The Power Of Creating Value

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What is value exactly? I define value by how useful something can be to others who need it. Creating value is an important skill and also skill that we must master in order to create an abundance of wealth.

Why Do We Need To Master The Skill Of Creating Value?

If we are able to create huge amount of value and provide it to others, they will be willing to pay huge amount of money for it because the value you created help them to solve a problem or make their life easier.

For example, if you are person who need to work on the go and there are 2 cellphones and one of it is an iPhone which cost around $1k and the other is a Sony Ericsson k750i which cost around $100 bucks, which will you choose to buy? Most probably the iPhone instead of the k750i. So why the iPhone?

You chose the the iPhone even though the price is higher because it is able to provides more value to you. It can help you keep track of your appointments, check your email on the go, log into Facebook, surf the web and also provide the user with the cool factor of owning an iPhone.

The Sony Ericsson k750i does not provide as much value to you because it is just standard phone which allows you to call and receive phone calls, SMS and some other basic functions and it would be crazy if you are going to pay $1k for the phone.

This show that your value determines your income and if you are able to provide a higher amount of value to others, you will be able to receive an abundance of wealth because others are willing to pay handsomely for the great values you had created.

How To Create More Value

Set Your Goals

Setting goals is an important step and this is the key step in almost to achieving everything. Always remember that what you can’t see, you can’t reach.

Write down what is your current income now followed by the amount you wish to command. With this goal in mind, search out for people who are able to command the amount of money that you wish to earn and learn from them.

It will be great if they can be your mentor and guide you towards your goal or you can learn from them by studying them closely and observe what they are doing to provide huge amount of value and how you can model after them.


One simple method that we can use to create higher value is to always have the mindset that strive for excellence. There are people who always just get by in life with the “just pass” attitude. They aim for 50 marks instead of a 100 marks and normally those are the people who settle in mediocrity.

If you want to create higher value, you must first commit to the attitude of excellence and strive for the best you can be. Here is an example…

Example: Insurance Agent A

1. Do enough to hit target.

2. Work from 9 – 5.

3. Closes deal and never follow up.

4.Wait for leads.

Example: Insurance Agent B

1. Set higher goals than his original target.

2. Proactive and generate leads through various methods.

3. Conduct seminars on financial planning.

4. Regularly follow up with clients to ensure their needs are met.

5. Write books on financial planning and insurance.

6. Create detailed plans for potential customers.

Result: Agent B earns $20k per month while Agent A earns $3k per month.

If you were to choose an agent to meet your financial needs, which agent are you going to appoint? I believe agent B will be the one you would choose because of the higher value he can provide you and the agent is also creating other things that are of great value (writing books and seminars on financial planning) that contribute to his monthly income.

Parting Words

Regardless of your career, you can always provide more value by having an attitude of excellence. By consistently seeking ways you can provide more value to others, this will ultimately lead you to have a higher income.

Blogging Towards Excellence

**P.S**Do you think value is directly proportionate to your level of income? What do you think a blogger could do to increase his/her value to their readers?

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5 Responses to “The Power Of Creating Value”

  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for the idea. Maybe I can write another article on this on with the entrepreneurs in mind. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  2. Will says:

    I understand your message.. but it’s really abstract.

    Perhaps give more concrete examples of creating value. Having an “attitude of excellence” is great and all as being one of the cornerstones of creating value and “abundance”.

    What about looking at creating value from another perspective catering to unmet needs or a problem that people have but hasn’t been solved commercially? I think it would be more suitable if you were to link this to entrepreneurship.