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15 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From World Champions | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

15 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From World Champions

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World Champions

I always find world champions interesting and I love to observe and learn from because they had done what most people could not have achieve and it will be great to know what model their mindsets so that we can achieve excellent results too.

So here are some of the winning habits that I found in world champions.

15 Winning Habits

1. Preparation is key

World champions understand that preparation is the key for them to win the competition. They knew that without thousands of hours put into practice, winning the competition is not possible. That is why they spent most of their time honing their skills and doing it everyday without fail.

2. Extra Effort

One millisecond can make a difference between winning and losing. Athletes in Olympics know this best as they know the difference of a millisecond can make them world champion or just runner up. In order to become the best in the world, they always make the extra effort in their training and push themselves to do more even when they are tired.

3. Have A Goal In Mind

If you can’t see it, you can’t get it. It is not possible for you to get to where you want if you do not know where you want to be in the first place. World champions do not end up as one by chance, they become world champions by having a goal in mind and they will create a plan and follow through it.

4. Get Things Done

Once the plan is laid out for them, they always complete their tasks without fail. With the commitment to always complete their task at hand regardless of how hard it is, there is no doubt that they will achieve incredible results.

5. Momentum

Consistent performers know the secrets of momentum. Once they have a winning run, they know how to ride on it and knock down their opponents. They increase their rate of success by identifying the momentum and tap on it.

6. Play To Win

High achievers have the mindset of playing to win. They do not play to protect their lead, they go all out for a win. In order to become the best, they know that they need to compete with the mindset of becoming number one in the world instead of avoiding to be the last.

7. Persistence

Without persistence, it is hard for anyone to reach the top because the journey towards the top is laid out with obstacles. World champions have the persistence to keep on going forward regardless of how much obstacles they faced. They know it can be hard at times, but they kept on going because they knew that if they don’t give up, they will eventually reach the top.

8. Understanding Your Weakness

Everyone has their fair share of weaknesses and champions have them too. Instead of whining and turn a blind eye about it, they make their best effort to eliminate or minimize their weakness.

9. Play Your Strength

Each and everyone of us have our own unique strength and champions play their game to their strength. They train their strength to expand it to it’s fullest potential so that it will give them an edge over their opponents.

10. Resilience

There are going to be testing times when they missed a last second shot or going through a bad patch but champions have the resilience to bounce back from failure. Instead of letting failure drag them down, they learn from their mistakes and work harder.

11. Play with courage

In order to win the game, champions learn how to conquer their fear. They do not fear mistakes and doubt themselves. They know that once they allow the fear of mistakes and indecisiveness to take over them, they lose their game.

12. Mentor

All champions have their own mentors and they can say that they can’t be where they are today if they do not have any mentor by their side to guide them. A mentor will help them to point out their weaknesses, strengths and also help to give them that extra push whenever it is needed.

13. Passion

Ask anyone who succeed in their field whether they love what they are doing. It is almost guaranteed that they enjoyed it and have great passion in it. Without a passion for the things you do, it is hard to succeed because most probably you are going to give up when the going get tough. Doing things that we are passionate about also help to increase the probability of us following through because we are enjoying every second of it.

14. Optimal Zone

Champions know where is their optimal zone and they focus in staying within it. They create a routine and stick to it so that they will keep their mind and body in optimal condition.

15. Teachability

You can’t be a world champion if you are not teachable. That means being open to new ideas, able to listen with humility and also have the mindset that there are things you can learn in your field regardless of how good you are. Champions know that in order to excel, they need to keep an open mind and absorb knowledge like sponge.

Parting Words

If we want to reach for a place that we have never reach before, the best way to do that is to observe, ask and learn from people who had reach the place before. The mindset of world champions are conditioned to achieve success and if what you want is to achieve success, they will definitely be the best role model for you.

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13 Responses to “15 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From World Champions”

  1. Vincent says:

    @Hi Nina,

    Welcome over to HealthMoneySuccess.com. Great to hear that you like my articles and I hope that my future articles will be of good value to you and the fellow readers.

    @Hi Brittany,

    I love Will Smith too! He is charismatic and I wonder how he actually do that every time on the screen.

    @Hi Ryan,

    I just read the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and it is a fantastic book. His 10,000 hours theory now serve as an inspiration to me to keep working towards that number. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Brittany says:

    Thanks. That’s an excellent idea! I often try to learn from attributes that famous and successful people have. I found myself really liking Will Smith’s charisma! It inspires me.

  3. nina says:

    Hi Vincent!

    Just found your blog through ZenHabits, and this entry was really inspiring! Really good tips!

    I’ll take a look at the rest of your blog right now, and I’ll keep track on your new posts, be sure of it 😉
    Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Ryan Rekishi | Acorn-Seeds says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Excellent list. Everything is so true. I will add a couple things.

    1. The 10,000 hour rule. In Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers, he states all the great professional athletes have had perfect practice at least over 10,000 hours worth.

    2.Amateurs practice till they get it right. Pro’s practice till they cant get it wrong.

    Thanks again for the post!


  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Brittany,

    I am looking at a few of them. Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. They are the best in their field and learning from the best definitely help us in one way or another. 🙂

    P.S: Reading their biographies definitely help you to have an insight on what is going on in their mind.

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. Brittany says:

    Hello, Vincent. I saw you on ZenHabits and decided to drop by! I really like this list; it’s inspiring! I was wondering which world champions you were looking at while writing it? I don’t really know much about sports or world champs so maybe this can be my ticket in!

  7. Vincent says:

    @Hi Clinton,

    You are welcome. Great to see that you like it.

    @Hi Mark,

    I will drop by your blog to check it out. 🙂

    @Hi Lance,

    I agree that if we are to apply all these traits into our life, we will definitely excel in our field and also achieve a life with great results.

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. Lance says:

    Hi Vincent,

    Awesome list! If we all followed these lessons in our own daily lives, just think of where we would all be in our lives. And that’s a pretty great thought!

  9. Hi Vincent,

    This is a fantastic list! You’ve nailed it with each and every one of the habits.

    Coincidentally, I’ve also prepared a list of the traits of highly successful people. It’ll be one hell of a list. I’ll be posting it next week. 🙂



  10. Dang, that’s some list. And you know what. Each one makes sense!

    Thanks for sharing! I think I’m going to print this one out.