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How To Exercise When You Don't Feel Like Exercising | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

How To Exercise When You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

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how to workout when you don't feel like working out

How is your New Year Resolution going on? Is exercising regularly one of your resolutions? If it is, are you still on track?

We tend to be in the gungho state when we are setting our New Year Resolution. (New Year, new start!) It is easy to be motivated at that point of time.

However, the problem starts to rise when we are put to the test to take action.

It is easy to procrastinate. I have to admit that I did my fair share of procrastination too. I procrastinated to exercise and I procrastinated to write on my blog. In fact, there are so many things that I procrastinated that I lost count on.

I Missed My Workout

How many times have I missed my workout? I think there are many times when I chose to play games instead of exercising. I learnt to deal with that though.

In my 90 days body transformation challenge, I know missing my workout is going to make me fail my challenge (badly).

The good thing is that the public accountability motivates me even more to exercise.

But too bad, this is not enough for me to take consistent action.

I find that sometimes there are disruptive patterns in our life that stop us from doing things that we want to do. If we are able to identify them and change the course of action, we will be able to get different results.

For example: I tend to miss my work out when I am back home and the first thing that I do is to eat my dinner. This is a bad move. It is almost certain that after my dinner, I will move on to surf the net (thinking to myself that I shouldn’t workout on a heavy stomach) and by the time I’m done online, I will be on my bed sleeping.

End of the day.

Where has the workout gone? Missing.

This is my disruptive pattern and I committed for quite a few times the same pattern that cause me to fail to exercise.

The good thing is that I identified with my action and I went to rectify it. I have to change in order to change the outcome.

Hence, I chose to take another course of action in order to create a different set of results.

First thing I did is to have a snack at 4pm. This will ensure that I am not feeling hungry after work and I can go back home and work out straight instead of surfing the net.

This small change in action leads to huge change in results. Because of the small snack at 4pm, I am able to go home feeling satisfied and hence able to skip my dinner and exercise before I eat my dinner.

Forget Willpower

Noticed that there isn’t one time that I say you need to have the willpower in order to change the results that you want?

I know how unreliable willpower is. It is something that you don’t want to rely on. If you plan to rely on something that is call willpower to create the results that you want, I wish you good luck.

What I recommend is that you try to make small changes to your patterns in life and create the scenario for things to happen. Just like I identified what caused me to miss my workout is because I am hungry after work and I tend to skip my workout because I feel too full after dinner, I took action and recreate the scenario by having just a small snack at 4pm.

This small change is something that I did to create the results that I want. Pretty 80/20 I would say.

If you are missing your workouts or you want to recreate the results that you want in your life, ask yourself this question – what is the pattern that is disrupting your results that you want and how you can make the smallest change to have the largest impact.


P.S: If you want to learn more tips on how to get rid of procrastination like the one that I mentioned above, find out more over in my guide – Unleash Your Productivity Genius

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