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Journey Into Minimalism | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

Journey Into Minimalism

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Over consumerism creates anxiety and bring stress to your life. Majority of us are subconsciously buying things that we don’t need and we get things to impress people who don’t care about us.

I’ve decided to try a little experiment of throwing at least an item a day. The aim of this experiment is to bring awareness into my life about the things that I own and also to clear out the clutters.

It has already been 12 days straight. I have not break my streak of throwing at least a single item a day. In fact, the likelihood of throwing more then a single item is very common and it occurs almost everyday.

I am still in the midst of doing this experiment and I’m already starting to feel good about my space as it is much neater then before. It also makes me more aware of the choices I made for my purchases.

I buy things that are of higher quality so that it can last, instead of buying things of lousier quality that will end up being a junk. I also give more thoughts to items that I am about to purchase. The space I’m living in is much neater and it helps to give you more peace. I also have been able to get some additional cash while selling some items through sites like Carousell.

How can minimalism help you?

1. Being more aware of what are the things that you truly need.
2. Decrease your spending because you only spend on things that you need and you also buy higher quality products that will last you longer.
3. Have a neater living space and is clutter free. This will help you to be more at ease.


Try you own experiment of setting a habit to throw a single item a day. You can either throw, donate or sell your items away depending on your preference. See how can it help you to find more clarity and be more aware of your consumption. You can end up being more frugal and also save more money in the long run.



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5 Responses to “Journey Into Minimalism”

  1. Sandeep says:

    Its always better to help someone who needs help.
    Sandeep´s last blog post ..MPPKVVCL Recruitment 2015 of 49 Junior Engineer (E-D) Posts

  2. jullita says:

    Sounds good and worthy trying

    • Vincent says:

      Do give it a try Jullita. I am finding much more space for my life using this experiment. I hope this experiment will help you too.

  3. Nikol says:

    Great and true article! Today i gave some of my clothes i don’t already use to my friend, she was happy and i was double happy 🙂