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30 Budget Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is nearing again and are you out of ideas and do not know what to do. I had written a list of 30 ideas for you and these are ideas that do not require you to break the bank. Read it through and enjoy!

30 Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day

1. Write a love letter.

A great way to show your love and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Provide a massage.

A great way to show affection and it does a great job in relaxing your partner.

3. A stalk of rose

A stalk or rose will do job if you are able to package it to look magnificent. You can present it in a nice box with gifts and cards.

4.Make your own chocolates.

You do not need to spend a bomb on chocolates. Why don’t you do it yourself rather than buying it off the rack. Here are 2 recipes you can use, Valentine chocolate strawberries or Valentine chocolate caramel slice.

5. Bake biscuits.

If your partner love biscuits, you can try baking some biscuits and here is a recipe for baking Valentine biscuit.

6. Cook a nice dinner for two of you.

Restaurants are mostly fully booked and their prices are off the roof just for Valentine’s Day. Why not prepare your own candle light dinner? If both of you like seafood, try these recipes here.

7. Make your own Valentine’s Day card.

Get creative! Make a lovely card for your dear ones and you can watch this video to learn how to make a Valentine’s Day pop up card.

8. Make a chocolate fondue

This is a simple dessert that can be prepared in a jiffy. All you need is a fondue set and some recipes.

9. Write a poem.

All you need is a paper, pen and some creative juices. Never written a poem before? Maybe you can give it a try now.

10. Create a music CD

Create a CD filled with love songs and make it better by creating a CD cover with a photo of both of you. Add in a couple of songs that have great titles that you can connect them together to create a short love note.
E.g. Tonight I celebrate my love with you and I want to tell you that you are my one in a million. **Note**Words in italic are song titles.
You will be able to create a short and sweet love note by using around 8 – 10 songs.

11. Sing a love song

Are you a great singer? Now is the time to show your talent! Sing a song live or record it in a CD as a present. You can combine idea number 9 with this to create a “higher value” product. One of my friend actually sang some love songs and recorded it in a CD as a gift for his girlfriend and she love it… until the moment she knew he did this before and gave a CD to his ex girlfriend. Anyway, I believe this is a great idea that you can use too, erm.. once?

12. Record a video

Record a video of you showing your gratitude to them and just remind them again just how much you love them. Pick a moment to play the video, such as the moment when you are having your home made Valentine’s Day dinner.

13. Create a scrap book

Love notes, photos of both of you and other mementos can be collected to help create a scrap book.

14. Write a list

Write down a list of what you love about him/her and decorate it to give it as a gift. It will be great if you can write down 50 things or 100 things you love about her to make the list a significant one.

15. Have a picnic session.

Having a picnic with you love one is a good romantic idea that you can use. If it is not something that you are doing frequently, it can be a refreshing experience for both of you.

16.Visit the beach.

Visit the beach together and take a stroll there to listen to the waves or pick up the seashells. You can have a picnic at the beach too.

17. Bake a lovely cake.

If your Valentine love cakes, bake a cake for him/her and you can learn how to bake a Valentine’s Day cake with step by step instruction using the link mentioned.

18. Create love coupons

Love coupons can be given to your Valentine and they may redeem it whenever they want. If you know what they are interested in, just create the love coupons in regard to their interest. Some ideas you may use are massage, back rub, home cooked dinner, car washing and etc.

19. Take a walk

Have both of you been going to the same hangout almost everyday? Make a plan and take a walk together in places that you have never went before.

20. Create love notes.

Create short and sweet love notes and paste them in the house where they can see. You can paste multiple love notes in the house to direct them to a gift.

21. Make your own candies.

Have a sweet tooth? Make some candies for your Valentine or do it together. Here are some recipes that you can try.

22. Pick wild flowers

Pick some wild flowers and you can either make it into a bouquet or use it to decorate a card.

23. Breakfast on bed.

Nothing beats waking up in the morning to see your Valentine had already prepared a delicious looking breakfast that is just right beside your bed. Pay attention to the little details and prepare something your Valentine would like to eat and decorate it with some small gifts or flowers. Bits of food on the bed can be rather displeasing and you may want to serve the breakfast in a breakfast-in-bed-tray and here are some recipes that you can try.

24. Have a weekend getaway.

Plan a short trip to for a weekend getaway. It does not need to be far and it can be in one of your local hotels too.

25. Plan to cook together.

Instead of cooking for your Valentine, let them join in the fun. Choose your own recipes and shop for the groceries together. Cooking together can be a rather enjoyable activity.

26. Valentine’s Day Dessert

How can we miss out desserts in Valentine’s Day? Try this chocolate with mango meringue recipe.

27. Write a song

Know how to play an instrument? Why don’t you write a love song for your Valentine?

28. Do something your partner like which you regularly shun from.

Does your partner love to do something that you do not have much interest in? If that is the case, open up your world on Valentine’s Day by accompanying them to do the things they love and learn more about it.

29. Craft idea 1

Create a small gift using simple materials such as tissue box or seashell. Watch this video and learn how to do it. **Note: I love the idea of using the tissue box.

