Who Else Want To Know The Benefits Of Taking Initiative?

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Taking Initiative

In life, the person who is initiative has the lead. More often than not, people who achieve great results in life are initiative regardless of any situations they are in. They are the people who we consider them as trailblazers and high achievers.

Why Be Initiative?

There will be people who are not initiative and wait for instructions for everything they do, those are the people who rarely achieve results in life because they are always at the starting line. By being initiative, you will get the benefits of…

  1. Increased likelihood to reach your goals
  2. You are in control of your life
  3. Initiative dismiss fear
  4. Create more opportunities in life.
1. More likely to reach your goals

When we decided to take initiative in our life, we are more likely to reach our goals due to the fact that action is being taken to reach it. No matter how small a step we are taking, an inch or a mile, we are still moving towards our goals and as long as we don’t give up half way through the journey, we will ultimately reach our goals.

2. You are in control of your life

Nothing is worse compared to losing control of your life to others. Whenever we lose control in our life, others take charge of our life for us. People who lost control of their life often blame others and whine about how life goes against them. This often make them miserable and hard to hang out with. By being initiative, you are taking responsibility of your life. You had decided to choose your own path and decide what you want to be and where you want to end up in life.

3. Initiative dismiss fear

What happen when you face your fear head on and just do it? Most probably the fear you are facing isn’t that scary anymore, am I right? It is only when you are not taking the initiative to take action, sitting by the side thinking of how scary it is, the fear actually grows bigger and bigger until it completely overwhelm you.

Before I started HealthMoneySuccess.com, I am fearful that my lack of technical skills will cause me to fail at blogging but I decided to jump right in without any preparation and just learn along the way. Now setting up a blog or a website isn’t that fearful anymore because I took the initiative to take action and doing this had helped me to conquer my fear. So if you have fear about starting a website or business, taking initiative can help you conquer your fear. If you need any help on setting up a blog, feel free to consult me using the contact page.

4. Create more opportunities in life

“He is so lucky! How can he close so many deals in a month?” “She is so lucky to write a best selling book!” “He is so lucky to be able to start his own business.” Are you one of those people who are always filled with envy for others who achieved great results in their life?

Those people get to where they are today because they took the initiative to prepare themselves to meet great opportunities in life. There are abundance of opportunities for us but it isn’t possible for us to grab it if we are not prepared. Opportunities are grabbed by those who took the initiative to prepare themselves.

The cost of lacking initiative

The cost of lacking initiative is a huge price to pay. Do you want to be in your 80s and look back into your life seeing that you had not achieve anything in life and those 80 years of life is filled with mediocrity? That is the cost of lacking initiative and I doubt anyone want that to happen to them in their life.

How to be initiative

1. Create a list of things you want to achieve.

Brain dump everything you want to achieve into a list. Don’t care about how crazy or unrealistic it is, just write it down.

2. Filter

I believe there will be goals in the list that you had socially conditioned to write it down because the society expect you to live that way. Go through the list and for every thing that you written down, think about, “If I were to live my life again, will I do this again?” Filter out those goals you replied No to.

3. Action plan

For the goals that you would like to achieve, create a daily action plan and be specific about it. If you want to write a book, create an action plan of you writing a paragraph everyday or if you want to start a business, commit 30 minutes to an hour to it everyday.

Additional Tips

1. Excuses

If you find yourself giving excuses for not doing it, find out what are the real reasons that are stopping you? Are your excuses valid? Are you procrastinating?Some excuses that are normally used are, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money.” If you say that you do not have enough time, create more time for yourself and if you think that you don’t have enough money to start a business, find the money! The world doesn’t own us a living, be responsible for your own life.

2. Break down your goals

How to eat an elephant? A small bite a day. Your goals may be daunting for you but breaking it down will ensure that it does not overwhelm you.

3. Are you afraid?

It is normal to be afraid because most of the goals you want to achieve may be areas that you had never visited before. You may be fearful of failure but do take in mind, fear can be defined as… F-False E-Evidence A-Appearing R-Real Face your fear and take action. Taking action will help you to conquer your fear. I had conquered my fear using this advice and so can you.

Parting Words

Being initiative can help bring out the best in you and I hope that you can take the initiative to go chase the life of your dream. Your life is worth living and hopefully in your 80s you can look back in your life and think about all the greatness that you had achieved just by taking the initiative to achieve.



Personal Development Blogger

**P.S** Are you taking the initiative to achieve results in your life? If not, why? What are some of the methods that you use to help you to take action? Share with us in the comment section and I will see you there. 🙂

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  1. Hi Angelo,

    Welcome to my blog and great to hear that you like the articles in HealthMoneySuccess.com. Hope to hear your voice more frequently.

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Hi Vincent

    this is my first time on your blog, and I find this article very inspiring, with great ideas and practical exercises for those who are new to personal development and also for those who are on this wonderful path since a longer time.

    Congratulations for your courage, initiative and personal leadership


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  4. @Hi Marko,

    We can complain all we want but complaining is a sign of powerless. As you mentioned, taking control of our life and taking steps forwards is the thing to do if you want to achieve results in life.

    @Hi Mark,

    It is inspiring to hear people making 6 figure income online and it is always hard to contact a multi millionaire because they seem to be so far away from where we are today. His initiative is a great example that we can learn from and thanks for sharing with us Mark.

    Personal Development Blogger

  5. Absolutely! I have a friend who became highly successful at the young age of 25 earning a six figure income online just because he took the initiative to ASK a multi-millionaire to be his personal mentor 7 years ago.

    Not only that, he once again took initiative to ASK his mentor to work together with him in the online venture.

    He wouldn’t have achieved as much (perhaps not even half of it) if he didn’t take the initiatives.



  6. Thanks Vincent from this great post. I just found your blog and think it’s awesome!

    These are really valid part by part tips that work for anyone.

    The best idea in my opinion was the “people who achieve great results in life are initiative regardless of any situations they are in”.

    I really like the sound of that one. You can mourn the rest of your life that someone is better than you, or has more money than you, or your boss sucks and keeps you from success and not to get anywhere with that.

    Taking determined steps forward in the hard road is eventually all you can and must do. At least you have tried then.