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10 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job

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Times Of Uncertainty

In this time of uncertainty, news of recession and mass jobs layoff are appearing a bit too frequently in the papers. The question today is how do you look at this recession? Is it a catastrophe or is it a blessing in disguise? How about jobs? Is losing your a job a bad thing or a good thing?

In my previous post I wrote about how to change disasters into meaningful events, so one of the worst disaster many may find is that they are losing their job or the job they are currently holding are not giving them enough security and it may be gone any time.

Losing Your Job

First of all, losing your job isn’t really a bad thing.

“What??? You must be crazy Vincent!”

No, I’m for real. The modern world education had conditioned us to think as an employee and not as an employer. They taught us all the skills that are needed to excel in helping your boss and the investors to be rich and wealthy instead of us. Everybody and anybody instead of us, does it make sense to you?

If we are an employee, we are helping somebody we didn’t even know to get rich but we are not even helping ourselves. Do you ever have the feeling of doing most of the work and in the end the amount of money flowing into your pockets are pitiful compared to what your boss and the investors are taking. So maybe losing your job is not a bad thing after all because this is a wake up call for you to start looking at alternatives.

10 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job

1. Get support

No doubt you will be caught in despair when you lose your job. Find your family members or friends who are supportive and talk to them. Pour your heart out and share with them your feelings. They may help you to keep a lookout for opportunities and you do not need to keep the whole thing to yourself. Let out your feelings and get yourself back to your normal emotional state before embarking the journey of finding a new job.

2. Do not take it to heart

When the company is restructuring or laying off people for the reason of cost cutting, do not take it too personally. It is a good time for reflection but do not allow this set back to shatter you totally. Believe in your ability and having good confidence really help during this time.

3. Expand Your Every Dollar

To ensure that your savings can last you through this tough time, it will be necessary to expand your every dollar. Buy things in bulk or get your groceries when they are on discounts. Avoid big ticket items and have your budget plan in place to avoid over spending.

4. Reflect

A good time for reflection. Spend some time to think about your current skills level and abilities. What do you need to do to excel in your field and what are the actions that are needed to accomplish that?

Ask yourself what do you really want to do. Is this job really the ideal job for you? One question that will help you in answering this would be, “If I can live my life over again, will I be doing this?” The answer of this question would be the key for finding what is the job that you really love.

5. Update your resume

How long have you updated your resume? Is it covered with cobwebs? Dust it and get back to work. Update you resume and decorate it with your recent personal achievements. Seeing your personal achievements can make you feel that you had accomplished things in the past and it also help to make you feel confident that you can get things done.

Always remember to put in your contact details like home telephone, emails, cell phone number and fax number if you have it. Lastly, having your referee’s details ready definitely help too, provided you have good relationships with them.

6. Network

Finding companies through the newspaper and internet sites are good ways to find new jobs and it is also important to have a good network to increase your probability of finding a job soon. Find out more about seminars, community events or your local networks and get involved. These are great places to meet new people and get new contacts.

7.Stay Well Groomed

Have you notice that in the movies, people who lost their jobs are always untidy and not well groomed? Maybe it is the negative state they are in and the amount of stress they are facing that are causing them to look fragile and untidy. If you are the employer, will you hire someone well groomed and full of energy or someone who look tired and untidy?

The answer is obvious, so stay neat, tidy and mind your posture. Your posture can tell others a lot about yourself.

8. Stay Motivated

It can be frustrating and disappointing when the jobs you applied were rejected. Stay motivated and focus on the positive side that there are lots of role out there in the market that you can fit into and provide value. Just stay positive until you find your role.

9. Upgrade Your Skills

This is one of the best time to keep your skills up to date in your current niche. Read up books, take up seminars or attend courses to improve yourself. When you have the skills that provides value, your new employers will have more reasons to offer you a better salary.

10. Create other streams of income

Having multiple streams of income will ensure that you will not face the same scenario again. The worst thing about losing your job is the lost of income and having the mortgage and bills to pay. Having multiple streams of income will ensure that you will have the money to pay your bills even when you lose one source of your income.

You can start by maybe leveraging the internet to sell stuff through eBay, writing books or learn more about investing. Robert G.Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income: How To Generate A Lifetime Of Unlimited Wealth will show more examples of how to create other sources of income.


Be calm to handle this situation and stay positive during this period. It can be tough but eventually you will find your new job that can get the money rolling in for you again. Most importantly, find ways to ensure that you do not face the scenario of losing your income again. Thanks for reading and if you like this article, how about subscribing to my blog to get my newsletter delivered to you.(It is free!)

Personal Development Blogger

**P.S**Do you have other streams of income that you can rely on? Do you upgrade your skills on a consistent basis? Do drop a comment and I will see you in the comment section.

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9 Responses to “10 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job”

  1. Am I able to buy this in the store as well or just online?

  2. piskodrocho says:

    I want to listen good music!

  3. Wealthy says:

    Hi Vincent,
    It is a nice article. What I like the best is “Be calm to handle this situation and stay positive during this period. It can be tough but eventually you will find your new job that can get the money rolling in for you again.” Do you have experience that you lost your job?
    Stay positive, Never give up.

  4. David Dent says:

    Hello great stories, well I’m on a mission. I work for Brian Tracy (Google him if you don’t know him he’s great) here in San Diego and he is working on a huge project to bring all those into personal development together for the worlds biggest master mind group.

    Check out the webpage and hit me back and let me know what you think.

    Have a great and wonderful day

    David Dent

  5. Relax says:

    I’m always prepared for career crisis by having huge emergency fund and a healthy monthly cashflow 🙂

    Upgrading myself is a must all the time. Good time, bad time.

    thanks for the tips

    your friend Relax ~

  6. Vincent says:

    Hey ICE,

    Never give up is the key. Keep asking and we will definitely reap the rewards.

    Personal Development Blogger

  7. ICE says:

    I would say for people not comfortable with multiple streams of income should 1st get some rest, relax for just a few days, search for new jobs, get contact with friends, expand network, who knows that your friend’s company might be hiring, go for as many interviews as possible n lastly, NEVER GIVE UP. Never take rejection seriously, keep asking and you’ll shall receive. 🙂

  8. Vincent says:

    Hi Kc,

    Me too. I believe that everyone should try their best to get multiple income streams. Having additional income stream will help provide more security and secondly, we can retire earlier if we have other streams of passive income flowing in for us.

    Personal Development Blogger

  9. KC TAN says:

    Thanks for the list, Vincent =)

    I always encourage my peers to source for other income streams be it online (via Internet) or offline (via obvious talents / passion such as song writing etc), as long as they find it enjoyable. In fact, in my opinion, I feel that the ten things listed above should be carried out consistently even if you are in a perfectly comfortable zone.