Love Your Job? No? Learn To Love It Now

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Passionate About Work?

Whatever we do in life, if we are passionate about it, we tend to put more effort and hours into it because we are loving so much of what we are doing and every second seems fun to us.

This applies to our job too. If we are passionate about it, we tend to treat it as play instead of work. This definitely help us to be more productive and achieve more results in our work. But what if you are not passionate about your job?

No Passion In Your Work?

The problem when we are working just for the sake of surviving, we tend to find our job tedious and drag ourselves to work everyday. This tend to affect lots of factors in our life.

When we drag ourselves to work and find work tiring, we will achieve mediocre results which may result in a smaller paycheck. With the smaller paycheck, you felt demoralized and not motivated to work. Tired and frustrated about work cause you to feel like you are lacking the energy to exercise and in turn take a toil on your health. The list just goes on and on…

Dreading our job have great negative impacts on our life and here are some tips that can help you to find back your passion in work.

Reignite Your Passion In Work

1. Eliminate Problems

First of all you need to eliminate those negative images that you are creating in your mind. It may be your boss that you are frustrated about, the annoying colleagues or overwhelming work load. If there are any problems, try to solve them so that you have a better work place to work in.

2. See Work As A Game

Have you noticed that games have high scores and you need to constantly improve yourself to beat the previous high scores and this can be rather addictive.

Set “high score”(mini goals) for yourself and try to reach them and once you reached one, set a new high score again. This way you can keep your passion burning and treat work like a game.

I used to work in a factory where I need to do quality analysis for CDs and the job was boring but I set “high score” of a certain amount of CDs I will complete in a day and challenge myself to reach a new high score everyday. This had helped me tremendously in maintaining my passion in a boring job.

3. Build Relationships

Sometimes your job may be boring but having great relationships with your colleagues will definitely help you to have something to look forward to everyday.

Build great relationships with them by having dinner or find a place to chill out together after work. This will help you to have something to look forward in your work.

4. Suggest A New Routine

Jobs can be boring when things start to get repetitive. If you are bored with your routine, request a new routine from your boss or switch tasks with another colleague. The constant need of learning new things will definitely help to keep you fresh.

5. Star A Sideline

Love to write or paint but you are stuck to the 9 – 5 job which you have no passion in it? Start a sideline doing what you love and incorporate your 9 – 5 job into the plan. (e.g. The 9 – 5 job will help to supplement my sideline until it makes more money) This will in turn align your passion with your job which will help you feel better about your day job.

Parting Words

Hope these tips can help you to learn how to love your job more and if all else fails and you are in desperate need to change a new environment, be flexible and do make the switch to start a new career that you are passionate about. Working on what you are passionate about is definitely one of the best thing that can happen to you. Good Luck!

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11 Responses to “Love Your Job? No? Learn To Love It Now”

  1. Vincent says:

    @Hi Clinton,

    Nice to see you back here again. I understand the boredom of working in a job that we totally have no passion in but we ought to do it in order to survive. Starting a sideline is the best way to do something that we love and not quitting our job at the same time. Eventually with hard work and planning, the ultimate outcome will be to have our sideline income greater than our salary from the day job so that we can do what we love eventually.

    @Hi Nicolas,

    Having passion in our work will remove any need of us finding ways to motivate ourselves and you are a good example. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Hi VIncent,

    I think it is very important to be passionate about your job. It increases motivation and you do not have to worry about discipline or other negative feelings. I always loved my jobs and as a result did them well.

    However, we develop as well as the organizations we work for. If both change into a different direction we have to acknowledge that it might be time to move and key the daily kick somewhere else.


  3. Hey, haven’t commented here in a while:)

    Great topic. It seems that working at a job with out the passion is common amongst a lot of people. They don’t even think that work could be fun because they see work as..well work. It is true that we need to pull over time and get a few extra hours here and there, especially when you’re trying to survive.

    But I think the real problem is that too many people are doing something they hate, because they have to.

    Employees need to view their work in a different way. When I worked at my last employee job I ended up hating it. Why? It was just really boring, tiring and I felt as if I needed to move on. There was really no need to continue being a shelver in a grocery store because there’s no future. But it thought me a few things about work and employee world. The thing was, it didn’t suit me.

    I my case I didn’t need to work to stay alive, living with parents and all. But I did start doing what I loved instead of working for people who offered me a job and a 13 cent raise every 6 months.

    Lots of opportunities can come from a regular job. Meeting new people, learning about the business, etc can help you out later on in life whether you want to be a business owner, a chef or a janitor. I thnk it comes down to, would you hire your self if you were your boss?

    But as Mark said, don’t force yourself to enjoy a job for the rest of your life that doesn’t work for you. A certain amount of dislike for your job is good, in my opinion, if it prompts you to make a change in your life and pursue a different career.

    Micheal also has a really good point about attitude. I believe that your attitude towards life, work, people changes who you are as a person. If your negative all the time, you’ll become depressed and you may not achieve too much in life. Your outlook changes EVERYTHING! When I’m down I find ways to change my attitude to work for me. One of my personal goals is to be a chronic enthusiast. So a negative mood will never stick around longer than a few hours.

    But I love your post, this is a good topic. I actually wrote something similar in Social a few weeks ago.

    Have an awesome day!

    Clinton Skakun

  4. Vincent says:

    Hi Mark,

    Sometimes people can’t leave their job because of commitments so learning how to know reignite the passion in their job may help them to feel better but I got to agree with you that the best solution is to find their real passion and start a career in it. Working in a career that we have passion in will energize us greatly.

    @Hi Michael,

    I used the visualization technique to motivate myself too when I am down. It helps to keep me motivated to take more massive action to achieve my desired results. Thanks for your great comment Michael.

    **Dear readers, do pick up the technique of visualization and it does great to motivate yourself when you are feeling down.

    Personal Development Blogger

  5. I used to wait tables to pay the bills while I pursued my true passion as an entrepreneur. It was easy to get down because I was unhappy and unsatisfied, and knew that I had more to offer the world.

    But when I caught myself feeling down, I would picture myself sitting on my 75ft catamaran, in the warm sun with beautiful tropical islands in the background (a goal of mine). I imagined feeling the warm sun, smelling the salt water, and the gentle rocking of the boat. This 5 second visualization would instantly change my attitude and I could go on with my shift finding joy.

    I knew that I would get that boat and that working that shift was getting me closer to it. When I let go of the negative feelings I was having with work and replaced them with positive feelings about my goal, the new sense of purpose freed me to be happy and grateful. I usually made better tips too.

    When you feel down at work, remind yourself of your dreams and goals, and find your “boat”. But never stop pursuing a bigger better life for yourself whatever that may mean to you. Falling into the trap of complacency without passion will wear on you over time, no matter what you do. Pursue your Passion!

    Great post again Vincent…Thanks, Michael

  6. Hi Vincent,

    While I agree it’s good to find ways to love your current job, I would suggest doing this only for the short-term if it’s ultimately not your real passion.

    The long-term strategy is still to find out what you really love doing and get paid for doing it.



  7. David Rogers says:

    I would always suggest looking at ways to make your current job more satisfying, rather than looking for something new. Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi develops this idea (and other aspects of life) extremely well.