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 changes coming

My exam is finally over and it is time for me to get back into full swing at HMS.

I have talked about making some changes over here at HMS and I am going to share with you what are some of the changes that I want to implement.

1st Change: A New Core Message

HMS does not have a core message previously and it seems like all it has is a huge archive of personal development articles.

I had added a new core message to HMS to help create a clear direction for HMS. It is like a mission statement and it shows what I want HMS to inspire others to do.

Here is the core message.

Core Message: Be the best you can be and live your best life ever on your own terms.

Note: I updated the About Page. You can take a look at the new About Page by clicking here.

2nd Change: Posting Schedule

I did a survey regarding about posting schedule previously and the votes show that my lovely readers request a posting of 2 articles per week instead of my regular one article per week.

You love to see me work harder and I’m going to go oblige with your request. The aim is to keep a regular schedule of posting on Monday and Thursday.

3rd Change: Categories Covered In HMS

I reduced the categories covered at HMS. You can find the categories at the right sidebar of the blog. Here are some of the topics that I want to cover more in depth; Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle Design, Health and Fitness.

I find that recently I wrote many topics on creating a successful mindset and I aim to branch off more into the above topics to provide more coverage in various areas of life.

4th Change: Applications Of Knowledge aka Case Studies

Instead of just sharing knowledge, why not show you how I apply the knowledge that I acquired and the results I have to show for it?

This is going to be scary for me. This isn’t something that I had done before and I am a little nervous about it.

I will be calling this “Life Experiment” segment and I will share with you what are some of the things that I am trying out and whether they are showing results or not.

A teaser for you for my upcoming life experiment is on a raw fruit diet. I will share the results that I got by doing a 7 days raw fruits diet.

These are the changes that I have made to HMS right now and I will definitely update you again if there are any more changes to come.

I hope you are as excited about the changes as I am. I look forward to sharing my updates. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, drop me a comment in the comment box below and I will get to you real soon.

Have a great day ahead!


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4 Responses to “Changes Coming At HealthMoneySuccess”

  1. SHRADHA says:

    My name is SHRADHA n reading ur articles it motivated me so much that a FAITH FOUNDATION ORGANISATION named gratitude book is made by me n m excited that it will get good ratings n while launching it hope to meet u n share ideas wid u on dat….m thanful


  2. Joab says:

    great changes looking forward to them I personally believe they will be helpful