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Simple And Beautiful App You Can Use To Build Your Habits

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way of life build habit

One way to achieve personal growth is to create new and positive habits. This is a simple theory but it is not easy. If it is easy, there will be no issues to kick out the smoking habit or eating junk food.

The most important thing about building a new habit is to track. It is not about 21 days or roping in someone to do the habit challenge together (although it helps), the key is to know what habit that you want to cultivate and start tracking it every single day.

I used to recommend HabitForge, which is a free tool that sends you an email everyday for 21 days to check whether you did what you set out to do everyday.

The bad thing about HabitForget is that:

1. It sends email (I have enough of them)

2. It does not have an iPhone app. It will be useful since I use iPhone everyday.

I found an alternative app for building habits and it is called Way Of Life. This app comes in the free and premium version, which the premium version allows you to add unlimited habits. This app is pretty well built and I gladly paid for it.

I just started using it yesterday and I totally fell in love with it. Here are some screen shots.

way of life app review

Here are the habits that I am trying to build. The green boxes are days that I already completed. I am currently on day 2.

way of life review 2

There is a journal function that you can use to write about what you did well or didn’t do well that cause you to fail to take action for that day.

way of life app tick boxes

By clicking on the habits, there is an option box that pops out that you can select whether you completed the habit you set out to do or you skip for the day. The skip function is useful if you are trying to exercise 3 days in a week instead of everyday. You can choose “skip” on the days that you chose not to work out.

way of life trend

What is good about Way Of Life is that you can keep track b going to the trend section of the app. It helps you to find out how many days that you accomplish. I didn’t have a very good example to show you how the trend looks like since I am only on day 2. But you can download the free version of the app and it will show you samples of it.

If you are having a hard time building habits and you want a mobile app to help you build habits, try out Way Of Life. I don’t make any commission out of it, but it is such a well made app that I find that I have to recommend it to the readers. Find out more on their website here.

Weekend is near, hope you enjoy your weekend.



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