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Why Do You Need To Learn About Public Speaking

What is public speaking? It is not just speaking to large audiences, instead we are doing public speaking everyday. Talking to our friends, family, in an interview or colleagues are all part of public speaking and it is definitely a skill that we need to have.

Public speaking or death? Surprisingly people fear public speaking more than death. People found themselves trembling with fear whenever they are called up to speak.

You may think that why don’t we just give up public speaking and that will solve the problem but have you noticed that successful people are always giving out speeches? If you give up on public speaking, that will also mean that you are giving up a huge chunk of your potential to be successful.

Get Applause Now!

Get Applause Now! is created by Andrew Rondeau and public speaking champ, Darren Lacroix. It consist of a 64 pages ebook and 3 audios. (Humor 101,Free to fee, and How to write a winning speech)

Andrew Rondeau has his own business and is a best-selling author and he gets to travel and speak all over the world and Darren Lacroix is a public speaking champ and he won the public speaking competition with 25,000 contestant participating.

You should visit his website and see the videos of him giving presentation. He is fantastic!

What I like about Get Applause Now!

The ebook covers from the start of planning the presentation to delivering the speech and closing. Specific questions that can help enhance your preparation, delivery, post delivery are listed in bullet points so that you can run through it easily. Basically it is just like a check list that you can check through to help you enhance your presentation.

The format is very simple and easy to follow and there are action plans that you can use to help you keep track of your progress. There are also 3 podcast which runs for 300 plus minutes that teaches you how to write a winning speech, injecting humor into your presentation and also how to be more skillful in your presentation that you can charge others a fee for it.

What I don’t like about Get Applause Now!

1. The content is simplified to a short 64 pages ebook and I actually finished the book in around 10 minutes. It may be a good thing also because this ebook is word efficient but that may also mean that some of the important concepts are under explained.

2. Lack of videos. I believe videos of great speeches should be included to let us learn more from successful presentations.

3. Just reading the ebook and listening to the podcast can increase your knowledge of public speaking but not necessary increase your skill of presentation because reading and doing is totally different. It will be great if video conferencing is included for members so they can do a pseudo public speaking via the conference.

Who Should Buy Get Applause Now!

For people who want to start improving their public speaking and just want a product to help them kick start their learning journey, this is the product for you. The tips are practical and helpful and the action plan definitely help to make sure that you are on the right track. One ebook with 300 plus minutes of podcast for a price of only $39.95, it is considered a good buy for the value it provides.

I do think that Get Applause Now! is worth studying and learning from and it comes with a 60 days money back so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the value it provides. Therefore there are no risks involved.

Get Applause Now! order page.

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  1. Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for writing the review for Get Applause Now!

    Just to let you and everyone know I have recently added a 10-week video Public Speaking coaching course as part of the overall package.