One Forgotten Yet Powerful Philosophy Of Living That You May Not Know Yet: Forward Or Backward?

forward or backward powerful life philosophy

I picked up a habit that is to exercise every single day. I also picked up a habit, that is to write every single day.

You may think that it is discipline that makes it work. But the truth is far from that. I don’t have the best discipline in the world and if I am to rely on my discipline, trust me, I will not be able to take consistent action in regards to writing or exercising.

I don’t think I am better than any of you in terms of discipline, but I know why I am able to take consistent action while many struggle to do so.

It is because I have the philosophy, “I either move forward or backward. There is no in between.”

I don’t believe that we will stay in the same spot. We are either growing or dying. We are either moving forward or backward. We will never stay in the same spot.

This is my philosophy and I think this is such a strong idea that helps me to take consistent action.

If I am not doing anything to grow my knowledge or skills, I am moving backward. I know if I do not exercise everyday to build my muscles, my muscles go into waste and I would waste all my previous effort. If I am not writing every single day to try to improve myself, I will deteoriate as a writer.

There is no in between. You either move forward or backward and everyday you have to wake up and choose which way you are going.

When you live a life when you are only able to move forward OR backward, you will be able to create consistency in your life because you know every day counts.

So which way are you moving? Forward or backward?


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    • Exercise does helps a lot with productivity. A light routine in the morning is enough to get the blood pumping and helps to get your day started on a high note.