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How To Write An Ebook

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how to write an ebook

Do you want to become an author? Or do you want to create your first product? It may be a daunting task to write a book but you can prepare yourself by writing an ebook instead. Creating your first product in the form of ebook is also not a terribly difficult task.

Writing an ebook can help to prepare yourself to write a book. A normal non-fiction book has about 50,000 words. You don’t have to hit the 50,000 words limit if you are writing an ebook. You can do well enough with half that amount.

I wrote my first ebook Unleash Your Maximum Potential. I gave it away for free whenever anyone subscribe into the personal development newsletter. The first ebook I wrote was about 9000 words.

It was a short book but I gotten many good feedback about the book. It is something that I am proud of since it was my first try.

Writing 9000 words for me at that time was pretty crazy. I haven’t wrote anything as long as 9000 words but all I did was to start writing and spend at least an hour a day to work on it.

It didn’t take long for me to complete the book. It is just like writing a series of 1000 words article for HMS.

My next ebook is the current project that I am working on. It is ready to launch soon and the title is Unleash Your Productivity Genius. It is an ebook that aims to help others to become more productive, become organized and hence able to achieve more using the system that I am currently using.

Unleash Your Productivity Genius is around 28,000 words. It is almost 3 times longer than Unleash Your Maximum Potential. It is easier for me to create the content for the new ebook as I am getting better at writing with years of practice.

So if you are interested in writing an ebook or a real physical book, what should you do?

Step By Step Plan

1. Have A General Idea

You may be worried that you do not have enough content to write to fill the book.

In fact, all you need is an idea of what you are going to write and expand on it. Trust me, your idea is going to expand as you write.

Get a notebook or use Evernote to jote down any ideas that pop up in your mind. You don’t need to know where to fit the idea into the book. Just jote down all the ideas that come to you.

2. Outline Your Idea.

Once I knew that I am going to cover the topic of productivity in my upcoming ebook, I went straight to using Xmind to brainstorm on the topics that I need to cover in the book to make the ebook as valuable as possible to the readers.

This is the research phase where you just brainstorm and research for topics that you need to write. It will be a stage where there is a lot of including and excluding of topics that will be going into your ebook.

Aim for 10 chapters and you will do fine.

3. Write Every Day

Your book will never be complete if you let it seat somewhere in the corner of your desktop.

It is actually not difficult to complete an ebook. All you need to do is to write every single day. If you are busy, spend an hour a day working on it. Track your time and use an hour a day to write on your ebook.

Or aim to write 1000 words per day. Chris Guillebeau writes at least a 1000 words a day to hone his craft and he just completed his second book, The $100 Start Up which I am going to complete reading soon (I will do a review on it soon).

It seems that the strategy of writing 1000 words per day works pretty well for him. I am going to model his success but I have to aim higher (maybe at least 2000 words per day) in order to improve my writing and create content faster.

If you are writing 1000 words per day, the quota of writing an ebook with 20,000 to 25,000 words takes you roughly around 20 days to 25 days.

Not too shabby, isn’t it?

4. Deliver

The next step is to deliver. If you don’t have a deadline, you won’t deliver. Have a deadline in sight and aim to deliver your first ebook.

If you are tracking your time using an hour a day to write or writing 1000 words per day, there is no reason for you not to deliver.

Your ebook will not be a pipe dream but something that will become real with each passing day.

Do you aspire to become an author or do you want to create your first product or ebook?

Try out these steps above and see how well you fare. What do you think you will be able to achieve if you execute the steps above?  I look forward to your comments in the comment section below.


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7 Responses to “How To Write An Ebook”

  1. Johari says:

    Great write-up once again! I am planning on writting my own ebook. How do you format your ebook? Do you start drafting in Words and convert it to PDF or do you use any software to format the ebooks? It be great if you have any templates to share 😉 thanks Vincent!

    • Vincent says:

      Hi Johari,

      I used Microsoft word to write my ebook and I used a free converter to convert it to PDF. Another alternative is to use Open Office. Open Office got their own plugin for converting words to PDF format.


  2. Glori says:

    Great tips! I may just write one one day! I think it would be awesome to write and share what I know and believe in.
    Glori´s last blog post ..Introvert Myth Debunked: Introverts are NOT Self-Absorbed