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The Start Of My Body Transformation Challenge - The Details | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

The Start Of My Body Transformation Challenge – The Details

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My own fitness challenge had started on Monday and it has been going pretty well. So far so good. The things that I have to watch out for is to make sure that I don’t skip my workout and be consistent throughout this 12 weeks period.

My ultimate weakness is still on my diet. Eating by myself is easy as I can maintain a clean diet of eating whole food such as meat, fruits and vegetables. However, group outings with my friends tend to cause me to fall into the trap of eating refined carbs such as rice and noodles. I’m have to be stricter on my in order for me to see massive changes.

My Max Workout Program

It is important to have a workout program to follow. The benefit of having a program to follow is that all you need to do is to execute the plan without having to spend too much time to plan and think about what you should do.

This is what I call creating your own success. In order to make things happen, it is crucial that you make things easier for you to do and follow through. Just like building a habit, you don’t want to do something so difficult to do that cause you to procrastinate and be reluctant to follow through.

Just like why we should break down our big goals into smaller goals so that we are able to take small steps at a time. This helps to overcome the inertia of starting.

After much browsing, I finally decided that Max Workouts would be my 12 weeks program. The idea behind the program syncs with me – short work out, lifting heavy and high intensity.

(This is the program I’m doing now)

I don’t believe in long workout for fat loss. Even though I love to do endurance running, I have to agree that it is not the best way for me to create my desired physique.

Dealing With Constraints

I have already identified a few obstacles that will stop me from achieving my goal, which is to transform my body in 12 weeks time at 10th December (Yeah, Christmas around the corner!).


I will need to find the time for my workout. This is mainly the reason why I chose Max Workouts instead of other programs. Max Workout aims to do shorter and more intensive workouts. I don’t have too much time to spare with my daily work, blogging and personal commitments. A short workout would definitely help here.

To prevent myself from missing my workout, I will have to wake up early and workout in the morning instead. I woke up at 5am today and it is a good start.


As I had mentioned earlier, social eating can easily cause me to take in refined carbs that can thwart my plans.

However, I believe that if I eat clean for 90% of the time, taking cheat meals during group outings should be fine. But the main thing is to choose healthier alternatives and skip the junk foods.


I will update my progress every Thursday. This is to help me to keep track of my progress and also to keep myself accountable. I’m excited about this challenge and I will post some of my photos on this challenge on my Facebook Page. Do hit the Like button on HMS Facebook Page to check out those photos and at the same time to receive an inspirational quote every day.


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5 Responses to “The Start Of My Body Transformation Challenge – The Details”

  1. thank i think that is very important weight loss ,for the work for the health ,for the wellbeing thank you

  2. Hey Vincent! It’s so exciting to see that you have embarked on a new challenge for yourself and you are sharing your journey on HMS.Look forward to reading about your progress via your Thursday updates and perhaps pick some fitness tips along the way. 😀

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Celes! Thanks for dropping by. This is an exciting challenge for me and I hope to be able to complete it, get the results that I want and also share some of the insights that I had gained.