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Why Show Gratitude When We Can Be Selfish?

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Gratitude thank you
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Gratitude is a simple act of showing appreciation and being thankful. It doesn’t take up a lot of our time or effort to be thankful but why is it that people are not showing appreciation for the things that they are receiving in life? Do you say thank you to your parents/spouse whenever they make you your meals or when they cover you up with blankets?

When we are accustomed to things that seem to happen frequently and naturally, we wouldn’t show much appreciation to it.. Gradually we will take things for granted and grow accustomed to receiving benefits from others without being thankful.

Why Show Gratitude When We Can Be Selfish?

It is true that even when we are not showing gratitude, there is nothing that can hurt us directly but showing gratitude does has it benefits. Here is one research done by others that prove that showing gratitude does have benefits.

-Rind and Bordia found that restaurant patrons gave bigger tips when their servers wrote “Thank you” on their checks.
Facts from Wikipedia

This is just a simple act of showing appreciation to customers attending to their restaurant and they got a positive result out of it. Is it even hard to write a thank you note or even say thank you?

By showing gratitude, we are focusing our mind on things that are pleasant in our life and it also help to bring our mind back to the present moment. It will also help to sharpen our awareness so that we can appreciate things that are happening around us which we fail to notice in the past. All these factors then ultimately help to increase our level of happiness.

By slowly cultivating the habit of being grateful, we will gradually become a more positive person with positive attitude instead of someone who complained about everything about life. One more bonus about being grateful is it  doesn’t only help to make us happier. It help people around you to be happier and you will attract more friends as a result.

How To Show Gratitude And Be Happier

1. Be aware

Be aware of little things happening around you. Whenever someone did a small act of kindness for you, return the favor by saying thank you. A smile will definitely make it more sincere.

2. Privilege, not entitlement

Sometime we often have the mentality that we are entitled to little things in life. This cause us to be ungrateful and think that things should happen in a certain way for us. Life doesn’t work that way. We need to learn that what we have is a privilege to us and we should be grateful for things that we had received.

3. Stay in the present

By staying in the present, we appreciate what we have now instead of feeling frustrated over what we don’t have. Whenever our mind start to think about what we lack, it goes into a “future mode” which will bring us frustrations and anger. By staying in the present, we can savor the moments in life and enjoy the beauty of the present.

Bonus point

Keep a gratitude journal and note down what are some of the things you are grateful for and keep on adding to it everyday. It is definitely a great way to constantly remind ourselves of what we have now and be grateful for it. Start showing gratitude and you will immediately feel that the world is a better place to live in.

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20 Responses to “Why Show Gratitude When We Can Be Selfish?”

  1. vandealer says:

    This is so true, no one likes being taken for granted. If only more people would take this advice and show gratitude more freely!

  2. Vincent says:

    @Hi Gdub,

    We are going to face a shift in our emotions and mood whenever we thank someone instead of complaining. I’m looking forward for the post. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  3. Gdub says:

    Vincent, I like your idea that we are not entitled. When we truly grasp the miracle of the great blessings in our lives our attitude will shift in a huge way.

    I wrote up blog post on writing thank you notes that definitely goes along with this. You may be interested.

    Eric, a lot of what you said is something I’ve been pondering a lot recently.

    There seems to be a disparity between what motivates us and what truly makes us happy. I myself am constantly finding that I am oftentimes motivated by fear or money, but neither of those really brings me happiness in life. What makes me happy are meaningful relationships, helping others, and creating stuff that people enjoy. Shouldn’t THESE be my motivators?

    I’m definitely going to write a post on this idea. Thanks for the creative push!

    Keep up the good work man!

  4. Vincent says:

    @Hi Emma,

    “When you get a pleasant response out of something you are, after all, more likely to repeat what you were doing.”

    I got to agree with this. When one is appreciated by others, they will find what they are working on are much more enjoyable. Great point, Emma.

    Personal Development Blogger

  5. Vincent says:

    @Hi Rahul,

    You are welcome. I had looked at things as entitlements and I still do now, but I am working towards in eliminating that thought and be grateful for the little things in life. Lets work hard together 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  6. Emma says:

    Gratitude certainly makes the world more pleasant. Now, this isn’t quite as spiritual, but it works as conditioning as well. When you get a pleasant response out of something you are, after all, more likely to repeat what you were doing. My husband thanking me for dinner, for doing the dishes, for cleaning the house before he has guests and everything in between certainly makes my day more pleasant and me happier… but it will also ensure that I do all those things ungrudgingly tomorrow!

  7. Rahul says:


    Thank you for this post! It definitely serves as a nice reminder on gratitude. I’ve found that my biggest issue is with entitlement, and I’ve been slowly working on it for the past year.

    It’s a progressive realization, but as I come to see how entitlement syndrome effects many of the areas of my life I see how harmful it is, and how it prevents me from truly appreciating all of the things I’m so fortunate to have in my life.

    Great article!

  8. Vincent says:

    @Hi Mark,

    I have learn much in my Army days too and I totally understand the feeling of having that canteen break. 🙂

    @Hi ICE,

    Presenting others with small gifts or a thank you note is definitely ways we can use to show them that we are grateful for what they had done for us.

    @Hi Arswino,

    The good and the bad makes the world a more interesting place to live in, but it will be great if the good things happen more often than the bad but even if life hands us lemons, we can make lemonade out of it. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  9. Arswino says:

    Great points, Vincent.
    If we get good things, people will show gratitude easily. But if we get bad things, then people usually will grumble, whereas we also grow because of bad things.
    How a wonderful world is if we don’t see any circumstances from the bad side, but the good side.
    Thanks for sharing, Vincent.

  10. ICE says:

    Everybody desires appreciation.
    Never take others for granted if you don’t want it to happen to yourself too.

    I’m grateful to wake up every morning to see the sun rise and stayed awake till the sun sets.

  11. Hi Vincent,

    I totally agree to Point No. 2 that we too often take things for granted and assume everything is given.

    I’ve learnt to appreciate things more after having served my time in the Army. Our commanders often reminded us that whatever we enjoyed is a ‘privilege’ and not an ‘entitlement’.

    In the Army, even a small ‘privilege’ like a canteen break can seem like a gift from heaven.

    In life, we should also learn to appreciate these little ‘privileges’ so that the world would seem a much happier place to live. 🙂