30. Craft idea 2.

Make a bouquet of paper roses. The paper rose in this video is amazing. A bouquet of this paper roses will definitely beat any roses that you can buy from the florist. Watch the video and learn how to fold paper roses for your Valentine.

Bonus. Craft idea 3.

Make a gift bag, decorate it and give it to your Valentine. Watch this video to learn how to make a gift bag for your Valentine.

Parting Words

4 more days to Valentine’s Day and if you still do not have any ideas of what to do on that day, choose one or combine a couple of the ideas in the list of 30 to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It’s my turn to choose now from the list of 30 . 🙂

Valentine’s Day Blogger

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22 Responses to “30 Budget Ideas For Valentine’s Day”

  1. mario@valentine chocolate gift says:

    Making your own chocolates for valentine day is a very good idea. If you can’t make your own chocolates is to choose from hand made chocolates made by small chocolate makers from all over the world. This can be quite an experience.
    .-= mario@valentine chocolate gift´s last blog ..Valentine Chocolates =-.

  2. Protection says:

    Hi,Thanks for sharing this nice and interesting info.These are really Budget Ideas For Valentine’s Day calibration……

  3. Vincent says:

    Hey Body Wash Soap,

    Just be yourself and be confident and you should be fine. Trying to impress the girl normally cause the girl to feel the other way round.


  4. Any Valentine’s Day ideas to impress the girl you want to date?please tell me.

  5. Evelyn Lim says:

    Oh wow….your girlfriend must be very lucky!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi Vincent, This is an excellent list. The love coupon is a brilliant idea.

    My ex-partner made me an indoor picnic once, it was fun.

    I’ve made champagne chocolate balls for my partner before. This is how I made them:

    1. I melted dark and milk chocolate bars over a pan of boiling water
    2. added some champagne and honey
    3. I put the mixture in the fridge to get cold and hard
    4. Once the mixture was hard I rolled it into little balls and rolled them in chocolate sprinkles.

    You can add any drink to it.

    Cool Michelle – Lifeposter

  7. Vincent says:

    Hi Juliet,

    I did a hand made card for my Valentine. How about you? 🙂


  8. What did you choose Vincent?

  9. Vincent says:

    @Hi Bonnie,

    A picnic at the lake will be great! Too bad there isn’t any beautiful lakes around Singapore.

    @Hi Moon,

    Thanks for the wishes and I’m surprised you found me here. 🙂

    @Hi Mark,

    We got to work hard and yea, maybe John Gray’s book can help us.

    @Hi Yes,But Still,

    Thanks for your compliment and do subscribe to my RSS feed to receive my latest articles.

    Personal Development Blogger

  10. Vincent,

    I really enjoy reading your blog and what you are doing with it. Thanks for these tips!

  11. Mark Foo says:

    Hi Vincent,

    My girlfriend complains that about me too… Haha… Guess we need to read more of John Gray’s books! 🙂



  12. moon says:

    vincent! happy birthday!

  13. This is a great list Vincent.

    I’ll definitely pick some of those, my husband loves chocolate so I might have a go at those caramel squares.

    One of my favourite romantic outings is to go to the lake for a picnic and to feed the ducks, it’s nice to be around nature and wildlife.

    I hope you have a nice day 🙂

  14. Vincent says:

    @Hi Mark,

    Haha, I’m trying hard to be more romantic as my girlfriend complain that I am a workaholic instead of a more romantic guy.

    @Hi Ian,

    Got to agree with that. Consistently showing our love and be romantic is better than once in a year. I bet our partner will be much more happier.

    @Hi kathleen,

    Yep, romance is a everyday thing. 🙂

    @Hi Ivana,

    I love massages too! I got to request for one on this Valentine’s Day.

    @Hi Gina,

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. It is definitely going to be handy for others.

    @Hi Lazyking,

    Do use them and I wish you have a happy Valentine’s Day.

    @Hi Web Site Promotions,

    Sincerity is definitely important. One can just buy one gift and give it as a present or one can spend the effort to do something unique that no amount of money in the world can buy it and give it as a present. The latter may leave a deeper impression for your partner.

    Personal Development Blogger

  15. Excellent list. Like the saying gos..It is the thought that counts.

  16. Lazyking says:

    Great tips,I’ll use some of them

  17. Gina says:

    A great check list… here is one to add…

    I just found this great Valentine’s Day cookbook packed full of cherry recipes and best of all it is free. I downloaded it yesterday and I am already planning a great dinner with my boyfriend. With money being tight this year, I was looking for some unique ways to have a great Valentine’s Day and this will certainly help. Here is a link if you want to download it: http://www.traversebayfarms.com/valentines-day-recipes.htm

  18. Ivana says:

    Nice ideas. Massage is great not only on Valentine.

  19. kathleen schuitema says:

    I agree with Ian it is a very good list,& do every day ones, seems an excellent idea.

  20. Mark Foo says:

    Hi Vincent,

    You’ve got some brilliant ideas here! Never knew you were this romantic… Haha…

    Way to go mate!



  21. Ian Peatey says:


    Great list.

    Why not do some of these every day? Why wait only for Valentine’s Day? Spread the love 😉