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The $100 Start Up Review

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the $100 start up review

It has been a long time since I did a book review. I wonder if you would like to know what I am currently reading and also if you would like to know what are my views on the books that I read.

If you like these book reviews, do tell me in the comment section and I will do more of it in the future.

$100 Start Up

I had completed reading The $100 Start Up wrote by Chris Guillebeau. For those who don’t know about Chris, he is the blogger behind The Art Of Non Conformity and he is also the author of the book by the same name, The Art Of Non Conformity.

He is definitely an unconventionalist and his goal is to go to every country in the world (193 countries) and he is currently left with less than 20 countries to go.

The $100 Start Up is his second book and the book was born after interviewing with over 1500 people who had created their successful microbusines with minimal start up fund.

What Is The Book About

The main idea behind the book is to help you do what you love by creating your business that you will be passionate about.

Most people thought that they would need the help of venture capitalist or go into large debt if they want to start a business and in the book Chris Guillebeau shows you tons of example how people start out successful businesses with a minimum earning of at least $50,000 per year with minimal start up fund.

Some Topics Covered In The Book

The first few topics of the book include teaching you to tap into what you already know and turn them into something that is marketable.

Most of us think too little of our current set of skills and I agree with him on this point. In the book, there are people who made money teaching others how to use Excel, selling mattress or sharing ideas on raw food diet.

The idea is that most of us have unique skills that can be turned into something marketable and be created into a business but we think too little of it and end up not unleashing our maximum potential.

Another topic that I find it really interesting is on the topic of passion. What he explains in this chapter is that we have to find a convergence point between creating a business that we are passionate about and at the same time others must be willing to pay money for something that we are passionate about in order to have a successful business.

If your passion is to lie on the beach all day, most likely nobody will pay you money even if you indulge in your passion.

Successful convergence examples includes Nathalie Lussier who had created a blog which teaches others how to thrive on a raw food diet. She is working on something that she is passionate about and at the same time people are willing to pay to listen to what she has to say about raw food diet.

In the mid to end chapters, topics such as creating one page business plan and how to do a successful product launch was taught.

What Is Good About The Book

First of all, I love Chris Guillebeau’s blog. I even read through each and every article in his archives. He is doing a great work at The Art Of Non Conformity and I would recommend that you drop by his site for a visit.

The $100 Start Up that was created after he interviewed around 1500 successful personnel is a great piece of work.

If you are someone new who wants to have some ideas on how to start a microbusiness with minimal fund, this book will provide some examples that you may find it useful and inspiring.

It is also inspiring to see people who had succeeded in the book. Most of them didn’t spend much money in the first place to get their businesses started. This helps to encourage more people to get rid of the idea that you need tons of funds to create your new business.

I also love the One Page Business Plan chapter where he teaches you how to create a one page business plan. I agree with him that business plan that has 50 over pages is a waste of time and you don’t really need a business plan to have a successful business. It is more about taking action and getting your feet wet.

The chapter where he covered about doing product launches is also relevant if you are going to have a business. If you want to know how a product launch can affect a business, think about how Steve Jobs always hold a conference to showcase Apple’s new product that always lead to sell out.

My new book Unleash Your Productivity Genius is completed and I am working on my product launch too. This chapter really comes in handy at this time and I will try to pick up some pointers and implement them. Stay tune for the release of Unleash Your Productivity Genius.

What Is Bad?

Is this book enough for someone to start a new business?

I don’t think so. This book is not a handholding guide or a blueprint. If you are looking for that sort of thing, this book is not for you.

It is not detailed enough to help hold your hand through the whole process of creating your own microbusiness.

You may struggle to relate to some of the later topics if you are new to the business topic. Topics such as product launches or franchising yourself may be confusing for you.


Do I think you should get a copy of the book? I would say yes. If you are new to this topic, you will be able to find many successful examples of people who succeeded in creating their businesses from scratch. This can be inspiring and it may help you to think of what skills do you have right now that you can offer to others.

It will also change your way you think about businesses. Real businesses appear because of action being taken instead of writing business plan and running a business does not necessary mean you need to have tons of fund available.

If you are on the intermediate level or you already have a small business, this book can help you to learn more about hustling (marketing), product launches, creating incredible offers that people can’t refuse and how to make small tweaks to receive huge gains.

If you decid to read Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Start Up, you can get a copy at Amazon by clicking here.

If you do pick it up, tell me what you think about the book and how much does it help you.


P.S. What do you think about this book review? Do you want to know what I am currently reading and do you want to see more book reviews like this? Let me know in the comment section below.

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3 Responses to “The $100 Start Up Review”

  1. Harry Che says:


    This is a great review. I always love book reviews on business and startup topics. As there are so many books out there, it’s hard to tell what is really worth reading. That’s where good book reviews come in.

    Anyways, while reading your review, I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing web sites or software, especially my site GoalsOnTrack. 😉

    GoalsOnTrack is a web application and a comprehensive goal setting program helping people organize and track their goals by doing only what is important. The software is designed based on many personal development principles or ideas that you mentioned earlier in your blog posts. So I feel that it may interest many of your blog readers. We also have an affiliate program, which you can certainly take advantage of in your review.

    Let me know if you are interested, and I’ll send you a test/review account login.


    • Vincent says:

      Thanks for dropping by Harry.

      I currently have my own system for goal setting and it does quite well for me at the present. But thanks for the offer and if I do ever need to upgrade my system of handling my goals, you are definitely the first one I would ask for help. Have a great day Harry and thanks for the offer again.