How To Lose 4 Kg In 7 Days – My Raw Fruit Diet Experiment

my raw food diet experiment 80/10/10

I am curious about raw food diet and I am particularly fond of the idea of the increase in health, energy and creativity level when one adopt a raw food diet. I decided to try out the diet myself to see the results and I will share with you what I had found out. I completed this diet experiment for quite a while but I am only able to write about it now due to my recent exam and the product launch of Unleash Your Productivity Genius that happened last week.

Raw Food Diet? To Be Exact, Raw Fruit Diet

I first read about the raw food diet experiment in Steve Pavlina’s blog. I was curious about the diet as he had mentioned many benefits that he experienced after changing his diet. I also saw Celestine’s article on her raw food journey and it seems like the raw food diet did wonders for many people who actually adopted it.

I decided to take the plunge and try out the diet for 7 days. The benefits of having an increase in energy, vitality, creativity and better health is something that really interest me.

I did my research and I settled on a diet that is called the 80/10/10 diet designed by Dr. Douglas Graham.

The 80/10/10 diet is actually more of a fruitarian diet and the 80/10/10 stands for 80 percent carbohyrdate, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat in your overall diet. This is a gauge for your diet and you will be able to enjoy better health and vitality if you are able to stick to this 80/10/10 proportion in your diet.

The 80/10/10 diet is not really about being fussy about what you eat. The main thing is to have fruits as the main staple followed by vegetables and with minimal fatty foods like avocado and nuts.

The Raw Fruit Diet – Why Eat Raw And How I Go About Doing It?

Our modern day diet includes many processed and cooked food. The thing about heating and processing of our food is that nutrients are lost through heating and processing. Nutrients are also damaged in the cooking process and we end up taking in less nutrients from food.

Eating fruits and uncooked vegetables mean that you are able to keep the nutrients in your food intact. This means more nutrients for your body and there are no damaged nutrients.

I enjoyed the process of adopting the fruitarian diet because preparations of meals are easy – much easier than how you go about preparing your pasta.

I don’t have to deal with oily dishes and also I don’t have to spend hours to prepare my food. This saves up lots of time for me and the lack of any hassle for this diet is a really huge plus point for me. Another plus point is that I can eat alot without being bloated and yet lose weight at the same time. I will share my results with you later.

Another thing is that this diet isn’t particularly expensive and I find that it is around the same cost of having my regular meals or even cheaper depending on where I get my fruits from.

Here are some pictures of my grocery trip and samples of my meals.

raw fruit diet shopping list

A typical grocery day with mangoes, tomatoes, bananas, lettuce and oranges.

shopping day for raw fruit diet

Groceries include papaya, oranges, apple, lettuce, pineapples, bananas and grapes.

My typical meal on raw fruit diet - orange salad

Oranges salad. Oranges with lettuce. No topping.

banana smoothie raw fruit diet

My favorite breakfast. Banana smoothie.

Results From Raw Fruit Diet Experiment In 7 Days

There are several upsides that I experience after adopting the raw fruit diet.

Here are the upsides and the downsides that I experienced:

  • Lost 4 kg in just 7 days without starving myself. In fact, I ate alot – alot of fruits.
  • No constipation. Impossible to get any constipation on this diet.
  • Energy level is lower at the 1st 3 days of the experiment. It may be due to the detoxing of the body. However, my energy level picked up soon after that.
  • Higher energy means that I have more energy for my work. This may mean that my creativity level is higher but I have no ways to measure this.
  • Dry skin occurred on my fingers on day 5. It may be due to the lack of fat in my diet, as I never touch any fatty food at all. What I can do to rectify the issue is to introduce at fruits that are high in fat content (avocado) into my diet.


Once I broke off from the raw fruit diet after 7 days, I was disappointed with my first bite of cooked food. It doesn’t taste anything like fruits that gives you the bursting flavor that is overflowing with juices.

I thought I miss my cooked food but it turned out that I was wrong. Cooked food doesn’t taste as nice anymore and it wasn’t as delicious as compared to raw fruits.

The absence of bloating from eating the raw fruits and the higher energy level are the major plus factors. I tend to bloat when I eat grains and I may want to cut down on the amount of grains that I eat and take in more fruits instead.

The difficult thing about eating a raw fruit diet is the social pressure. My parents think I’m nuts when they saw me eating 6 bananas or 6 oranges in a single go. In fact, I saw people who are able to eat up to 12 bananas in a single g after their stomach adapted to the high volume of fruits intake.

I will be able to stick to a full raw fruit diet while I’m at home but it will be a little difficult when I’m outside. It is also hard to maintain this diet if you are eating out with friends. But for now, I know there are benefits for eating more raw fruits. I will aim to eat at least 50% raw fruits in my diet.

If you have any questions about eating a raw fruit diet or the 80/10/10 diet, you can drop me a mail or leave a comment in the comment section below and I will get back to you. But do ensure that you do your research before you start your own raw fruit diet.

Another good resource is the book written by Dr. Douglas Graham which is the 80/10/10. You can get a copy of it in your local library or through Amazon.

To your healthy lifestyle!


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