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Learn How To Get The Most Sincere Smile In 16 Minutes and 23 Seconds | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Learn How To Get The Most Sincere Smile In 16 Minutes and 23 Seconds

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Smile Smile Smile

What do you think of the video? It will take up 16 minutes and 23 seconds of your time but definitely it will bring a smile to your face and you will walk away with some valuable lessons too.

I walked away with a smile on my face after watching it and I hope to share it with my readers and let it bring a smile to your face too 🙂

3 Simple Lessons We Can Learn From Hugh Newman

Appreciate and Shower Others With Praises

Notice how Hugh Newman actually make others smile? It is just a simple action of showing appreciation and showering others with praises. Whenever you meet new people, find out their good points and tell them how great they are. Everybody have their great points, if we want to, we can definitely find it and when others are showered with praises, they will feel glad that they are being appreciated.

Be Sincere

Whenever you are giving praises, make sure you are giving it out from your heart. In short, be sincere! People can detect an apple polisher from miles away. Flattery simply does not work and in most cases, can backfire on you as others will have a bad impression of you when you are throwing praises without any sincerity.

Call Others By Their Name

People have a deep attachment to their name and the person’s name is one of the most beautiful voice they can ever hear from you. Do you prefer others to call you by your name or calling you “Hey”? You know the answer, don’t you?

In A Nutshell

There are so many times when we neglected the point to show appreciation to what others are doing. Show your appreciation, praise them for what they are doing and bring a smile to their face and brighten their day. Who knows, maybe you will receive a sincere praise from others today too.

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21 Responses to “Learn How To Get The Most Sincere Smile In 16 Minutes and 23 Seconds”

  1. Thanks for that beautiful video. You’re amazing. You’re great. 🙂

  2. Vincent says:

    @Hi Adam,madzleng and Christian,

    You’re welcome and I am glad that you like the video. Thank you for watching. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  3. Great video! i especially found it interesting! I love it, thanks.

  4. Christian says:

    Thanks for sharing! This is really an awesome video – and eventually it brought a nice smile on my face. That movie is really inspiring.
    Thanks and may you all be blessed with a smile

  5. madzleng says:

    Great Vid

    I Love It

    Tnx Vincent

  6. error says:

    you got me..

  7. adam says:

    Wow! That’s great video, one of the best movies I’ve EVER seen. It brought a smile on my face and also tears into my eyes, but these were the tears of love and joy…. GREAT GREAT GREAT! Thank you.

  8. Vincent says:

    @Hi Ice,
    Yes Ice, smiles that was created by our sincere praises will help to bring a smile to our face too.

    @Hi Rodolfo,
    I agree that the end of the video was so touching that it would made people cry and we should smile to celebrate their reunion 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  9. Rodolfo says:

    I didn’t smile after watching it but I cried when it was close to the end… :'(.

  10. ICE says:

    Praising people makes yourself a happy man too!

  11. Vincent says:

    Hey Money Money Money,

    Thanks for the dugg.

  12. Fantastic video. I have dugg it 🙂

  13. Vincent says:

    @Hi Javier,

    Laughter is definitely a good medicine for any syndrome. See you soon again in our next course together.

    @Hi Rahul,

    Being sincere really make the difference. If we can be like him, we can be a human magnet too. Thanks for sending it to your friends, Rahul. 🙂

    @Hi Hans,

    Being sincere is important in all area of our life. No matter what we do, we either be sincere about it or don’t do it at all.

    @Hi Jeremy,

    Welcome Jeremy. This is really a great video, I totally enjoyed it too. Many thanks for the one who produced this video.

    Personal Development Blogger

  14. Jeremy Day says:

    Hi Vincent,

    You know, as a professional portrait photographer I really enjoyed this and it brought a tear to my eye at the end. Im so glad you found this and shared it with us.


  15. Hans says:

    Hi Vince…

    A good piece you have shared with us…thumb up! Agree 200%…a sincere smile is very extremely important…it’s not only meant to make other people happy, it’s also meant to make ourselves happy and meaningful…

  16. Rahul says:


    Such an awesome video! I love the way he was so sincere when he was paying compliments. That makes all the difference. Paying insincere compliments actually makes things worse than they already are.

    Thanks for this, I’m going to send it to everyone I know.

  17. Javier says:

    Wow. that is a cool video. Have a sincere smile is very important as people can get to see it through your face. Laughter is the best medicine as laughing keeps our heart from healthy 🙂