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How To Lose Weight Even If You Are Working 12 Hours A Day Part 2 | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Lose Weight Even If You Are Working 12 Hours A Day Part 2

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If you have not read the first part of the series, please click here and refer to part 1.

It is the time to get down to the numbers and start planning how to execute the strategy to achieve the goal of slimming back down to my desire weight.

First of all let me list down the details.

Height: 173cm
Weight: 82.5kg
BMI: 27.56 (Oh man. Obese)

Problems I want to solve along the way

– Eczema
– Sinus
– Chronic Fatigue
– Bloating
– High Cholesterol

3 Books To Read

I wanted to gain some new knowledge with regards to health and fitness and I picked just 3 books to read. I do not want to be overwhelm by the vast amount of information that is online. I will work on the theories on these 3 books and test and change a long the way. It will be a more effective strategy that way.

Strategies That I Picked Up From 3 Books I Read

Bullet Proof Diet

1. Taking MCT oil to assist ketosis (apparently this will help in burning of fats)
2. Omega 3 supplement before bed to assist weight loss.
3. Take moderate protein
4. No process food. (Process food like cereal, bread and noodles cause a spike in insulin hence decreasing fat loss rate
5. Intermittent Fasting like our ancestors to regulate our hormones and allow time for our body to burn fat
6. Workout should be high intensity instead of boring long cardio.

Why We Get Fat

1. It is a myth that we consume more calories then we burn and we will lose weight
2. It is more on the food you eat then how much you eat
3. Insulin makes us fat and carb control is the key to insulin (this rings a bell in majority of every health and fitness book that I read)
4. Over weight is more of a nutritional disorder.
5. Carbs make you sick. Abstain from carbs and eat real food.

Eat To Live

1. Find foods that are rich in nutrients and minimal calories. Fruits and vegetables fit this bill.
2. Plant base diet will fulfils all our nutritional requirement
3. Choose your food. You can eat unlimited quantity in vegetable, bean, legumes and fruits.


There are too many rules and opinions with regards to weight loss but I am going to take the theories that I find logical and test it. I don’t know what are the results that I will end up with but this time round this requires some testing on my part to see what works and what don’t.

Instead of trying to just consume all the information, I am gonna act on the information that I have on hand.

Here are the things that I will try out.

1. Taking Omega 3 Oil before bed time.
2. Consume only real food and minimise processed food. – Eat more vegetables, fruits and meat and say goodbye to snickers and cakes.
3. Cut out bread, noodles, rice and eat whole food.
4. Work out should be short and intense. As the title in the post stated. I am already working 12 hours a day and the last thing that I want is to take another 4 hours out of the schedule to workout.
5. Focus more on body weight exercises at this moment. The last thing that I want is to drag myself to the gym and create self defeating scenarios.

The goal is to ensure that I lose 12kg to hit my ideal weight of 70kg. The challenge starts now.

On the next post I will detail out the strategies and highlight the potential problems that I may face and how can I overcome them. Stay tune!

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  1. John says:

    Get a stand up desk. Sitting is the new cancer, according to latest research. If your office can’t provide you one then make an effort to stand for 5-10 minutes after every 20-30 minutes of sitting. And always answer the phone while standing.
    John´s last blog post ..Crash Diet