for longer hours which result in only wasting even more time.

To overcome the syndrome, start implementing the 15 minutes rule. Get off your couch and start doing something that you should be doing for just 15 minutes. The 15 minutes may be what you need to get your engine started. Whenever I use the 15 minutes rule, I find myself working  longer instead due to the momentum generated by just taking action for 15 minutes.

4. Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and they range from phone calls, emails, social media sites such as Facebook or even Twitter. When distractions regularly happen when you are working, it may be hard for you to be productive as you need to stop what you are doing in order to tend to the distractions.

Whenever you are working, eliminate distractions as much as possible. Disable your email alert, close your Twitter window or turn your phone on silent mode. By focusing 100% on your work and not getting away from your work regularly to tend to distractions, you can get more things done as a result.

Parting Words

If we truly want to achieve results in our life, we need to be able to take constant action which means being productive every day. There are definitely times when we feel like not doing anything but to achieve great results in your life, sometimes you need to be able to take action even when you don’t feel like doing it. So why not use the above tips and take some action now?

Personal Development Blogger

**P.S** What are some ways you used to get yourself to take action even when you don’t feel like doing it? I look forward to your comments. 🙂

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16 Responses to “How To Get Things Done Even When You Do Not Feel Like Doing Anything”

  1. Vincent says:


    The carrot-on-a-stick approach works for me too! The methods works well to motivate. Thanks for the point!


  2. Mickii says:

    I will go and meditate for 20 min. Getting the body into a deep alpha state for a short time is more energizing than a nap. If that doesn’t work I use the carrot-on-a-stick approach: I reward myself with an activity or snack I wouldn’t have otherwise.

  3. Vincent says:

    @Hi Tom,

    I had read your article and it is a great article. Some people can’t be productive when they force it upon themselves and they will work better when they just take it naturally. I believe the saying is true, “one man’s meat may be another man poison.” 🙂

    @Hi Keith,

    You are welcome. 🙂 Writing in your personal peak time will help you to write faster and better. You got to try it.

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. Keith says:

    Hello Vincent! A very relevant article! You always have great topics on here! I find that staying in good physical shape through exercise and proper diet that I am energetic more than I’m not. I agree with what Bonnie said about staying in tune with one’s body is a big help. I know what my personal peak times are soI try to plan my writing around those times. Thanks for a great read!

  5. Tom Maurer says:

    True, what I’m saying is that if I don’t force that productive mode it will arrive naturally. If I force it I resent myself and my productivity suffers.

    So I allow myself to work at my natural flow. And I try and develop better habits slowly so as to improve my natural flow over time rather than trying to control it.

  6. Vincent says:

    @Hi Tom,

    There is no need for us to be productive for 24 hours per day but I believe we should at least be productive for a period of time in a day. I’m looking forward to your article. 🙂

    @Hi Alik,

    You got a great idea there. Making it a game or a challenge will definitely make those mundane tasks look more interesting.

    @Hi Jake,

    The small goals do help as it keeps the momentum going. You got a nice point there. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  7. Hi Vincent,

    You’re right, sometimes it’s just hard to get going on productive tasks. Occasionally, I see that as my mind or body telling me to take a break and relax. But, when I know I have spent too much time in an unproductive mode, or I just need to get something done, I set small goals to get myself started. From there, I usually find that once I get into the groove, my energy and motivation increase. For me, I just need to take the initial step of getting started.

  8. Good points!
    Lack of passion is definitely a serious road blocker to high performance productivity. On other hand you cannot avoid tasks that you do not passionate about. What helps me in such situations is adopting “I am on mission” mind. “I am on missions to wash this pile of dishes”, “I am on mission to write this 10 page report”, “I am on mission to meet this customer”. Make it a game. Works for me ;).

  9. Nice article Vincent 🙂

    I too use the 15 minute rule if I’m feeling run down. I also try to anticipate my low days, we tend to operate on certain cycles (especially ladies) and biorhytms, the more in tune with your body you are the more you can plan ahead, e.g. I can usually tell when I wake up in the morning if I’m going to have a low energy day (checking my biorhythm every now and then helps too, plug plug!) 😉

    So I have a few default activities I can do without needing much energy, such as reading/studying/learning, re-organising to-do lists and goals, doing some simple repetitive work like catching up on book keeping or ironing clothes. This way I feel like I can be productive without much effort.

    I’m typing this from my bed as I have flu, so I’m using my time to catch up on blog reading, review my goals and learn some new things (just read all about how viruses infect the body and how the immune system works, very interesting!)

    Sorry if I’ve rambled a bit!

    Peace out 🙂

  10. Tom Maurer says:

    To be honest Vincent I actually disagree with you here. I love doing nothing. I live in a relaxed state with the ability to kick into a higher gear when required. But I deliberately don’t live in that high gear all the time. There is no reason to be super productive just for the sake of it.

    I actually wrote a post about this the other day. Maybe I’ll move it up my publishing queue and get in online in the next couple of days.