Personal Experimentation: How To Lose Weight Even If You Are Working 12 hours A Day

We are working longer hours in our modern society and we would wear the badge of honour for hard work to stand out among our colleagues. In my sales role, it is common to work 12 hours work day. With a 12 hours work day, it is easy to start to lose track of the things that are important in my life.

Gaining Weight Without Failure

After 3 years of working in the corporate world, my weight ballooned from 72kg to 82.5kg. The gain of 10 kg is taking a toll on my overall physical health. I don’t feel as energetic before and I find that it is much harder to stay focus and sharp on my work.

I decided that enough is enough and I have been successful in some of my earlier experimentation of fruit diets that I lost 4kg in 7 days.

This time round what I am looking to do is to

1) Lose weight to a healthy BMI of 21.7. 2) Slim and have a visible six pack
3) Achieve above by creating sustainable eating and exercising habits
4) Create workout and meals that are simple and effective to accommodate into my long working hours
5) Measurable results that I am able to track. 4 Months will be a good deadline.
6) Create an overall diet that will allow me to restore my health. Have been suffering from increasing recurrences of allergies such as skin rashes and sinus issues.

On the next post, I will post on my current statistics such as weight, BMI, current allergies that I would like to minimize or eliminate by overhauling my diet. I will also pick 3 books to read on diets and fitness and try to implement strategies into my upcoming personal health experiment. Stay tune to the next post.

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