Anti Hype Marketing

anti hype marketing

It has been awhile since I wrote about entrepreneurship and now would be a great time to write an article on it.

Anti Hype Marketing is the marketing strategy that I am going to use for my upcoming launch for Unleash Your Productivity Genius program.

By the way if you missed the previous article that I shared the launch detail, the launch for Unleash Your Productivity Genius will be on 12am, 8th July 2012 (Sunday).

If you would like to know the launch time at your local timing, you can visit World Time Buddy to do the conversion.


Anti Hype Marketing Aka Modern Day Marketing

Gone were the days when advertisers are shouting for our attention using billboards and advertisement posters. You still see these around but they are not as effective as they used to be.

Hype up marketing is also a dying trend as people are more and more skeptical about the claims that products state. Lose 20 lbs in 3 weeks eating Acai Berry! Sounds familiar?

Since I am going to launch my first product soon, I have to formulate my marketing plan and decide on the strategy that I am going to use.

I choose to stay far away from hype up marketing and embrace anti hype marketing instead.

What do I mean by Anti Hype Marketing?

Anti Hype Marketing means that I am not going to hype up the product stating claims that you are going to be so awesome that your life will fall into order after purchasing Unleash Your Productivity Genius program.

The launch will be a simple one and I am going to be truthful upfront.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius program will not work for you if you do not put in the amount of effort that is required to make it work. Period.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius is a system that I came up with to help me overcome procrastination and take consistent action towards my goal. It is my life management system and it is the current system that I use to help me move towards my goals and also get more things done without losing my mind.

I put up a great deal of work, changing and tweaking the system and also filtering methods that work and methods that don’t work for me to help me in order to become more productive.

However, this is still not a wonder system. You are still required to put this set of system into work by taking action. The good thing is that I filtered out things that don’t work and only left the things that work for you.

I won’t force anyone to buy anything from me and you certainly won’t die if you do not buy Unleash Your Productivity Genius program. However, if you are interested, do take note of the launch date (Sunday, 8th July 12 am Singapore timing) and I will have a special deal for people who are able to participate in the opening launch.

That would be all from me and I hope to see you around on launch date. Thanks for all the support that you have given me over the years. I really appreciate it. 🙂


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