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I Finally Picked Up This Important Lesson After 26 Years Of My Life: The Little Things In Life | HealthMoneySuccess.com | Personal Development

I Finally Picked Up This Important Lesson After 26 Years Of My Life: The Little Things In Life

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I used to hear this advice frequently from my mum during my teenage years. My mum always say that:

“If you can’t do the little things right, you can’t accomplish the bigger things in life.”

Since I was still at the rebellious stage of my life, I ignored her advice. I first heard this advice from her when I was doing the dishes.

I hate doing the dishes and I always go through the motion whenever I wash the dishes, not to mention splashing water all over the place and leaving traces of stains behind. This never fails to attract the attention from my mum and she will give me the same piece of advice repeatedly which I totally ignored in the past.

Remember what I said about life throws you the same lesson over and over again if you do not get it? In this case, this is what happened to me.

I’m A Genius

I always thought highly of myself. I thought of myself as a genius (LOL. It is weird to say it here and it is sad to say that I found out that I am not really a genius) and I believe that I can skip the minor things and get to do the bigger things and go straight to play in the big leagues.

One thing I am forgetting here is the Law Of Progression.

You don’t run before you walk. This is something that I don’t know at first even though it is such a simple logic (talking about genius).

I thought that I can do a better job as a CEO and I am too big for the position of an admin clerk. I thought that I am much larger than life and all the small things in life doesn’t suit me. In fact, I don’t care about the minor things and I used to believe that I will be the superstar if someone throw me into the major league (becoming a CEO sounds good).

Through writing in my journals, I found that I was stuck doing minor jobs and making no progress in life when I kept on with this attitude of ignoring the little things in life. It seems like nobody wants me to become the CEO and I am stuck doing low-end jobs, which I really suck at them.

I made so many careless mistakes while doing basic admin jobs and this really affects my performance review by my supervisors. I wasn’t attentive to details and I don’t bother to do simple and basic jobs seriously which means that I made a lot of mistakes in the process of doing my work.

Writing a journal really helps me greatly in my personal development journey and it is through writing in my journal, I found that this set of thinking doesn’t help me very much. I found myself being stuck in a rut and making no progress in life. In order to move on and achieve my personal goals, I have to do something about this big ego personality of mine.

Change Is Good And Every Little Thing Counts

I know my life will not change unless I make changes myself. My mum’s golden advice came back to me after more than 10 years. Life has been waiting for me to learn this lesson and I finally learned it.

I know that there are steps to everything. Before I run, I will need to learn how to walk. If I make careless mistakes even on low-end admin jobs, I will make mistakes on a larger scale that may cause a company to become bankrupt if I am the CEO.

In short, I am not prepared to go to the larger league unless I prepare myself to deal with the little things that count.

I have to make sure that I do my best in everything that I do regardless the task is simple data entry or washing the dishes. I know that only when I am able to do the small things right, I can proceed on to do bigger tasks that have more on stake.

The little things in life are the preparations for you to stand on your grand stage. Your grand stage is there for you to play in your big league, but in order to make it there, you have to be able to do the little and simple things right.

The little things in life matter. Always keep in mind of the Law Of Progression. Only if you are able to do the small things right, then you are able to proceed to do the bigger things.

I think my mum’s advice is golden for me and I hope it makes some sense for you too. Give yourself some time to think about this topic. Are you in a rut and not finding the breakthrough in your life that you want? Are you neglecting the little things in life? If you are, maybe it is time to create the breakthrough that you want to see in life by changing how the way you look at the little things in life. Maybe a good place to start is to wash your dishes right.


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