Is Your Pride Hindering Your Growth?


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Willingness To Learn

In personal development, we always emphasize on the need to be constantly learning as it is the only way we can grow and improve ourselves. Anyone in the world who wants to be better person tomorrow need to learn in order to improve and the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing.

In order to excel in whichever field we are in, we need to have the willingness to learn so that we can unleash our full potential.


I believe people who read personal development blogs are open to new ideas and are also willing to learn. This is a good sign as your willingness to learn will ensure that you are always moving forward in life. However, there are people who are not willing to learn and one of the main reason is…

1. Pride

Talented people who thought highly of themselves are more susceptible to this obstacle. They believe they already knew more than they could and thus locking themselves out from new information which cause them to stop learning and growing.

The Problem With Pride and What It Can Cause You?

If we are too arrogant and filled with pride, our pride can cause us to…

1. Stop Learning

A prideful person will find it hard to learn because he had closed his mind to new ideas. Whatever new ideas that were suggested to him, he will not learn because taking in the new information means that he is admitting that others are more superior than him and his pride does not allow this to happen.

2. Refuse To Admit Mistakes

Try telling a prideful person that he make a mistakes and you can see him coming out with 101 reasons to defend himself. Mistakes often provide us with valuable lessons in life and refusing to admit our mistakes and learn from it is a big hindrance to our personal growth.

3. Stop Making Necessary Changes

A prideful person does not want to change anything because they feel that what is there to change when there are no flaws. More often than not, their view of perfection is often wrong and change is constantly needed in our fast paced society.

Overcoming Pride Problems

If pride is hindering your growth, it is necessary to overcome it. Conquering it will allow you to be more teachable and you will get more friends along the way too.

1. Acceptance

The first and foremost thing you must do is to admit that you are prideful. Be being able to accept the fact that you are prideful shows that you are putting aside your pride to admit it.

2. Feeling Of Importance

One common trait of a prideful person is that they always think that they are of great significance and they should be indispensable. We must be able to let go of this thought as no one in this world is really indispensable. You must know that even when one passed away, the world still goes on and nothing stops for them.

3. Listen More Than You Talk

A proudful person may rebuke more often and this can be eliminated by learning how to be a great listener. By learning to listen more and talk less, it is showing that you are able to accept new information from others and you are putting pride aside.

4. Admit Your Mistakes

Whenever you commit a mistake, admit it and learn from it. It will be great if you can laugh at your own mistakes as this show that pride isn’t a problem to you anymore.

5. Ask Questions

A proudful person rarely ask questions because asking questions is a sign of ignorance and they hate to show ignorance to others. If you do not understand anything, just make the effort to ask questions to clarify it. It doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to ask a question, all you need is to put your pride aside.

Parting Words

Pride can greatly affect our willingness to learn. If your pride is hindering your growth, do make the effort to overcome it. By overcoming pride and be willing to learn from others will definitely put you in a better position to enjoy more success in life.

Personal Development Blogger

**P.S** Do you think pride will limit our potential? Do share with us what you think and I will see you in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Jez,

    First of all, thanks for sharing your personal story with us. It seems like you know what had went wrong and you already have an answer on how to fix it. I wish you success in your personal growth and I hope to talk to you again. 🙂


  2. I’m learning the hard way about the pitfalls of pride, and how it can seriously damage personal relationships.

    It slides into your life in silent , sinister ways. I was taught to not show true emotions because it would be offensive to others, so you say to yourself, I’m taking the high road, thinking you are helping the situation by not burdening others with your true opinion.

    Much to my shame, I have caused those I care about to distrust me, my intentions. My behaviors become scrutinized to see if the words match the actions because of pride.

    I didn’t think that I was better than anyone else, but i did beleive that the moral ground in which I perched myself, placed me above certain behaviors. How wrong I have been.

    Pride is recipe for self delusion, the fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

    For me it seems to have created a loop of growth stunting experiences where one elevates themselves above a negitive situation, free floating without direction, making a grounded existance impossible.

    Thank you for your blog and post on pride, it has come to me at an important time of personal growth.

  3. Hi Christine,

    It is sad to hear that about your friend. I believe that her pride has closed many doors to her such as relationship or education. Covering our mistakes with lies just does not make sense because it is basically self denial which halts our growth.

