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A Tribute To Stephen R Covey - Thank You For Everything And Thank You For Another Lesson Here | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

A Tribute To Stephen R Covey – Thank You For Everything And Thank You For Another Lesson Here

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stephen r covey

The first personal development book that I picked up was The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens. That is the start of my personal development journey and the ideas in the book are the foundation for my personal growth.

Stephen R. Covey passed away recently. The world lost a great author and educator. However, instead of focusing on the loss of a great person, we should focus on his achievements during his lifetime.

How many people are able to create a dent in the Universe and inspire millions like how Stephen R. Covey did?

There isn’t many who are able to replicate his success and it is also a great thing that he shared his knowledge with others through his talks and books.

This makes me think about my life. What is it that I will be proud of when I am on my deathbed? How will my achievement looks like? Will I be able to say that I went out to achieve whatever that I want to achieve?

As what many said – a good man honor his promises and a great man deliver value to the masses. This leads me to think about my life. Will I be able to do something for others and touch many lives while I’m alive?

What about you? Are you currently satisfied with how you are living right now? Are you trying to do something great that will provide value to others?

Are you living to your fullest potential so that you are able to share your greatness with others?

Stephen R. Covey lived a full life and by living a life filled with excellence, he delivered great value to others and inspired many others to live their best life.

One lesson we can picked up over here is to be the best you can be and live your best life ever. By doing so, you will have overflowing abundance that you will be able to share with others which in turn will make you great.

Don’t be selfish. Live your best life ever and share your greatness with others.


P.S. Here are the list of books by Stephen R. Covey for those who are interested in his work. Click on the images to get your copy of the book that interest you.

Disclaimer: I do earn a small commission if you purchase from the links above. If you choose to purchase from the link, thank you for supporting my hard work over here at HealthMoneySuccess.

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