7 Tips To Remove the Clutters On Your Desk

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It is 6.00am now in Singapore and this post was prepared yesterday so it can be posted by today. I am rushing off for a seminar now. Happy reading!

Do you have a work desk like this?

Whether it is our wardrobe or work desk, we tend to accumulate clutters in our lives. Clutters weigh us down and it will tend to clutter your mind too.

It gives a feeling that you are disorganized, like to procrastinate and have low productivity. First impression counts, so make sure your boss don’t ever see you in a cluttered desk. =)

My Work Desk

Consolation Prize: My desk is not as bad as the first work desk in this article.

This is my desk where I frequently do my work and yes, my blog. Before I was typing this post, my mind was cluttered and I was basically running out of space as my books seems to be crawling towards me slowly.

I do have a good filing system, so I do not have letters all over the place but the major problems are my books, magazines and newspaper. As you can see, I have stuffs that are not suppose to be on my work desk such as the medicines and last week newspapers. Behind the stacks of books are my stacks of Newsweek and Reader’s Digest magazines. I love to read and prefer to have my books near me so I can grab them whenever I need the new amount of information but I think it is time to do something about it before they cover my whole work desk.

**If you are observant, you can see that my calendar is still on Oct 08 (It is November now Vincent!), but if you had not noticed it, stay unnoticed. *wink

The Makeover

The work desk seems to be a lot better now. I had left all the books that were previously on my desk into my bookshelf and only left my notebooks and one book that I am currently reading on the table. You can have a sneak peak at my vision board near the top of the picture, so whenever I look up I am constantly reminded of my goals and dreams. The magazines and newspaper that were overdue were dumped and some were kept in view as I am interested in some information in it and yes yes, I did not forget about it, I had flipped the calendar to November. *smile

7 Ways to Remove the Clutters On Your Desk

1. Throw everything that you don’t need

Do you still have your last week newspaper or the scrap paper that was meant to be in the waste paper basket on the table? Clear everything that you don’t need into the rubbish bin and see the amount of useless items that you had accumulated.

2. Clean up

I can see a thick layer of dust on my work desk that was hidden by my books. So remember to clean up and see how clean your work desk can be. It feels great too, trust me.

3. Have a filing system

Do you have letters or receipts that seems to magically multiply on your table? (When do they have a breeding system?) Have a filing system and keep those things that you need to KIV and allocate a time in the day to clear those items.

4. Leave only things that you need on the table

Simple as it is. Don’t leave your overdue magazines, your 3 years old to do list or multiple pens on the table. Will you really go back to complete your 3 years old to do list or use 10 pens at the same time?

5. Have specific drawers

Have specific drawers that stores similar items. It will be easier for you to find the stuff you want when you need it and it also helps to keep things off the table.

6. Have a system for papers

Have an inbox that deals with reports that you need to read or sign by today and an outbox that you will transfer your papers to once you are done with it. Remember to clear the outbox regularly too.

7. Have a routine.

Make a commitment to clean up your desk or your room every once a week because the clutters tend to come back again and again. By having a routine to clean up every week, you can keep the clutters at bay and have optimal productivity.

Enjoy your cleaning everyone!

Personal Development Blogger

**P.S** How about you? Do you have a nice and clean work desk that is optimal for your productivity or a work desk that is cluttered with things that you don’t need? Share with us about how your work desk looks or the ridiculous things (Exp: To do list items that should be done in 3 years before) that you found while cleaning up your desk. Share with us in the comment section and happy sharing!

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17 Responses to “7 Tips To Remove the Clutters On Your Desk”

  1. Bill says:

    Cluttered mind = cluttered personal environment. Fix EITHER ONE and the other will improve almost immediately. Let either one slack and the other will run to catch up with it.

    If you are pretending to work on two (or more) projects at once, you are fooling yourself. Your brain can only give its undivided attention when it is, in fact, undivided. If it is divided, then all the projects will reflect this. Much better to do one well, get it over with and then tackle the next. If you can’t finish it completely, take it to a definite stopping point that you can easily resume and then STOP working on it until you can once again give it the full attention it deserves.

    Unless, of course, your goal is mediocrity.

  2. Vincent says:

    @Hi Gidget,

    You are definitely most welcome and great to see you working on your clutters. 🙂

    Personal Development Blogger

  3. Gidget says:

    Thanks guys you motivate me to start working on my own clutter.

  4. Vincent says:

    @Hi Javier,

    Better start soon before dust turn into mountains =)
    By the way, the seminar is really cool and thanks for inviting me.

    @Hi Allan,

    Maybe you would like to set up a system to allocate your stuff and removing them periodically. That can surely help to prevent the clutters.

    Personal Development Blogger

  5. Allan says:

    Throwing stuff away is so therapeutic. I’ve always loved just getting rid of stuff and clutter. I do need to do a better job of preventing clutter in the first place.

  6. Javier says:

    Wow. Seeing the first pic let me thought of my table and room. Fill up with plenty of stuff. Need to find one day to start cleaning it up to maintain a healthy environment free of dust!!

  7. Vincent says:

    @Hi Neil,

    Yes you are right! Everyone should start to look at their cupboards or wardrobes now and be surprised of how much junk we can find. Start sorting and happy throwing =)

    @Hi Jeremy,

    Happy cleaning Jeremy. Maybe you would post up a picture to share with us? =)

    Personal Development Blogger

  8. Jeremy Day says:

    Hi Vincent,

    This post kinda made me laugh because Im sitting at my desk right now and its horrible. Luckily its Saturday and I have time to clean it up. Great post! Keep it coming!


  9. Neil says:

    #2 Clean up. If you’re constantly leaving things up, they tend to pile up. Now, you need to spend time sorting things to determine if you need them. This is wasted productivity, if you clean up in the first place you’ll be using your time mure more effeciently. Great post!

  10. Vincent says:

    Hi Eric,

    I totally agree with you. I used to search all over the place for my stuff until I got specific drawers that helps to keep things in place.

    Personal Development Blogger

  11. Eric Hamm says:

    “5. Have specific drawers”

    This is always a crucial habit to get into. Otherwise you can never find anything. Having a place for all your essential items adds a great amount of efficiency to your layout.

    Solid list, Vincent! It looks like it did wonders for your work area. Thanks for sharing it with us. Eric.

  12. Vincent says:

    Hi Chris Cairns,

    Staying paperless really helps a lot but the clutters will turn out to be in the computer. =)

    Personal Development Blogger

  13. Chris Cairns says:

    I try to stay paperless as much as possible. Snail mail used to be major source of clutter until I started using EarthClassMail. Check it!