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My Epic Life Journey | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

My Epic Life Journey

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Epic Quests Life Journey

I’m all for setting goals and achieving them. But I do not really have a great accountability system to help me push myself to complete my goals.

I have a list of things that I would like to do before I die and there are still many of them left unchecked.

I have to find a faster way for me to complete my goals as I am not getting any younger at an age of 26.

Inspired By Awesome People

I have been following blogs by awesome people such as Celestine Chua, Chris Guillebeau, Steve Kamb and Sean Ogle.

These are people who had their bucket list or huge goals posted on their blog. This action creates accountability, and it push them to work harder towards their goal.

In case you are curious about their goals

Chris Guillebeau – Aim to travel to every country in the world in 5 years time. He is only left with 7 countries to complete his goal.

Celestine Chua – Read her bucket list here.

Sean Ogle – Read his bucket list here.

Steve Kamb – Read his epic quests here.

Modeling Successful People

These are awesome people and blogger that achieved what I would like to achieve. It makes sense to model their strategies to create the same results for myself.

I decide to create my own epic journey, which will list down my goals that I want to achieve and share them publicly on HealthMoneySuccess.

I used to fear about failing in public but I decided to go for it and do it anyway. It is not easy for me to share the list of things that I want to do on my blog as I don’t want look stupid in front of my readers in case that I fail.

I believe this is false fear that is holding me back. Yes, I may look like a fool if I fail on my goals but at least the extra accountability makes me want to work harder to achieve my goals. This is the single reason why I want to start sharing my list of epic goals on HMS.

My Own Epic Quests

I will create a page and a link to it on the navigation bars that you find at the top of HMS. This makes the list easier for you to access and check on my progress – it works the same for me too.

I’m currently writing up my epic quests and it will be done in the next few days time.

I look forward to sharing my epic quest with my readers and I hope you are working on your epic quests too.

What do you think about sharing your epic quests on your blog? Do you think it will help you to go forward to achieve your goals faster? Do share your comments in the comment section below.


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2 Responses to “My Epic Life Journey”

  1. Hi Vincent! 😀 I think it’s really a great idea that you are planning to share your epic quests publicly and document your progress with everyone. 😀 It creates accountability, and not only that, your readers can also learn as they see your progress in real time.

    I’ve personally been doing that more and more too. Besides the bucket list that I’ve shared on my site (thanks a lot for the link and shout out! 🙂 ), I’m starting to document my progress with some of my top priority goals on PE too, such as with the Lunch Actually experience. I feel that such journals are helpful for everyone, so why not share them on the site with all?

    Keep up your great work with HMS! 😀 Look forward to seeing your continual growth and let’s meet up again soon.

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Celes! I have been following your Lunch Actually experience and I think it is well documented and really helpful. Documenting our experiences help us to keep track of our progress and at the same time it helps others who are seeking for the information.

      I look forward to learning more from you and yea, let’s meet up soon. 🙂