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How To Think Yourself To Success | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Think Yourself To Success

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think yourself to success

The self image that we gives ourselves internally will become the reality. What we think about ourselves makes a huge difference in how we turn out to be.

“Don’t assume the customer do not want to have your product. Don’t assume it is too expensive or it is too risky. Let the customer know and he will decide whether the product is suitable for him”

I heard the above from my friend. What she said made sense. If we assume that the customer is not going to like our product, we are going to internalize our results and prevent ourselves from presenting our best pitch to them. With such negative assumptions, most likely we are not going to close the deal.

How does this applies to us? When we assume anything about ourselves, we create an image which is beneficial or detrimental to us. Since it is our own assumption, it means that we have a choice of what mental images we want to create in our mind. If we have a choice, why not choose a better mental image to paint about ourselves?

What do you think about yourself? Do you think that you are someone who are not skillful enough to close deals? Do you think that it is hard for you to lose weight? Do you think that you are not skilled enough to earn more money? Do you think that you are bad at directions? Do you think that are someone with bad memory?

All these are mental images that we paint about ourselves. What leads you to think about these negative images about yourselves are due to the results that we see in our life. However, these are your own paradigms that you justify upon yourself.

If you think that you are someone who can’t lose weight, try skipping dinner for 5 days and I guarantee that you will lose weight. If you think you are someone who can’t remember names, it means that you are not putting in conscious effort to remember the names of others. But if you start to pay attention and make the effort to remember the names of others, I bet you can start to remember a few more names. Or if you think you are bad at directions (I am!), it means that you are not making the conscious effort to recognize the roads and land marks. Or you might be sleeping or playing with your phone in the car instead of trying to recognize the roads and directions.

Whatever we think we are, we can turn out to be our image. Our perceptions can become our reality. But instead of creating negative self images of ourselves, why not replace them with positive ones. Instead of saying I am someone who can’t lose weight, why not say you are someone who exercise for 30 minutes a day. Or even better, you are someone who will not eat fried food. Think of a positive image that you can use to replace the negative ones. When you create negative images about yourself, take a step back and use it as an indicator for you to create positive replacements. One image at a time.


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2 Responses to “How To Think Yourself To Success”

  1. Nigel Chua says:

    Hi Vincent

    This is so true – one of my businesses is a physiotherapy private practice in Singapore, and one thing I’ve realized that many therapist new to the private field do is – assume/think/believe that patients “cant/wont pay for their services” and price low…when they don’t even test or ask.

    It’s a built-in mechanism where we think the worst of a given situation, and worse, believe it.

    How I work around it is by creating systems that doesn’t “need” my willpower or ability to decide. An example is the same issue above, instead of making my own assumptions, I do a market research by checking the price of similar services, and set my price accordingly and inform the patients in advance, so by the time they come to us, the patients had “already” decided and know our prices, so price isn’t an issue.

    And this applies to so many issues that we may face, eg exercising first thing in the morning. How to overcome this? Instead of “having to decide every morning”, what I do is to install systems eg my morning process involves and includes exercise, and it is another “to do on my list at a certain fixed time” – problem solved.

    We humans are so unique and interesting =)
    Nigel Chua´s last blog post ..My Ugly Therapy Website That Makes Me $100K Per Year In Patient Lead Generation

  2. Lois Kehinde says:

    You are a product of what you think