Simple Methods To Improve Your Outlook In Life

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simple lessons in life

I was reading Jason Vale’s (aka the Juice Master) 7 lbs in 7 days and I picked up some personal development lessons from him.

7 lbs in 7 days is about a simple diet and exercise programme that use a method that revolves around juicing fruits and vegetables to help you lose weight and achieve a healthier body.

I am halfway through the book and I picked up some valuable lessons that he shared to help others to follow through with his program to reap the rewards.

One thing that is so simple that we can change our outlook of life or emotions is through the internal dialogue that we hold with ourselves.

Whenever we talk to ourselves in a negative tone, we tend to become demoralize and it ends up affecting our output (procrastination etc)

However, speaking in a more positive tone empowers us and it helps to improve our mood and emotions which can snowball to other good things.

1st Lesson: Say You Can Instead You Can’t

Let me take the example from the book.

If you want to eat a chocolate while you are trying to adhere to a diet, saying you can’t eat the chocolate in your internal dialogue can cause you to feel deprive of it. This invokes a negative emotion. When you feel deprive, you will try to resist.

Resisting means that you will break out of control and go on to have that piece of chocolate. What Jason did to one of his client is that he told her she can eat the chocolate.

Yes, you heard me right. He told the client to go ahead and eat the chocolate. The client was caught by surprise too and she was pretty angry when Jason said that to her because she was trying to seek someone to tell her that she can’t have the chocolate! This means that her intention in the first place is not to have the chocolate. She wants someone to stop her!

In short, Jason told her that her internal dialogue can be

1. I can eat the chocolate but I choose not to.


2. I can’t eat the chocolate and I really want to eat the chocolate.

Having the first internal dialogue is definitely the better choice as it does not invoke a negative emotion, instead it empowers you.

2nd Lesson: Don’t Say You HAVE To, Say You GET To

This is a very simple and effective way to get one to feel more positive about their outlook in life.

If you think that you have to exercise, you may have the feeling that you are being forced to do something.

Think about people without their limbs and they aren’t able to exercise. If you are able to think that you GET to exercise instead of YOU HAVE TO, it changes your outlook totally.

Instead of thinking you have to work in a 9 to 5 sales job, think that you GET TO work in a job that gives you an income to feed your family and you also help make the world a better place through the sales of the product you are selling. Won’t this brighten your day more?

Think about these 2 lessons. Simple yet powerful lessons that you can apply to your life right now.

What do you think about these lessons? In what situations do you think you can apply these lessons? Will you use them?


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  1. Smith says:

    good read vincent. will try applying it in my attempt of exercising and dieting.