How To Help Yourself To Achieve Your Dreams

work towards your dreams

What are you doing everyday to move towards your dreams? Are you consistent with your actions? Are you consistently thinking about progress and moving forward?

One thing that I fear is that one day I lose track of my goals. This is why I find it important to write down my goals so that I can refer to it every day.

Keep a journal. If you take your personal growth seriously, keep a journal. A journal helps you to keep track of your goals and your progress. You will be always on the right track if you are able to write on your journal about your progress towards your goals.

Are you too busy with your work? Then you are helping others to move towards their goals (read this ultimate goal setting guide) instead of yours. Think about how to deal with your busyness and get back on track to your goals.

What about committing one hour a day to work on your goals? An hour a day isn’t much but it is enough to give you a boost to your momentum and motivation. Most importantly, it helps you to get back to working on your own goals.

Start to be more proactive and don’t let your life flow without directing it. Those who allow their life to flow without any direction will end up in somewhere where they do not want to be.


  1. Write down your goals
  2. Get a journal and track your progress. Write about your progress every day.
  3. Commit an hour a day to work on your goals.
Have a great day ahead and start moving forward. 🙂

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  1. Hello Vincent,

    Thank you for writing this compelling article, it takes discipline and commitment to work for your own goals but we already got those as we work for others, why not for ourselves?
    In my case what I do to work on my own projects is to not watch tv the evening I rather work on my ideas I’m better off without tv as I only watch selected programs or films once a week.
    When we seat before tv we become consomers and we let tv dream our dreams for us.
    I will be back your page to read about more inspiring things,

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for reading the article. Too many hours on the TV mean that we are allowing our dreams to slip away from us. Let us make full use of our day and I hope to hear some success story from you.