Why Are You Gaining Weight And Paleo Diet For Experiment

To win a battle, you need to have an understanding of the battle ground and also the knowledge on your opponents. It is the same for weight loss too. Most people do not know too much about how we gain weight in the first place and hence that is why we will find it hard to lose back the weight that we gained.

I’m not certified to teach others about weight loss but what I can do is to share the information that I found, experimented and work in my personal experimentation to see how it can help you in your weight loss journey.

To simplify issues, weight loss is mainly due to nutritional disorder. We are consuming too much food that are low in nutrients and hence it leads to overeating. When our food are not packed with nutrients, our body will not stop us from eating and hence the weight gain. If you are eating nutritious food (think apple), how many apple can you eat per day? Not many! Hence, eating more nutritious food instead of “empty food” can help to fight weight loss without starving ourselves to death.

Our modern day society is not helping us by making it easy for us to reach foods that are carb intensive yet nutrients deficient.

Examples of foods that are nutrient deficient yet dense in carbs are

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • White Rice
  • Cereals
  • Biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Noodles
  • Potato Chips

You will notice that these foods are easily available and they are mainly taken as staple food. Hence, making it really hard to avoid them.

I noticed that out of the diets that I have tried (intermittent fasting, fruits diet, pure dieting by eating lesser), whenever I cut down on carbs from grain and processed food, I usually will get pretty good results (losing weight)

This time round with a diet that cuts off processed carbs and grains, I believe I will get a pretty good result too. My fruit diet actually helps me to lose 4kg in just 7 days. All I need to do is to ensure that I find something sustainable in the long run.

This time round, I will be looking into Paleo Diet to aid in a sustainable weight loss program. One thing about Paleo diet is that I find that it is much easier to sustain for the long run without starving myself and become an anti socialist.

My previous fruitarian diet makes eating with others a chore and intermittent fasting causes me to go hungry and in turn I found it hard to focus at work.

Paleo Diet

So what is Paleo Diet all about. You can find a definition of Paleo Diet here. To simplify things, it is basically a diet that follows what hunter gatherers eat. Such as meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts and in the absence of processed food and grains.

Avoiding grains really sound good to me as I find that I have bloating issues whenever I eat too much grains. This time round the absence of grain will really help to minimize my bloating problem that makes me look like I’m 3 months pregnant.

So going forward, I will update again on my Paleo Diet experiment and see what will I be gaining from here.


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