2 Weeks Into Paleo – What Happened?

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It has been around 2 weeks that I went to experiment with Paleo Diet. Results has been pretty decent.

When I first took my weight for this experiment, I was weighing around 82.5kg. However, shortly I went off to a trip in Korea in I gained 1.5kg in the process during the trip.

Seafood craze in Korea!

Seafood craze in Korea!

Standing at 84kg, I came back to Singapore and started my Paleo Diet Experiment with a vengeance. Things have been looking good. Since started for the experiment for 2 weeks, my weight right now dropped to 80.8kg. I check my measurement daily in the morning to ensure that it is accurate.

Going from 84kg to 80.8kg is a great feat in just 2 weeks! I have not been doing rigorous exercises or doing much cardio (currently it is hazy in Singapore).

Doing at the results I achieved, I think so far the experiment has been going well. Paleo Diet does help one to lose weight without starving myself. I also have a much healthier diet as I am eating more fruits and vegetables to sub as my carbs.

The bloating that I am suffering from has also lighten up. I find that it is a relief to not walk around like a pregnant lady by just eating food. I’m kind of relief and I am finding that I feel much better after cutting out the processed carbs.

I am aiming to end this experiment at the end of the year to see how much weight I can lose in total. I will be also sharing some strategies on how to maintain a paleo diet in my next article. Stay tune.

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