Active VS Passive: The Lottery Fantasy

lottery fantasy active vs passive

Recently someone asked me this question, “How do I win the lottery?”. I was stumped by the question at first and I don’t really know what to answer. I could answer the question if I am writing a lottery blog, but I got to say that I’m not the right person to ask about this topic since I don’t touch lottery for more than a grand 3 times in my life.

However, this question sticks with me and it reminds me of some differences that exist between winners and losers.

Giving Up Your Life (And Wealth)

Will you let go of your life and allow others to direct it for you?

Most of us will say no and most probably, the reader who sent the question to me will agree with me too.

However, what we say does not reflect what we really think.

There are many people who say they want to lose weight. But if you ask them how many hours did they spend on exercising last week, be prepared to get replies like, “erm… I’m too busy with work and I got no time to exercise.” It is really common to hear excuses like this.

If you say that you do not want to hand your life to others, but if you are seeking advice to win the lottery, isn’t it the same as handing out your life to others?

It is like handing out your life to the beloved boss and say, “Here is my life. My wealth depends on what you deem fit.”

There is nothing wrong with winning the lottery. Seriously. If you win it, I will congratuate you on your winnings. But are you willing to let go of your steering wheel and allow others to control your life or your wealth? Are you willing to bet your lifetime wealth on the odds?

It is said that the odds of winning the lottery is around 120 million to 1, which is even lower than the odd of being strike by lightning.

Better Alternatives

Instead of betting on the lottery every week, why not spend an hour a day to pick up a marketable skill or use that hour to create a profitable side business?

Instead of depending something as fairy tale as lottery, why not depend on yourself? The probability of earning more income through a side business or freelancing using a marketable skill definitely beat the odds of winning lottery. You also get to control your own wealth instead of handing it out to others.

Remember this. Instead of passive, choose active instead.

Set a new goal to learn a marketable skill such as design, writing or learning how to use a software. Work on it for an hour a day. Make it a routine and just keep brushing up your skill. With a new marketable skill, you can easily freelance and earn money on the side.

There is also an option to build a small business on the side. Invest the time to make it happen every day. Choosing to take action instead of waiting for something to happen will be much more enjoyable because you are taking 100% responsibility for your own results.

Note: If you would like to start a new business, do check out the book $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau. I am already halfway through the book and I will write a full review on it soon.

The ball is on your court now. What is your choice? Are you the one who hand your destiny to others and rely on some fantasy dream such as striking the lottery, or are you one to take things into your own hand and be the master of your own fate?

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