Will You Continue To Do What You Are Currently Doing If You Have A Million Dollars?

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million dollars question

If you want the right answers, ask the right questions. This method helps me to find solutions to the challenges that I face. Asking the right questions also helps you to get some new perspectives in your life.

Today’s question is, “will you continue to do what you are currently doing if you have a million dollars?”

Will I continue to write everyday at HMS if I have a million dollars in my bank account? The answer is yes. I believe this is my legacy project and I want to make a difference. This is something that I will keep on doing because of my passion for growth and also for the like minded community over here at HMS.

What about you? Will you still continue to do what you are currently doing if you have a million dollars?

If you answered yes, most probably you are on the right track on working on something that you are passionate about or you are creating your legacy project.

However, if you had answered no, you have something to think about. It is time to ask yourself what is it that you truly want to do and why are you not doing it? Once you are able to find out what is it that you will continue doing even if you have a million dollars in your bank account, it will help you to become more passionate about what you do and you may also enjoy much more happiness and fulfillment in your life.


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2 Responses to “Will You Continue To Do What You Are Currently Doing If You Have A Million Dollars?”

  1. Julie Shelly says:

    If I had a million dollars I most certainly would continue doing what I’m doing now. I am an alcohol abuse councilor that not only does this job to help others, but to help myself as well.

    I would probably open my own drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, then I could run things for a change lol

    Thanks for the nice article, makes one think about things I guess.
    Julie Shelly´s last blog post ..What is alcohol?