Don’t Think, Just Test

test your ideas

I’m confused. I do not know what is the right direction to take and what are the ventures that I should go into. Should I continue with my job or should I start my own business? If I start my own business, what business should I start? Should I do ecommerce or should I sell digital products?

I have doubts myself. I do. I wrote down some of the doubts above. Everyone have their fair share of doubts. Self doubts are normal. I do not believe that personal development gurus do not have doubts and those who said that you can eliminate self doubt would be full of bullshit.

Instead of trying to prevent self doubt, dance with them. Since self doubt is not going to miraculously disappear by itself, why not use it as a tool to move you forward.

One way that I found it effective is to have the idea of experimenting. Whenever self doubt pops out, it means that we lack clear directions and do not know what is the correct direction that we should be heading. Instead of over thinking on what to do next, why not test your idea.

For example, I have doubts that whether should I go full time into my side business. Instead of just sticking to my full time job or going 100% into my side business (both extremes in direction), why not test my side business idea while I’m still working in my current job.

I don’t think it is a good idea to go 100% all in to a business when you do not know whether your idea will work. Testing my idea while I’m in my day job allows me to a certain level of safety and at the same time making progress to check whether the idea is viable.

Overthinking can only help you to get stuck in the same location. You can’t move forward when you are just purely thinking. You need to think and execute. The best way is to test an idea.

I love what Ramit Sethi says about this.
“If it doesn’t work, maybe you will waste a few months of your life. If it works, you change your life forever. “


  1. We need to observation to all think. I am sure that after observation then test is important to improve your skill. I am very happy to know your writing that’s very essential to my life for personal development.