    Personal Development Blogger

  4. Pride also promotes lies which are a contributory factor to relationship destructions. I have a friend who is struggling with maintaining relationships with people because of her pride and lying nature. Her pride wouldn’t let her accept mistakes or admit that she’s incompetent in certain field. She rather cooks up lies to cover-up her mistakes than admit it. People like her need to visit this site.

  5. Hi Clinton,

    “But success is never free nor easy. If it was either of those I’d have been successful 100,000 times over.”

    I love what you had said. Success is never easy and it takes dedication to life long learning to ensure that we can reach the top but the funny thing in life is no matter how high we are, there are always places much more higher that we can strive for.

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. Pride is destructive, I totally agree. A few months ago @Armano wrote a blog post about “expert knowledge” explaining how overused and over rated the word expert is. He brought up the point that experts often consider themselves experts because they think they know enough to be experts. Ever since I read that post I’ve come to realize that the successful people aren’t the experts but the ones who are constantly learning how to reach the peak of their brain power that can never be reached in one lifetime.

    When you see a person who likes to blame, grab and then complain there’s not enough, these people are very easy to identify. It’s so obvious you have to wonder how they never figured it out. There’s these certain traits that are identifiable with proud, stubborn and selfish people.

    As Long said our obsession with things cause us to loose focus on the important things in life. Focus on people, team work, reaching out etc should come before a Benze or a fancy house.

    What you say about pride limiting our learning makes sense. I’ve always felt like I was born to succeed in something great. That’s very encouraging but at times it has lead to believe that I don’t need to try as hard as other people to accomplish things because I’m going to succeed anyways. But the truth is my burning desire to succeed, some I’ve had since I was born, I believe is something I need to follow. However this doesn’t mean that I’m not going to work just as hard as everyone else or maybe even harder for my own success. We all have talents and a very few of us are born with Einstein type brains, I’m for sure not one of those. But lets face it, we’d all be losers unless we kept on learning. I believe that everyone is born to succeed. But success is never free nor easy. If it was either of those I’d have been successful 100,000 times over.

    Vincent, you really have a talent and a skill for communicating your thoughts. Excellent article!

    Clinton Skakun

  7. Hi Keith,

    People who keep learning do look younger. I saw a grandma on the newspaper learning to play an electric guitar and she looks 20 years younger than she actually is!

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. This article really tells it like it is. I encounter both types of people on a daily basis. There are those who never cease to learn and they are invariably happier people! They look and act younger than their opposites who, for some reason, have ceased to grow as a person. Pride is certainly one reason some people cease to learn and I think sometimes people get mentally lazy. Taking the easy road all the time and not challenging themselves. Thanks for writing an article on this topic. It needs to be spoken about often.


  9. @Hi Clemens,

    Blaming others is a sign of shirking our own responsibility and it definitely limit our chances of learning and changing.

    @Hi Long,

    I’m glad that you had put your pride in bringing joy to others and this is really a great value to have. 🙂

    @Hi Mark,

    Whenever we refuse to apologize for our mistakes, we are damaging the relationship. In order to strengthen our relationship with others, we need to be able to admit our mistakes when we made one and apologize for it.I’m guilty of it too sometimes, got to improve on it.

    Personal Development Blogger

  10. Pride is also what holds us back from apologising and saying “sorry” when we’re wrong. This attitude is detrimental to building strong relationships.

    I’ve been guilty of this and I’m learning to overcome this so as to grow to become a better person. Your article will be very helpful.




  11. Hey Vincent,

    I think pride comes from how we choose to value things. For me, as a teen, I value winning an argument over friends or having the last laugh. Grown up now, I value the doors of opportunities that have been opened to me and realize how important it is to appreciate what I have going.

    Also, when I decided to work hard towards something I feel can leverage the chances people get, in any aspect, to enjoy a comforting life and to develop fully – then the amount of personal pride is replaced mostly by the joy in benefits I can bring to my friends.

    Keep blogging,


  12. Vincent,

    Great piece. Pride certainly can limit our growth. Rather than accepting responsibility when we act our of fear or ignorance, and rather take the easier route of blaming someone else, we lose a great opportunity for change!