Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power

When we talk about personal development, we definitely cannot forget the name, Anthony Robbins. He devoted half of his life to help people to be in their peak, discover and develop their qualities of greatness. Here is one of the books he wrote, Unlimited Power.

He wrote the book into 3 sections naming, The Modeling of Human Excellence, The Ultimate Success Formula and Leadership: The Challenge Of Excellence. In this book you can find ways to harness the power of your mind and achieve your best. I am going to talk about one of his techniques, reframing.

Reframing means changing a negative frame into a positive one using perception. It can be a very powerful tool when applied properly. For example, people perceive rubbish as something that they don’t want, yet there are entrepreneurs who reframe the situation and earn millions collecting the rubbish where people throw away and recycle it into useful products.

There are 2 types of reframes

, context and content. Context reframe involves taking negative and undesirable experience and showing how this negative experience is actually great in another way. Content reframe involves taking an exact same situation and changing what it means. For example, my mum loves to nag at me can be reframe into she love me and care for me and she is spending more time to interact with me

One of the keys to success is reframing your negative experience into useful one that works for you rather than against you.

Take some examples and try to reframe
1.I lost money in stocks
2.I was yelled at by my mum
3.I have no money. I spent what I earned.

Possible Reframes
1.I have learned a lesson. Using this experience I will avoid my mistake and refine my techniques of investing.
2.This show that my mum still cares for me instead of ignoring me.
3.Great! I have discovered the underlying problem. I will now find what is the trigger behind this pattern and change it

Here is a story I found in Unlimited Power and I would like to share with all of you.

The famous story of Tom Watson, the founder of IBM.

One of his subordinates had made a horrendous mistake causing the company to lose ten million dollars. He was called into Watson’s office and said, “I suppose you want my resignation.” Watson looked at him and said,”Are you kidding? We just spent ten million dollars educating you.”

There are valuable lessons in everything that happens. Successful people reframe negative frames into empowering frames. We can change negative experiences into empowering beliefs.

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